How to Get Chrono Crystals in DB Legends

Anurag Ghosh
Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is a visually stunning fighting game from Bandai Namco. The game’s 3D battles will leave you spellbound. Featuring your favorite DB characters, Legends has a lengthy story mode and a PvP game mode that lets you fight players in real-time battles. You can summon characters and create your own team of fighters.

Dragon Ball Legends

The game’s easy controls and a unique card action system guarantees fireworks and allows you to display you’re your favorite characters’ extreme fight moves.

Graphically, Dragon Ball Legends is a stunner! It’s like watching the animated movie, only that you will have complete control over your fighters. There are lots and lots of characters to collect and this guide explains how to get them using crystals.

In DB Legends, chrono crystals (CCs) can be used to summon characters. You can use 20 CCs to summon a single character or 1000 to summon 10 times.

The 20-crystal summon can be used only once per day. You can summon more characters on the same day, but you will be required to spend 100 CCs for summoning additional characters.

To acquire characters, tap “Menu” and then tap the “Summon” button. There will be special events that will let you get rare characters.

For example: Under the “Event” tab, in the “Legends Rising” event, there are high chances of getting an “Extreme” or “Sparkling” character. Keep an eye on such events and summon characters before the deadline. Here are some easy ways to collect CCs for character summons:

1. Get’em as Login Bonuses

Under beginner login bonus, you will be receiving a total of 1000 pf them if you Log in for 7 days. If you have just installed this game, don’t forget to open the app every day until seven days to get your rewards.

Get 1000 chrono crystals as 7-day Login bonuses

Unlike other mobile games, Legends lets you choose the next Daily login bonus. Please note that daily login bonuses are different from beginner login rewards.

Under daily bonuses, there are various rewards, such as rising souls, which are used for upgrading equipment and unlocking boost panels to make characters more powerful, Zeni (coins) which can be used to upgrade character and equipment, skip tickets used to skip story battles and CCs.

Select Crystals as Rewards

While choosing the next daily login bonus, always select CCs if you are serious about unlocking more fighters. The more Chrono Crystals or CCs you have to more characters you will be able to summon.

2. Bugs and Maintenance Rewards

Make sure you check the “presents” section to get rewards for bugs and scheduled maintenance. Chances are you will be receiving lots of CCs as rewards for some error, bug or maintenance delays.

PvP Bug and maintenance rewards

Claim them before expiration date, which is 30 days from the date of receiving presents.

3. Complete Beginner Missions

You will receive 5-10 CCs on completion of a beginner mission. Missions are nothing but certain tasks that you will need to complete to get rewards such as crystals, Zeni, rising souls and Z tickets for player level-ups.

Complete Missions to get Crystals

These tasks include wearing equipment, completing a particular part of a chapter and several more.

4. Finish Story Chapters on Your First Attempt

You can earn chrono crystals after completing DB Legends story chapters. Try to complete a chapter in your first attempt to get them as “first-time rewards”.

You will receive a minimum of 10 CCs. You will also earn other cool rewards such as souls. You will also receive them as first-time rewards on completing story-based events and challenges.

5. Complete Challenges

You will also get them if you accomplish certain battle challenges. You can see a list of challenges under chapter details. Tap “Newest Chapter” under “Main Story” section and then tap the “Challenge” tab. You will receive 3 on clearing a challenge.

Complete Challenges to get Rewards

The more challenges you accomplish the more bonus CCs you will get. When a battle ends, a screen will display the list of completed challenges with an “acquired” stamp on them.

6. Look Out for Campaigns and Finish Them before Deadline

Complete campaigns to get them. You can see a new campaign right on the top of the home screen.

For example: The “Many Thanks” campaign gives you 2K CCs if you finish completing all 55 missions. Campaigns have a deadline and you will have to complete them before the date mentioned above them.

7. Claim Pre-registration Rewards

Don’t forget to claim pre-registration rewards as soon as you install Dragon Ball Legends. On your home screen tap the wrapped gift icon on the upper-right corner of the screen to access presents.

Pre-Registration rewards

As part of their pre-registration celebrations, developers will be offering 100-450 CCs. Make sure you accept all rewards before they expire.

8. Play Rating Matches to Rank Up

Rating Matches are PvP matches that let you fight players that belong to the same rank. On your home screen, tap “PVP” and then tap “Rating Match”. Keep playing rating matches to improve your rankings.

Once you rank up, you will receive Chrono Crystals as “First Rank Up” bonus in DB Legends. This will be rewarded to you for reaching a certain rank for the first time.


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