10 Distrust Game Tips, Hints and Tricks to Stay Alive

Distrust Game Guide
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Distrust is a survival horror RPG developed by Cheerdealers. The game takes place in an arctic base where members of a science team are holed up. There’s no escape as their helicopter’s crashed, and they will have to survive the rough weather, search for provisions and at the same time fend off/avoid contact with deadly alien entities to stay alive. The game has nice isometric graphics. You can rotate the camera, zoom in and out monitor explorers. Controls are fairly easy and the in-game tutorial will explain the bare basics of the game succinctly.  

Levels or zones are randomly generated so there’s some replay value. When the game begins, you will have to select at least two characters in your team. Always check a character’s vital stats when selecting a team. Each character has three key stats – cold resistance, walking speed and running speed. Stats vary from one character to another. Some have a high walking speed, whereas others are more resistance to cold. Choose wisely.

Choose Characters Wisely

I always add Irma Dillinger as she has the most balanced stats among all. My next choice would be Olaf as he has a good running speed and can resist cold. Also, check the inventory section as some characters will carry certain important items with them as soon as your adventure begins. As you progress, you will unlock more characters, which you can then add to your team when you begin a new game.  

You will also be allowed to select one of two game modes – Adventure and Challenge. Challenge mode will be a lot tougher as it won’t show icons above each building on the map. Also, a tiny mistake could prove fatal for a polar explorer. However, you will be able to unlock every achievement and unlock characters. You can also unlock a secret ending if you choose this game mode. If you have just started playing Distrust on your iOS device, then I would recommend trying the “Adventure” mode first as it will help you get a hang of it. Since all levels or “zones” are randomly generated, no two games will be the same so it will be a totally new experience when you start playing challenge mode after finishing the first few zones in Adventure mode. Follow our basic guide, as well as a few tips and tricks if you want to survive, adapt and escape the arctic base:  

1. Explore and Scavenge 

To survive the cold harsh arctic weather, you must explore all buildings in search of materials, tools, food and first-aid kits that will help your characters stay alive and find a proper way to the next zone. When you are inside a building, tap each highlighted object to search what’s inside it. Crates, cabinets, shelves, refrigerators etc., may contain the required items you may need in future, and because you have a big combined storage space of all characters, you should stock up on key items that will help you survive.  

Distrust Game Guide

When the game begins, hit the map to find the closest building and enter the building to check what’s inside it. Once you have finished searching, move to the next building and so on.    

While scavenging, make sure the building is warmed up and there is a cold furnace inside it. Also, make sure all windows are closed if you don’t want your polar explorers to die of cold. The “Warmth” vital sign on the top-right corner of the screen shows how warm your characters are. Don’t let it slip to danger zone.  

2. Map icons provide helpful hints 

The in-game map plays an important role in Distrust. These icons appear if you have selected “Adventure mode”. You can open the map by tapping the GPS navigator shown just below a character’s portrait on the upper-right corner of the screen. Map not only shows the exit door, but also display houses and whether they are locked or open. You will notice that there’s an icon on each building. These icons give you a rough idea of what you can find in each building: 

Map Icons

The big “+” icon indicates that there are higher chances of finding medical supplies, whereas the cutlery icon on a building suggests that there may be food in it. If a polar explorer is low on stamina, quickly hit the map icon to find a building with a bed icon. You might find a couch or a bed inside it to rest and regain stamina. Make sure the sleep or rest bar completes a full circle to regain stamina.  

The tiny green icons on some buildings suggests that the doors are unlocked. Red icons suggest that the door is locked or there’s an obstacle in front of the building. To view a certain area, jut tap that location on the map. If you want to view a particular building and its surroundings, just tap that building on the map.    

3. How to keep Hunger, Cold and Fatigue at Bay 

A character’s Hunger, Stamina and body temperature are measured by three indicators or vital signs shown on the upper right corner of the screen. These are – Satiety, Stamina and Warmth. You will have to feed your character to avoid losing satiety points. Your satiety bar decreases little by little when your character is hungry, pay attention to what he/she is saying and find food fast before the satiety bar is empty.  

Stamina indicates how fit your character is. If a character runs and performs several tasks, he or she may lose stamina. They may even lose stamina if he stands for a long time. To regain stamina, find a bed in a building, tap it and let them rest until they regain stamina points. You can also increase a character’s stamina by some points if you give him a protein bar.  

Warmth is the most “vital” vital sign as it deteriorates faster than others because of the arctic weather. It indicates how warm or cold your character is. The bar decreases faster when your character is outside a building, moving from one point to the other. You should quickly find a jacket if you are moving from one building to the other and don’t want the warmth bar to decrease at a faster rate. The polar explorer can also catch cold if the indoors aren’t warm and the windows are open, so make sure you enter a building that has a cold furnace and you have the necessary materials to fuel furnace.  

Your character’s overall health deteriorates slowly when one of these vital signs reaches zero. You will have to make sure all vital signs don’t turn red. The health bar on top of a polar explorer’s portrait on the upper-right side of the screen also decreases when there’s a cut or when you are poisoned. Make sure you apply appropriate medical aid to stop bleeding.  

4. Allocate Tasks to Polar Explorers 

Since the Distrust survival horror game allows you to select up to two characters (the third character slot can be unlocked once you complete the “overloaded” achievement and earn the secret ending in challenge mode), you can assign different tasks to each character. When the game begins, you can allocate separate tasks to both survivors to speed up exploration and scavenging. This way you will not only save time but also take the burden off from on character as it will drain a lot of stamina and satiety if you just choose a single polar explorer to do the exploring and searching.  

To manage characters, tap a character’s portrait on the bottom of the screen and then assign tasks such as opening objects, picking items and moving from one location to another. You can then tap the second character’s portrait and begin assigning tasks to him and her. This way you can divide work between the two polar explorers. To track a character’s movement and the task he/she is doing, double-tap their portrait on the bottom of the screen.  

5. Stock up on coal, fuel and planks 

Some buildings have a furnace to keep you warm and a generator to ensure each room in that building is well lit up. If a building does not have these two devices, then you should quickly scavenge and move to another house that contains these two contraptions to stay warm and find objects faster.  You may also need to find a proper base so a building with these two devices are a must if you are looking for a base.  

You will need certain materials to light up the furnace and fuel to start the generator. You can put any one of these materials to a furnace to light it up – coal, an “X” number of normal wooden planks or rotten planks. If you found 4 wooden planks and the furnace is about to run out of fuel, just tap it and then tap the plank icon to put those wooden planks to get it running again.  

A working furnace and generator may take some time before they run out of materials and fuel, still you must stock up on wooden planks, coal and fuel to make sure they are always up and running. You don’t want to die of cold in a dark room, would you?  

Make sure you search each building, especially buildings marked with a home icon to find these materials. You can find a pile of coal or find them in a sack. You can find wooden planks inside cabinets or you may salvage them from crates using an axe or a saw. You will need a gas can to fill fuel from barrels. You can find cans in shelves in some buildings. Make sure you assign both characters to different buildings to find them faster.   

6. Always Search Desks and Bulletin Boards for Useful Hints on Anomalies  

Never ignore study tables, desks or bulletin boards. They may provide vital information about a new contraption, object or an alien anomaly that you may encounter in later stages. Such objects usually have a magnifying glass icon above them. Tap them and you may find a something scribbled on a letter warning you of enemies. Sometimes, such objects may contain valuable information about an enemy’s strengths and weakness. While exploring a building, I found a piece of vital info from a desk warning me about the “Hovering eye” anomaly and how it is sensitive to bright light (flashlight) and that it can cool down a furnace instantly. Normally, aliens will appear when polar explorers fall into deep sleep so make sure you use another character to keep them at bay when one falls asleep to regain stamina.  

7. Try the Picklock Trick to Avoid Damaging the Master key 

If you are lucky, you may find picklocks from cabinets, nightstands or shelves. A picklock can be used to unlock doors, but may be unusable or get damaged after being used 2-3 times. You can’t repair a picklock. Sometimes, while using a picklock to unlock a door, Distrust will display an on-screen prompt that will let you try out a nice little trick in which you use the picklock without damaging the key.


Tap “try the trick” and an in-game coin will be tossed. If it lands on green, the trick is successful. In my case, the trick was successful three times, but you might fail if the coin is red. Nevertheless, you should try it because if you succeed, you may be able to use the picklock more number of times than usual until it breaks.  

8. Head to the Exit Once You Have Enough Items 

The exit door is usually displayed on the outskirts. It’s a small red dash and you may have a hard time finding it on your map. Pay attention to your map until you find one. Once you have collected enough items, including jackets for both characters, food, picklocks and crowbars for breaking through locked doors, you can start heading to the exit so that you move to the next zone.  

Make sure you take all characters to the exit door as only then you will be able to move from one zone to the other. Exit doors will usually be locked, guarded by anomalies or there might be poisonous gases all around it. Make sure you scavenge every part of a zone, including every building and collect weapons and protection to get past the exit door. You can follow all survival tips in this Distrust guide and try them if you want to search key items and materials without losing a polar explorer.  

9. How to Treat Different Types of Conditions 

You will need a first-aid kit if one of the polar explorers is suffering from cold. The red first aid box can be found in buildings marked by a plus sign on the map.  

A polar explorer might hurt himself while searching for certain items inside crates or other objects or by fighting enemies. You must stop bleeding before his health deteriorates. For cuts and bruises, you will need “sterile bandages” which can stop bleeding.  

You may also use “dirty bandages” on cuts and bruises, but sometimes they may do more harm than good as they are not sterile and so you may lose more health points when you use them.  

Pills can be used to treat poisoning, but try not to use “old pills” as they may be ineffective or may worsen conditions.  

When the character’s health bar decreases, he slips into coma. You still have a chance to resuscitate him using “adrenaline” before the explorer dies. The heart bar decreases little by little and when it reaches zero, then you can’t revive him. To buy some time, i.e. slow down the heart bar, tap the fallen character and then tap the pick-up command to carry and drop him in a warm building.  

10. Tools/Items and Their Uses  

As you explore and scavenge, you will collect various tools that may help you break obstacles and salvage materials from certain objects. You can find all tools you have collected so far by tapping the toolbox icon on the upper right corner of the screen. Here are a few useful tools and their uses:  

Tools Collection

Crowbar: Can be used to break open doors and a host of other obstacles. Extremely useful but can’t be repaired when it gets damaged after some time.  

Hammer: Can be used to repair doors, windows and most importantly – beds. You may find a damaged bed in a building and you can’t use it until you repair it. In such situations, a hammer can be very useful.  

Axe: Useful enough to handle all wood cutting needs. Can be used to salvage planks from wooden objects such as crates.  

Lockpick: You can use it to quickly open any locks. Use the lockpick trick to avoid damage.  

Shovel: You can use to clear ice in front of a building’s door.  

You can repair certain tools, such as axes, saws and shovels. To do this you will first have to find a workbench in a building. You will also need materials such as wooden planks, grindstone and insulating tapes to repair them. 

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