Dragon Nest 2: Evolution – Character Class Tier List 2023

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Dragon Nest 2: Evolution tier list
Photo: Level Infinite

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Level Infinite where you have to save the Dragon Valley continent. The goddess Altea has called you to save the land which has been attacked by giant dragons and is about to collapse.

And for the battles, you must select the class of your character accordingly. There are 4 classes to choose from with each having its unique pros and cons. To make things easier for you, we have divided them into 4 tiers starting from the best to below average.

It’s not like any class is unusable, but it’s better to select one of the supreme ones at the start of the game to give yourself the best chance to save Altea.

How Do Our Tiers Work?

Before we dive into the actual class breakdown, let’s see what we mean by our tiers.

  • S-Tier: Hands down the best class in the game. All the stats on this one are great.

  • A+ Tier: The second-best class which can also be used instead of the S-tier one.

  • A-Tier: This one is good and was just about to make it to the A-tier. There’s not much of a difference between A+ and A.

  • B-Tier: Not recommended to use especially when you’re playing the game for the first time.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution – Class Tier List

Now that we have our tiers defined, let’s check which class makes into which one.

S-Tier – Warrior

Photo: Level Infinite

Pros: Great overall stats and high damage. Also, this character is easy to play with.
Cons: Low range.

The warrior class is for those who like to go in the face of enemies and say “Let’s fight!”. If you’re someone who likes to be at the forefront and take on the opposition, then become a Warrior!

Besides, you won’t have to learn some technicalities to use this class as compared to someone like Sorceress. This makes Warrior beneficial to equip especially for beginners.

Sublime stats, excellent in-game performance, and simple controls are the reasons why Warrior is in the S-tier of our Dragon Nest 2: Evolution tier list.

A+ Tier – Sorceress

Photo: Level Infinite

Pros: High range and attack power.
Cons: Poor defense and control.

Sorceress is for someone who likes complicated things. This class isn’t like Warrior where you can just go and start fighting. Rather, you’d have to adjust your gameplay a little with the way Sorceress and their attack work.

But there won’t be anyone stopping you once you get your attack pattern right. You can attack from across the screen and it will give damage to the opposition. The enemies can’t escape from the magic!

Sorceress is best used from a distance since her close-range attacks aren’t the best. If you don’t like a bit of abracadabra, then use Archer instead of her.

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A-Tier – Archer

Photo: Level Infinite

Pros: Excellent range, attack power, and agility.
Cons: Not suitable for short-range combat and has a lousy defense.

Archer has the same purpose as the Sorceress and is a bit easier to use. They have great long-range attacks but will struggle if an enemy comes closer. However, their good agility ensures that you can escape quickly from attacks.

If you prefer agility then go for Archer but if you’d like to cover more area in your attack, then Sorceress should be your choice. Overall, I’d say Sorceress takes the lead just by a few points but both are great supports.

B-Tier – Cleric

Pros: Heals and Protects your allies.
Cons: Poor attack and range.

Cleric is the best supporter in the game and can turn the battle on its head by providing timely healing and buffs. However, their main use comes in the multiplayer mode and not when you’re playing solo.

Cleric shouldn’t be used for upfront attacks since you’ll lose them before you know it. Be in the back or middle and make sure your allies are getting help from you.

And there you have it! This was our Dragon Nest 2: Evolution tier list for character class. Which class do you prefer among these 4? Let us know in the comments below!

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