How to Win at Disney Magical Dice: Tips, Hints and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
Disney Magical Dice
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Disney Magical Dice is a splendid mobile board game from Netmarble. The game reminds me of Monopoly, but there are a few twists and turns that will make playtime more enjoyable. Instead of game pieces, there are animated characters wearing costumes of popular Disney characters like Chip ‘n’ Dale, Captain Hook, Sheriff Woody, Minnie Mouse, Maleficent and many more. Costumes provide certain benefits that may help increase winning chances. Then there’s a nifty dice meter that lets you control dice rolls. 

The game has a practice mode that lets you understand the rules better. Once you have learned how to play the game, you can play against a random human opponent. Whether you have played Monopoly or not, you should play this game. The tips, hints and strategies given below will help you win matches and earn rewards:

1. Make the Most of Dice Meter

Just like any board game, Disney’s Magical Dice depends on your dice roll, but the good news is that you have some control over your dice, thanks to a nifty “Dice Meter”. Now it’s a game of chance, so there’s a 50/50 chance of getting the desired number, but there’s no harm in trying.

Disney Magical Dice

The dice control meter is divided into four sections.

  • First section 2~3
  • Second section 4~6
  • Third section 7~9
  • Fourth section 10~12

Chances of your desired dice roll increases depending on where the meter lands. If it lands on the first section, then chances of rolling 2 or 3 are higher. If the meter falls on the second section then chances of getting 4, 5 or 6 are higher, although there’s no guarantee of getting these numbers.

Just press the “Roll” button and release when the meter lands on the section you want. If you press and release the roll button when the meter is on the last section I.e. 10~12, chances of rolling a high number are higher. Take advantage of the dice meter if you want to get a “Double” or you want to land on the next 2-3 squares or 10-12 squares away from your current square. You get a double when both dice show the same number.

2. Focus on Owning Two Squares of the Same Color to Achieve Color Completions Faster

“Color Completion” is one of the best and quickest ways to win a match against an opponent. You achieve a color completion by owning all squares that belong to the same color and if you get 3 color completions, you win the match and receive double the rewards.


If you get a dark green and light green color completion by owning all dark green and light green squares and then a sky blue color completion by owning all sky blue squares on the game board, you win the match.

Color Completion

When you achieve a color completion, the service fees will double, which means your opponent will have to pay double the service fees if he/she lands on your color completion squares.

If you are looking to win the match this way, then try to own two same-color squares. This will help you get 3 color completions faster. Here’s a list of squares that you can own to get a quick triple color completion win:

  • Light Green Squares (Pluto’s House and Dog Park)
  • Sky Blue Squares (Tree House and Acorn)
  • Dark Blue Squares (Pete’s Diner and Pete’s Garage)
  • Pink Squares (Daisy’s House and Flower Shop)
  • Orange Squares (Bow-Tique and Minnie’s House)
  • Red Squares (Movie Theater and Mickey’s House)

Using Odd and Even will increase the chances of landing on the above squares. You will have to buy the Odd/Even boost for 500 coins before starting a match.

When you win by color completion, you receive 2X the gold and ranking points.

3. Acquire Those Squares that are Part of Your Opponent’s “Color Completion” Strategy

Don’t just keep acquiring random squares owned by your opponent. Acquisition fees costs 2x of Build fee, which can be quite costly, especially if you have less funds.

Acquire those squares that pose a threat to contributing to your opponent’s color completion objective. For Example: If your opponent has bought two Dark Green squares such as Goofy’s House and Goofy’s Farm, then you can stop him/her from achieving a color completion by buying Fishin’ Hole or acquiring any of the above two squares.

4. How to get Costume Cards

Costume cards play a key role in increasing your chances of getting Double Rolls, winning arcade mini-games and rolling the desired number.

You can get a Costume card via the Card Draw at the “Item Shop”. There’s a Free Draw that can grant a C-A class card. But chances of getting C or B cards are more.

You can also get costume cards by playing ”Practice” levels. Chances of getting costume cards and other rewards are more if you earn 2-3 stars in a level. Complete all objectives in a level to get three stars.

Play the game daily to get Costume Card packs via “Every Day Check-in Bonus”. The screenshot below shows at what day a player receives packs to his/her mailbox.

Check-in Bonuses

Green costume card pack contains 10 C-B cards, whereas a Purple pack of 10 cards usually contain A-B cards. Save common cards to increase the stats of your main card.

5. Power Up a Card to Increase Your Chances in Winning a Match

An A class card has better stats than C or B class card, but the stats of B class cards can be improved if you power them Up. To power up a card, tap the down arrow button at the top of the home screen, then tap “Costume Cards” and then select “Power Up”. Select a card that you want to boost and then select up to 5 material cards. You can tap the Auto-Select button and then select card class. The AI will choose only those cards that belong to the selected class. Try to select C class cards as your material cards as you will receive plenty of them via free draws and practice levels.

Power Up a Card

Choosing duplicate cards to power up your main card will ensure better stats boost than choosing any other cards. So if you have equipped an A-class Woody card, then try to use duplicate C or B class Woody cards to power up your A class card.

Powering up a card increases certain stats. There are 7 stats and a horizontal bar beside each stat shows how good the chances are in achieving it. So if the beside Build Fee stats is over 50 percent, you will get more discounts on building fees. If the bar beside the Escape is more than 50 than chances of getting double rolls for escape will be more.

Card Description

The above screenshot shows costume card stats and their description, i.e. how they will benefit you in a match:

6. Compare Two Costume Card Stats before Selecting One

So you have two different “A” class costume cards and you can’t figure out which card to select? The good news is that the game lets you compare the stats of two cards. It will also show you whether the selected card has better stats or not.

To compare cards, go to the Costume Card section via the menu and tap a card that you want to equip. The game will display a stats comparison screen between your equipped card and your selected card.

Costume Card Comparison Screen

You can see the stats comparison screen above. The selected card has a series of red down arrows and one blue up arrow. The up arrow beside Arcade win stats show that the selected card offers better chances of winning an arcade mini-game than the equipped card.

Additional Tips and Hints

1. When you land on Town festival, you will be able to host a festival on a square that you have already owned. The hosting square will have increased service fee. While choosing a square to host a festival, go with the game’s recommendation. A square will keep flashing and glowing, telling you to host a festival there. That square will probably deduct more service fee from your opponent’s total coins than others.

Hosting Town Festival

2. Use fast travel (Fast Trolley etc.) wisely. If you land on this square, you can select the square of your choice. Use it to achieve color completion. Example: If you have owned a pink square, say Daisy’s house, you just need to tap on Flower Shop and the Fast Trolley will teleport you to that square.

3. Owning a Magic Square (Squares that end with “Garden” are all Magic Squares) has some great benefits. If you have owned Chip ‘n’ Dale’s garden and Minnie’s Garden, then the service fee will increase every time a player (you or your opponent) lands on it. So if you or your opponent land on any one of the above two squares the service fee on first visit will be 80, second 160 and third 320.

4. Owning Blue white garden Squares (Pete’s garden, Daisy’s garden and Goofy’s garden) provides other benefits. If you own 1 of the above 3 magic squares, the service fee will be 80, if you own 2, the service fee will be 160 and if you own all three squares, the fee will be 320.

5. At the start of play, you will notice 2-3 random squares with an x2 symbol. If you purchase those squares, the service fee will be double when your opponent lands on them. Normally service fees are doubled when you achieve a color completion, but this perk lets you get 2x the service fee from your opponent just by owning squares with the “x2” symbol.

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