Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Beginners Walkthrough With Tips

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Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

As a new player, Dragonheir: Silent Gods’ extensive universe is a gateway to multiversal adventure. The Dungeons & Dragons-inspired game is undoubtedly a game to reckon with in terms of its incredible and understandable storyline and immersive gameplay. However, getting a hang of it as a beginner can be challenging.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods hero fighting the mother dragon
Screenshot – Dragonheir Silent Gods

Several challenges beginners might experience in Dragonheir Silent Gods are related to character creation, team formations, hero attributes, etc. In response, this Dragonheir Silent Gods walkthrough discusses the game so players can gain a strong early foothold and avoid potential pitfalls.

Dragonheir Silent Gods: Gameplay

fighting mother dragon
Screenshot – Dragonheir Silent Gods

Dragonheir: Silent God’s gameplay is strategic and story-based. In terms of storyline, you need to watch the story unfold, interact with the NPCs, and fight the level-based enemies.

As a strategic game, it borrows from Plague Invader, Tales of Yokai, and other turn-based games. Considering their abilities and enemies, you must place the right heroes on the Argo map.

rolling dices in dragonheir: silent gods
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Furthermore, several mechanics allow seamless gameplay. Examples include surprise rounds for sneaking up on enemies and recruiting/stealing from NPC. In short, Dragonheir: Silent Gods gameplay is like any other role-playing game with turn-based action with the major aim of having fun by solving riddles/side tasks or killing foes while you learn about an incredible story.  

Dragonheir Silent Gods: Character Creations

fight the mother dragon in dragonheir
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

The first thing you will experience in Dragonheir Silent Gods is a bunch of heroes facing a three-headed dragon.

From the fight, you blackout and get thrown into the game’s character creation, which allows you to select your race and customize your character.

lizardfolks attributes
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

The first major thing you will do in Dragonheir: Silent Gods is to select your kinfolks. This step seems simple. However, it should be carefully done, as your choice of kinsfolk can affect your character’s abilities.

human in dragonheir
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

There are four kinsfolks in Dragonheir: Silent Gods: Human, Half-Elf, Dwarf, and Lizardfolk. Each one has its abilities denoted by the following attributes:

  • Strength (STR): Kinsfolks with a high STR (e.g., Lizardfolk and Dwarf) are powerful in melee combat  
  • Intelligence (INT): Kinsfolks with high INT have a higher mana pool and a bonus to spellcasting.
  • Dexterity (DEX): Kinsfolks with high DEX score is more agile, quick, accurate, and elusive.
  • Constitution (CON): Kinsfolks with high CON have more health and damage resistance
  • Charisma (CHA): Kinsfolks with high CHA have a bonus to Intimidation checks and Persuasion  
  • Wisdom (WIS): Kinsfolks with high WIS have a higher mana pool and bonus to Will saving throws and Perception.
customize character in dragonheir
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

These attributes are simple but critical to your character’s abilities and how they journey in the land of Adenthia.

After selecting your kinsfolk, you can customize your character based on skin tone, hair, facial pattern, clothing, and accessories.

Dragonheir Silent Gods: Navigation and Exploration

navigating dragonheir silent gods
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

You will learn more about the game than from this Dragonheir Silent Gods walkthrough, in comparison with actually playing the game.

However, as a beginner in the game, you must know a little about navigating the universe.

basic movement and path of pond dragon heir
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Movement is simple in the game. You can move from one point to another by tapping on the point you want to move to.

You can also hold and drag the joystick on the bottom left of the screen to move the character. Once you move your character, the other heroes will follow you.

main quest in dragonheir
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Generally, Dragonheir Silent Gods has a sense of direction denoted by the Main Quest. Following the main quest will let you progress, understand the game mechanics, and increase your hero’s level.

Nevertheless, do not forget to explore the other parts of the game. You can start by finding empty chests, solving ancient puzzles, and completing commission rewards.

main menu dragonheir
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

One of the cool things about Dragonheir: Silent Gods is the surprises and secrets it contains. There are several side missions, ancient puzzles, and rewards available. This includes interacting with the many NPCs in the game and uncovering hidden quests.

adventure in dragonheir
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Additionally, for beginners, Dragonheir: Silent Gods can be overwhelming. However, you can use the Journals to keep track of your progress.

The journal does not unlock up until a certain part of the game. When the journal does unlock, under the Adventure tab, you can see the quests that you need to embark on.

Dragonheir Silent Gods: Heroes

healer heksandra dragonheir
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Heroes in Dragonheir: Silent Gods are characters aside from your customized character that you get from the game, either via the mission or summon feature.

They have unique skills and can be normal, rare, epic, or legendary, with normal being the least powerful.

human character dragonheir
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

The first heroes you obtain are from the missions. They are not that good; however, they can still help you to a certain level in your quest.

As you progress further on, you will need more powerful heroes, which you can get from the quests or summon.

Gearing Up Your Heroes

dragonheir gulal
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Gear in Dragonheir: Silent gods are items such as helmets, armor, gloves, and swords that you can equip your heroes with and, in turn, affect attributes such as attack, defense, HP, and critical strike rate.

northland blacksmith forbrit
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

There are several ways of obtaining gear in Dragonheir: Silent Gods.

  • You can get gear directly from the mission seen when you get helmets and long swords.
  • Another is using the gear smith, (obtained after freeing the dwarf), and materials you obtain during exploration.
  • The last method is by buying the gear from the Shop. However, you will need to choose the gear based on the hero’s class.

Levelling Up Your Heroes

leveling up merideth
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Engaging in battles is the most basic way to level up heroes. Furthermore, you can use experience potions (Exp potions) to increase your hero’s level. Matching the Exp potion with the hero’s element will increase the level.

gulal leveling
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

You can get these Exp potions by embarking on a quest and opening mystery chests. However, you can consider buying these from the store since they are rare.

Dragonheir Silent Gods: Elements and Alignment

element draginheir
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Although beginners in Dragonheir: Silent Gods do not need to worry about this part until you have many heroes, you should still know about it.

human alignment in dragonheir: silent gods
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Elements in Dragonheir Silent Gods include fire, light, poison, lightning, and darkness. Pairing heroes with different elements can activate a buff.

For example, three heroes with poison and fire elements can activate the buff “poison and fire.” This will give the team a 20% attack and defense boost. The higher the number of heroes, the higher the boost.

soldier attribute
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Although you may not notice it at first, environments can also help you win. As a result, when you fight in an area filled with poison, use heroes with such attributes.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Team Formation

team formation
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Winning battles in Dragonheir: Silent God might seem easy initially, but you will notice that you need a strategic mindset as time passes. The first thing is understanding the “argo area” where the battle occurs.

team battle
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

In Dragonheir: Silent Gods, the Argo area is a grid-like space where the heroes battle the enemies.

Here, you will see the heroes’ positions and lines that show you who they will attack. There are a few tweaks you can do depending on how you play. For example;

  • It is better to put long-range attackers and supports at the back.
  • Put heavy-duty attackers in the middle and agile attackers in the front.
argo area
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

In doing so, this will allow the long-range attackers to attack the team from a distance. Heavy-duty attackers, more commonly known as tanks, enable the healers and long-range attackers to be more effective.

Furthermore, it will be easy for the healer to support the team without inuring more damage.

Nevertheless, it all depends on your heroes, and you should allow your team formation to exploit the situation to secure victory.

fight your enemies on argo area
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Another thing you can do is to analyze your enemy before and during the battle. Analyzing them before the battle can help you adjust your hero’s position on the battle map.

During the battle, you can analyze how the enemy attacks, the range, and so forth, to know how to effectively use your buffs and select the right hero.

Dragonheir Silent Gods: Tips for Beginners

boss level
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

It is normal to feel pressured by the extent of the expanse of the Dragonheir Silent God universe. Hence, this Dragonheir: Silent Gods walkthrough also comes with a few tips:

Use the right settings

use the right setting
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Although this tip might seem insignificant, you should use the right settings when playing Dragonheir: Silent Gods.

For low-end devices, you need to use the lowest settings to avoid overheating. However, you can try the medium or highest-quality settings for high-end devices.

Hero reset

hero reset
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

For the first six days, you can reset your heroes to level one without incurring any cost.

This allows you to experiment and find out which are the best heroes and teams that suit your gameplay style. Furthermore, it allows you to understand the hero dynamics and allow you to further progress.

Hero leveling

level hero
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

If you are unsure of how to level your hero, you can use the ‘Quick Upgrade’ option. However, if you know what you want, you can use the manual leveling using the experience potions.

Furthermore, it is better to prioritize leveling heroes with higher Area of Effect (AOE) damage.

You should also consider the environment during hero leveling. For example, try to rank up your fire and poison heroes in the flame domain, and in the tempest domain, focus on leveling up lightning and radiant heroes.

Use a balanced team

use a balanced team
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

In some early battles, you can win without worrying about the team. However, later on in the game, you must ensure you have a balanced team of healers, shields, and damage dealers.

Nevertheless, there might be some times when you will need to use an unbalanced team. For example, with powerful enemies and average heroes, a tweak for many players might be to use two healers.

Study your enemies

study your enemy
Screenshot – Dragonheir: Silent Gods

The most important tip is to watch out for your enemy. Study them and note the type of heroes best suited to fight them. For example, with strong enemies, find strong damage dealers and healers.

Use the teleportation node

Using the teleportation node will allow you to move efficiently. To use them, always ensure you activate the dark teleportation when you come across them.

Be updated

Keep your eyes out for updates on the game. Additionally, for passing a particular level, you can find helpful videos and guides on platforms such as YouTube.

Final Thoughts

This Dragonheir Silent God walkthrough takes players through the major part of the game’s extensive universe, allowing beginners to understand the basic things about the game.

Looking to enjoy adventure and fantasy provided by the game? Dragonheir: Silent Gods is available on the Android Play Store and Apple Store. Welcome to Fantasy Land, Child of Chaos!!!

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