Disney Wonderful Worlds Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

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Disney Wonderful Worlds lets you build your own colorful parks! As a “Parkitect”, your job is to place themed attractions and decoration on special “lands” that can be unlocked using keys. And as you expand your parks, you will collect your favorite Disney and Pixar characters. They will help you solve match-3 puzzle games.

Disney Wonderful Worlds

Solve match-3 puzzles and earn blue coins. Use coins to build attractions/decorations and collect experience points to level up. As you progress, complete tasks and level up, you will be able to expand your theme parks. There’s so much to do in Disney Wonderful Worlds! Check out our beginner-level guide to know more about power-ups, combos, keys and characters.

Getting Started

Since you are going to build a whole park, you will need keys to start placing attractions and decoration on your empty theme park. But first, you will need to unlock a land. There are four lands in this game:

1. Fantasy Land: “Noble Steeds and royalty greet guests at heart of the land.” 5 keys to unlock Fantasy Land

2. Adventure Land: “Mickey and Goofy have a knack for making every experience thrilling.” 5 Keys to unlock Adventure Land.

3. Cars Land: “Head here to stay at peak performance with looks to match.” You will need seven keys to unlock Cars Land.

4. Toy Story Land: “Come on down to join some favorite Toy Story Pals in this so-much-larger-than-life setting.” You will need seven keys to unlock this land.

The game provides 5 keys in the beginning. You can choose a land from the first two – Fantasy Land and Adventure Land. Later, you will be able to unlock the rest, but you will need keys to unlock new lands. More on keys later.

Once you have unlocked a land using keys, start building some exciting experiences for visitors. Complete tasks, such as placing new attractions, decoration and inviting your favorite Disney characters to your new theme park. You will need blue coins to complete these tasks. You can see the total amount of coins on the upper-right corner of the screen, next to pink gems.

Earn blue coins by beating match-3 levels. Once you have enough coins, tap on the hammer icon on the lower-left corner of the screen to get a list of tasks. You will see a list of attractions and décor. Place them one by one to complete tasks. You can expand your theme park and unlock new tasks once the percentage bar on the upper-right corner of task screen shows 100 percent complete. 

Note that every level has a limited number of moves. You may find the remaining number of moves on the left side of the screen.

Try to complete a level with several moves remaining to obtain maximum blue coins. As of writing this guide, the maximum number of coins you can get from a level is 700.

Every task in Disney Magical Worlds depends on match-3 puzzles. Complete them to earn blue coins and finish tasks using coins to decorate your theme park. Here are some useful tips, tricks and strategies to help you create power-ups, combinations and make the most of them:

List of all Power-Ups

1. Firecracker: Match four pieces of the same color in a line to create a firecracker. You can match 4 pieces in a horizontal or vertical line. Now swap the firecracker to set it off. You can also double tap to activate it. Check the position of the firecracker. Horizontal position suggests that a row will be cleared whereas vertical position of the firecracker suggest that a column will be cleared. Positions are randomly generated.

2. Popper: Match five pieces of the same color in L or T shaped to make a Popper. Swap the popper to pop surrounding pieces. It will explode, removing several pieces around it.

3. Rocket: Four matching pieces in a square create a rocket. Use the rocket by swapping it with any adjacent piece. Rockets seek out target to help you complete a level. So if the target is to clear red Mickey pieces to complete a level, a rocket will only seek out Mickey pieces and remove a random Mickey piece from the game board.

4. Piñata: Match 5 pieces of the same color in a horizontal or vertical line to create a piñata. Now swap an adjacent piece with a piñata to remove every one of that color from the game board. For example: If you have swapped a piñata power-up with a green Goofy hat piece, then all green pieces will be removed from the game board. 

All Combos

Like other match-3 puzzle games, you can combine two power-ups to trigger a powerful effect that can clear a lot of pieces from the game board. Both power-ups should be placed side-by-side. Just swap their places to clear a lot of pieces in a single move. Here’s a list of all power-up combinations:

  1. Firecracker + Firecracker: Sets off a cross-shaped blast that clears a row and column at the same time.

2. Firecracker/Popper + Rocket: The rocket takes the shape of a firecracker or popper (depends on the power-up swapped with the rocket), moves towards the target and clears several more pieces along with the target piece.

For example: If the level objective is to clear all red mickey pieces, and if you have combined the firecracker with the rocket, the rocket will turn into a firecracker, fly a a random red mickey piece and then trigger the firecracker within to clear a row or column. A row or column full of pieces will be cleared along with the mickey piece.

3. Popper + Firecracker: Swap these two to clear three rows or three columns depending on the position of the firecracker. If you combine a horizontal firecracker with a popper, three rows will be cleared. If vertical, three columns will be cleared.

4. Rocket + Rocket: Combining two rocket triggers a mini explosion, clearing a few pieces surrounding the rocket. But that’s not all, this powerful combo sets off 3 rockets which will move to random targets to remove them from the game board.

5. Popper + Popper: Combining two poppers triggers a bigger explosion, clearing a whole lot of pieces at once.  

6. Firecracker + Piñata: Swap a Piñata with the firecracker power-up to create several copies of firecrackers scattered all over the board. All firecrackers will set off at once clearing lots of pieces. You can also combine a popper with a piñata or a rocket with it to create several copies of those power-ups.

7. Piñata vs. Piñata:  Combining a piñata with a piñata will clear more than 50 percent of pieces in the board.

Get Your Boosters

Boosters that appear before a level begins unlock at certain levels. These boosters are actually bonus powerups that appear on the screen at random places on the game board.

Reach level 18 to unlock the popper and firecracker. If you select this booster, both popper and firecracker will appear on the game board at the start of a level.

Reach level 23 to unlock the Piñata. 

When you reach level 28, you will unlock two rockets. In case you obtain this booster, two rockets will appear on the starting level if you select these.

Here’s how you can get boosters:

If you have pre-registered for Disney wonderful world then don’t forget to claim your pre-registration rewards. Tap on the open envelope icon on the top-right corner of the screen to know the list of gifts, which include 5 boosters and a whopping 4000 pink gems.

Login daily and you might get boosters as rewards on certain days as bonus rewards.

Use Gems to Obtain Extra Moves

Gems are used to get extra/bonus moves when you couldn’t finish a level with the given number of moves. You will need 900 gems to add 5 bonus moves if you want to keep playing.

Rate the game and tap on the envelope to get 100 free gems as reward.

Obtain 4000 gems as pre-registration rewards. Tap on the envelope on the top-right corner of the screen to claim them.

Level up your theme park and you might get free gems as rewards.

Get gems as daily bonus rewards when you login to the game every day.

How to get Keys

In Disney Wonderful Worlds, keys are needed to unlock new lands. Read our “Getting Started” section of this guide to know more about lands.

The game grants five keys to unlock a land. You can unlock any one of these two lands – Fantasy Land and Adventure Land.

Once you unlock a land using 5 keys, start building attractions and decoration. You will also be inviting special guests from the Disney universe – your favorite characters!

As you progress, you would want to unlock more lands. But to do this, you will need keys. Here’s how to get them:

Level up your theme park by completing tasks. Tap on the hammer icon on the lower-left corner of the screen to get a list of tasks. These tasks include building attractions, decorations and inviting Disney characters. You will need blue coins to complete these tasks. Beat match-3 levels to obtain blue coins. You can find the total amount of coins in the top-right corner of the screen.

Your current level is displayed on the top of the screen. It has a golden mickey icon. Tap on it to know how many experience points are needed to reach the next level.

You will obtain experience points (EXP) when you place a decoration or build an attraction from the tasks menu (hammer icon). You will need blue coins to build these.

Fill the level bar by earning experience points and level up. You will earn a key once you reach a new level.

Choose Buildings and Decoration that Grants more EXP

The third decoration grants highest experience points or EXP (+22), but costs more (330 blue coins).

When placing a decoration, you will be given three décor choices. One decoration will cost more blue coins than the other. This is because that particular building looks more attractive than the others. Such buildings grant more experience points. If you have collected enough blue coins, then I would recommend choosing decorations that cost more blue coins as they grant more EXP. The more experience points you will earn, the faster you will reach a level. You can change a decoration anytime. Just tap on a decoration and choose another design that grants more experience points.

The Swiss Family Treehouse attraction has certain structures that can be replaced with new structures. Will cost blue coins to replace, but players will earn additional EXP (+39)

While decorations offer new choices in the beginning, large attractions/buildings allow players to replace certain structures with new/snazzy structures. Once you build large attraction, tap on it to know more building choices. If these choices are greyed out, it means that you haven’t completed enough tasks to unlock them. Once unlocked, you will need blue coins to add them to your large attractions.

Get Help from Your Favorite Disney Characters

As you progress, you will be inviting your favorite Disney characters to your Wonderful Worlds theme parks. Some of them will also lend a helping hand during a match-3 puzzle level. You will need to collect a certain number of pieces belonging to that character and he/she will help you by granting bonus power-ups.

The first character to help you will be Goofy. Collect 10 green Goofy hats to charge the rocket booster. Goofy will toss a rocket at a random area in your game board. You can use activate the rocket power-up right away by double-tapping it.

The next will be Donald Duck. Collect 12 Donald duck blue sailor’s cap to obtain the popper. Donald Duck will throw the popper on the game board. Double tap the popper to activate it.

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