Disney Pop Town Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Disney Pop Town is a charming match-3 puzzle game that lets players rebuild Disney-themed towns. Beautiful musical towns are lying in ruins and only you can restore them back to their former glory. Play puzzle levels to earn stars, and use them to remodel dilapidated musical metropolises. Create your own avatar and dress her up like Disney characters to gain special abilities.  

Each puzzle level has Disney characters in the form of cute balloons. You must pop these balloons by matching 3 or more of the same color. Levels are very different from other puzzle games. You will have to clear paths to let your avatar and his friend gather stars.  

You will also collect endearing Disney costumes from lucky boxes. You will store them in their own special wardrobes. You can equip a costume to your avatar to gain a special ability. Use costume skills and abilities to beat tougher levels. With the help of these Disney Pop Town tips, tricks and strategies, you will know how to create special blocks and combos, obtain rare costumes, upgrade wardrobes and use costume skills.  

Disney Pop Town

Pay Attention to Level Goals 

Your mission is to earn stars in each level, but the ways to earn them differs from one level to another.  

In some levels, you will have to collect balloons to earn a star, and in others you must destroy wooden crates to clear the path so that your avatar can collect the star at the end of the cleared path. Match 3 or more balloons around a wooden crate to destroy it.

Know Your Level's Goals

Levels will be more creative and challenging as you progress. Your avatar and his friend will have to move on paths ballooned by crates to collect stars or pull a level to open another path that leads to a star.  

Your focus should be to complete all goals before the move countdown on the top-left corner of the screen hits zero.  

Power ups or special balloons play an important role in this game, as there will be limited number of moves per level. The more special balloons you create, the faster you will reach your goals and earn coins. You can also use your avatar’s costume skills to finish your objectives faster. (More on costume skills and abilities later) 

What are Level Completion Rewards?  

When you complete a Disney Pop Town level, you receive coins, heart, star and lucky tickets. Let’s find out what are they used for:  

Coins: Use coins to change a decoration or buy a lucky box. When you restore something in a town for the first time, you do it for free. But if you want to change it, you will need to spend coins. Tap and hold an object to bring three decoration choices. Tap on any one decoration and spend coins to change the current one.  

Heart (lives): You will use a heart when you start a level. Unlike other puzzle games, you don’t lose lives when you fail to complete a level in Pop Town. You will spend a heart when you start a level. Lives refill every 30 minutes, but the quickest way to get them is by winning levels.  

Star: You will need a star to restore towns. A restoration may require one or more than one star. Complete a level to earn a star.  

Lucky tickets: A lucky ticket is used to open lucky boxes. These boxes contain costumes, which posses magical skills that can be very useful in finishing tough levels. Read our guide to know how to get coins and lucky tickets in Disney Pop Town.

How to Make Special Blocks 

Make special blocks or power-ups by matching 4 or more balloons of the same color in certain patterns. Special blocks can be used to remove a lot of balloons and obstacles and can be of great help in completing level goals. There are four main types of power ups:  

Rocket Pin: Match 4 balloons in a shape of a square to make a rocket pin. Tap the rocket pin to launch it. The rocket will fly to an obstacle or balloon and remove it from the board. This powerup is very useful as it’s more focused on your level goals. The obstacles or balloons cleared by the rocket is connected to your level’s goals. Create as many rocket pins as you can and combine them to finish your goals before running out of moves.  

Create Special Blocks or Power Ups

Line Pin: Match four balloons in a vertical or horizontal line to make a Line Pin. Touch the line pin to clear a row or column. If the line pin is in vertical position, it will clear a column. If its horizontal, it will clear a row.  

Kaboom! Match 5 balloons in a T or L-shape to make a Kaboom! Tap a kaboom and it will explode, clearing several surrounding balloons.  

Rainbow: Match five balloons in a straight line to create Rainbow. Swap the rainbow with any balloon to remove all balloons of that color. If you swap the rainbow with a blue genie balloon, then all blue genies will be removed from the board.  

Power Up Combinations You Should Know 

You can combine two special blocks to get a powerful effect. Doing this, you will be able to remove a lot more obstacles and balloons than before. Make sure two power ups are next to each other to combine them. Here are all possible combinations:  

Rocket Pin + Rocket Pin: Creates three more pins that will fly to three random locations within the board to remove balloons or obstacles.  

Rocket + Line: The rocket pin will fly with the line pin, land on a balloon and then activate the line pin, clearing a row or column.  

Line + Line: Combine 2 line pins to clear a row and column of balloons at the same time.  

Kaboom + Line: Clears three rows and columns at once!  

Kaboom + Rocket: The rocket launches with the Kaboom, lands on an object or obstacle and Kaboom explodes, removing chunks of balloons.  

Kaboom + Kaboom: This results in a much bigger explosion and the explosion radius will be larger than a single kaboom explosion, which means more and more balloons will be cleared.  

Rocket + Rainbow: Swap these two power ups and several rockets will scatter across the board. They will then launch automatically and remove random balloons or obstacles.  

Line + Rainbow: Creates several line pins which activates on their own, clearing a lot of rows and columns.  

Kaboom + Rainbow: Many kabooms are replicated across the game board. They set off one by one, removing a lot of balloons.   

Rainbow + Rainbow: Removes all balloons from the board.  

Put on Costumes to Use Awesome Skills  

One of Pop Town’s main gameplay features is costumes. Obtain a costume from a lucky box and then equip it to your avatar. Here’s a step-by-step guide to costumes in Disney Pop Town:  

Open lucky boxes to get costumes. To open a box, you will need coins and lucky tickets. The white lucky box opens either by coins or tickets. You can also open the golden box with tickets or rubies (premium currency). Tap each box to know how many coins, tickets or rubies are required to open them.  

When you get a costume from a lucky box, head straight to the “wardrobe”, tap a chapter and then tap an unlocked costume. Press the “On” button to put on the costume. You will see your avatar wearing that costume.  

Put on costumes to avatar

You can now start using the costume’s skill while playing a level. The skill gauge on the lower left corner of the screen fills up every time you match balloons. To fill the gauge faster, create power ups and activate them.  

When the skill gauge fills, press the skill to use it. You won’t spend a move when using a skill.  

Each costume has a unique skill or ability. For example, the Christopher Robin costume has the ability to remove 5 random balloons when you press the skill box.  

To know each costume’s ability, tap the “Lucky Box” tab and then tap on the tiny “?” symbol above a costume.  

How to get Rare and Super Rare Costumes 

In Disney Pop Town, costumes are ranked according to their rarity, where “N” is Normal (common), R (Rare) and SR (Super Rare). The higher the rarity, the better is the ability or skill of that costume.  

A lucky box may contain one of the above ranked costumes.  

A white lucky box contains N and R costumes. Chances of getting Normal costumes are higher (more than 80 percent) from this box. You might also get a rare costume, although the chances of getting one is less (only 15 percent). You can open a white box using coins or tickets.  

Get costumes from golden lucky boxes

If you are looking for rare costumes, then you should open the golden box. There’s a high chance of obtaining R costumes. There’s also some chance of obtaining super rare costumes. You can open one using rubies and tickets, although, you will have to spend more tickets to open one.  

Upgrade Wardrobe to Level Up Costumes 

The wardrobe is where all unlocked costumes are stored. You will have to go to a wardrobe to equip a costume to your avatar.  

Each wardrobe is grouped according to a Disney musical town or chapter. There’s a separate Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin and Mickey Mouse wardrobe.  You can upgrade any wardrobe to level up all costumes in it. Leveling up a costume unlocks advanced abilities, which will help you complete your goals faster.  

How to level up costumes in Disney Pop Town

To upgrade a wardrobe, you will need EXP. A wardrobe is upgraded, when its EXP bar fills. The bar is shown in blue. Here’s how to get EXP to upgrade a wardrobe:  

Collect costumes. The higher the rarity of a costume (R, SR), the more EXP a wardrobe will gain. The costume you have collected should be linked to a particular musical town wardrobe to gain EXP and upgrade it.  

For example, if you get Mickey mouse costumes, then the Mickey mouse wardrobe will gain EXP.  

You can also gain EXP if you have bought costumes from the shop or lucky box.  

Another way to gain EXP is to play with those costumes mentioned in “special ability” events, such as the Bonus Skill event. (Read the next section to know what special ability events are).  

Equip Costumes of a Certain Rarity to get Bonus Moves 

This is an event which lasts for only 6 days. It’s called “Bonus Skill”. You will gain bonus ability when you put on certain costumes of rarity.

For example, if you put on an “R” or Rare costume, you will get 2 extra moves in every level. Events change every now and then so keep an eye on them to get supporting abilities. An event appears on the upper right corner in your town.  

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