Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Guide: How to get All Characters

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is the newest turn-based battler featuring your favorite characters from the Disney universe. The game follows the good old mobile turn-based strategy RPG mechanics but graphically it’s one of the best games out there. Cel-shaded characters in action will surely make you want for more.  

Unlocking Buzz Lightyear - One of the playable characters in Disney Sorcerer's Arena.

There are more than 50 playable characters with more coming soon. From Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey to Buzz Lightyear, from Shere Khan to Captain Hook, there are lots of collectible heroes and villains. You will also be unlocking classic characters, such as the Steamboat Mickey. You can see a complete list of heroes and villains in your in-game “Collection”. So, without wasting any time, let’s find out how to get all characters:  

How to Find Character Tokens 

The first step to unlock characters in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is to find tokens. You will have to collect a certain number of tokens to get a playable character. However, you will have to reach a particular level first before you can start getting information about all locations where you can get tokens. Here are a few easy steps to find tokens:  

Reach player level 5 to unlock the “Find” option. To reach a new player level, earn player XP. The best way to earn player XP is to complete campaign battle missions. There are various campaign battles, such as “Grand Campaign”, “Heroes Campaign” etc.  

Complete a campaign battle stage to earn player XP. Fill the XP bar, which can be seen on the top-left corner of the home screen. Keep leveling up until you reach level 5 and only then you will be unlocking the “Find tokens” option.  

Now tap on “Collection”. It is located on the left side of the home screen. You will see the complete list of Disney character cards.  

The number of tokens required to unlock a character can be found on the lower-left corner of a character’s card.  

Tap on a locked card and the tap on the big green find button on the right side of the character profile.  

Tap the "Find" button to konw the location of tokens.
The Find button lets you get access to a list of locations where you can get tokens

You will see a list of locations where you can acquire that character’s tokens. The location list will include a mix of campaign battle stages, store and premium exchanges.  

As an example, here are a few steps to unlock Jasmine in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena. You will need 25 tokens to unlock this playable character.  

To find  tokens, go to “Collection” and then tap on the locked Jasmine’s card. Next, tap on the “Find” button.  

You will see two campaign battle stages where the tokens can be earned – these are 2-C Villains Campaign (Elite) and 4-A Villains Campaign Elite.  

Locations to get Jasmine Tokens

Villains campaign battles can be unlocked when you have acquired at least 4 villain characters.  

You will also need to play the “elite” mode of a campaign stage. On the battle stage map of campaign, you will notice the same stage branching into two – Normal and Elite. Elite campaign battles are available from the second campaign onwards, i.e. Heroes Campaign.  

Elite stages are a bit difficult to beat. You will have to only three attempts to complete an elite stage to acquire all rewards, including character tokens. (I guess once you have attempted an elite stage thrice, you cannot play that stage again until the next day).  

Once you have completed an elite stage, try for an auto-win to farm for more Jasmine tokens if you have reached player level 10 and earned 3 stars in that stage. Auto-win consumes energy, but you won’t have to go through an entire battle consisting of several waves if you choose auto-win.  

Along with campaign stages, you may also receive Jasmine tokens from the shop or if you exchange gems, gold, tower, club or arena coins at the “Exchange”. Reach player level 12 to unlock “Exchange” and earn coins by defeating club dungeons, towers of endurance. You can exchange these coins with items, which may also include tokens.  

Certain Campaign Battle Stages Contain Tokens 

While using the “Find” option is the best way to know the location of tokens for unlocking Disney Sorcerer’s Arena characters, going directly to the campaign stage map is also another great way to know which stages contain tokens. You just have to complete that stage to get your tokens.  

On the home screen, tap on the “Battle” button located on the lower-right corner. Tap on a campaign card. A campaign map will be displayed on the screen. You will notice character token icons displayed on top of certain stages, such as stage 3-E in the Grand Campaign in the below screenshot.  

A campaign battle map.
The token icon is shown above a battle stage

Note the character’s token displayed above the stage on the map. On certain battle stages, tokens are mentioned under possible rewards when you tap on these stages. Try to get 3 stars in such stages to increases your chances of earning character tokens.  

Can’t defeat enemies in campaign battle stages? We have come up with a few tips and strategies for you.

Hit the Store 

The Store is the best place to get tokens. You can purchase bundles to get your favorite character tokens or get them by opening free chests. Store is available on the left side of the screen.  

Chests may contain character tokens

In Store, tap on the free chest tab on the right-hand side. There are 3 free chests – 24-hour chest, 4-hour chest and Ad chest.  

24-hour chest is available every day. You will have to wait for a day to open another chest.  

4-hour chest is available every four hours.  

Ad chest can be opened after watching a video ad.  

Make sure you tap on the tiny “i” symbol on each chest card to know guaranteed rewards, token drop chances etc.  

The Campaign Chest May Contain Your Favorite Hero’s Tokens

The campaign chest can be found in the store. You will need 5500 campaign coins to open this chest. Complete Grand Campaign battles to earn these coins.

Campaign Chest

You can know what tokens you might get from this chest beforehand if you tap on the campaign chest in the store.

Check “Lifetime” Quests 

Go to “Daily Quests” from your home screen and then tap on “Lifetime”. Complete tasks mentioned in the Lifetime quests section to get Maleficent tokens.  

Earn Them from Limited-Time Events  

Reach Level 3 to unlock limited-time events. These special events will help you collect tokens to unlock playable Disney Sorcerer’s Arena characters. For example, the first event “The Diamond in the Rough” lets you battle enemies to unlock Aladdin.

Get character tokens from limited time events

You will obtain all Aladdin tokens in the first stage of the event. You can then unlock this character or play that event again to farm for more Aladdin tokens to promote him. Promoting a character adds a star and multiplies his/her base stats by a significant amount. You can promote a hero or villain up to 7 stars. Check back daily for new events.  

Get Tokens from Prize Chests 

You can open prize chests when you complete all battles in a particular stage. Each campaign is divided into 6-7 stages and each stage is divided into several battles. Complete all battles on a campaign stage to unlock the prize chest.  

Prize chest rewards

Prize chests usually contain coins and character tokens. For example: In Grand Campaign, completing the first 6 battles of the first stage will let you unlock the prize chest.   

Daily Check-In Rewards  

Daily Check-in rewards unlock at level 5. Check-in rewards refresh every month with a new set of prizes. Make sure you play Disney Arena every day to get your daily rewards until the 30-31 of every month if you want to get rewards like character tokens, coins, level-up potions, player XP and gems.  

Get Mulan Tokens from the Heart of the Warrior Event  

The current limited-time “Heart of the Warrior” event lets you earn “Emperor’s Coins” to open the special “Emperor’s Chest”. You can earn these coins each time you beat a campaign battle stage. You will need 5000 coins to open this chest.  

Emperor's Chest

In Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, the Emperor’s Chest contains 1-5 Mulan tokens, 2500 gold coins and 1000 level up potions. There’s also a chance to at least 5 Shan Yu character tokens. This event is open for a week, so make sure you make the most of it and beat as many campaign levels as possible to get 5000 emperor coins.  

Tip: You can easily get instant 5000 emperor coins from the mailbox. Reach player level 4 or 5 to unlock the mailbox.  

Check the mailbox to claim 5K Emperor's Coins

On your home screen, tap on the envelope located on the top of the screen, just beside your player level. Now tap on the “The Heart of the Warrior Event is Live” message and press the “Claim” button to obtain a whopping 5000 coins. You can immediately open the emperor’s chest after obtaining 5K emperor coins from the mailbox. Claim before this offer expires.