Disney Getaway Blast Game Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Disney Getaway Blast is a color matching game from Gameloft. It lets players solve challenging puzzles, earn stars to unlock new stories, meet new friends and restore scenic locations.

Puzzles can be quite tough if you don’t make proper use of power-ups. You should also know how to clear obstacles and finish a set of objectives to beat a puzzle level.  

But the fun doesn’t stop here! You will also be collecting your favorite Disney characters. But first, let’s learn how to make power-ups, know more about combinations and try to understand objectives and obstacles with the help of these tips, tricks and strategies.  

Power-Ups and How to Make Them  


A power-up is created when 5 or more bubbles are adjacent to each other. When 5 same-colored bubbles are stacked next to each other, their symbol changes to that of a rocket. Tap to create a rocket.

The direction of the rocket suggests where it will fly. If it’s horizontal, it will fly horizontally, clearing a row or bubbles. Please note that the rocket’s direction is randomized, so don’t rely on the direction of the rocket symbols etched on each bubble. The direction could change when you create one.  

Disney Getaway Blast


A Bomb is ready to be made when 9 or more bubbles are placed next to each other. When this happens, all 9 bubbles’ symbol turns into a cannonball and they glow together. Tap on any one bubble in the cluster to create a bomb. Now tap on the bomb to trigger an explosion, which will clear a lot of surrounding bubbles at once.  


You can create a flower when 14-15 bubbles of the same color are beside next to each other. Tap on any one bubble in the cluster of 14 adjacent bubbles to create a flower. Now tap on the flower to clear all bubbles of that color. Before creating a flower, check the color of the cluster of bubbles. Suppose their color is red, then the flower will also be red in color and will only clear red bubbles if you tap on it.  

Must-Try Combinations 

You can also combine two different power-ups to create an awesome combo. This will let you remove a lot of bubbles. A power-up must be adjacent to the other to create a combo. Here are a few super combos to try out:  

If two rockets are placed next to each other, tap any one of them to trigger a cross-shaped blast that will clear a row and column of bubbles.  

Combine a rocket with a bomb to clear all three columns/rows (depending on the rocket’s direction).  

Combine a bomb with another to trigger a huge explosion that will clear a lot of bubbles.  

A rocket-flower combo will create multiple rockets. They will be scattered all across the game board and will activate automatically. The same applies for the bomb-flower combo.  

Combine two flowers to clear all bubbles on the board.  

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Know Your Levels and Objectives  

Levels in Disney Getaway Blast will be quite challenging, so unless you make the most of power-ups, it won’t be easy to complete them. You may have to replay a tougher level over and over again to win it as bubbles are laid out randomly on a game board. However, it’s very important to know the objectives as well as the obstacles if you want to clear level goals before running out of moves: 

The first few levels are easy to play. You will have to collect bubbles of a certain color (yellow, red etc.). Make sure you inspect the game board and look for potential matches relevant to your objective. For example, if the objective states that you will have to collect 20 yellow bubbles, then try to find and match only those bubbles that are yellow in color. If there are no yellow bubbles, then make sure you clear bubbles on the bottom part of the board. This will make new bubbles drop from the upper part of the board. This will bring more yellow bubbles from the top.  

To break wooden hexagon tiles, you will have to pop bubbles next to them. Some hexagonal tiles will have a protective layer of wood. You will have to pop bubbles around them twice to break the first layer of wood before destroying them completely. There will be an objective to collect a particular number of hexagonal tiles.  

In some levels, you will have to bring certain items, such as the “Beach Ball”, to the dotted line on the bottom of the board. Pop as many bubbles as you can at once to bring them quickly. You will also need the help of power-ups to bring them to the dotted line as soon as possible.  

Crabs may request to clear certain bubbles in order to move to the next phase within a level. A crab will raise a signboard showing the bubble type and you will have to pop only those bubbles to collect them. Once the number on the signboard hits zero, the crab will cut the rope, which will bring the object to the next phase in that level.  

You will also come across cameras in certain levels. Yes, those old-fashioned Fujifilm cameras. Just pop bubbles next to them to collect photos. The number of photos is shown on the upper-right corner of the screen.  

Ice blocks are also a big obstacle in a particular level. Transparent blocks can be destroyed by popping bubbles next to them. But blocks with a layer of snow can’t be removed easily. You will have to pop bubbles around them twice in order to destroy them.  

As you progress, you will have to remove jellies. Pop bubbles surrounding jelly-covered bubbles to reveal what’s inside.  

Additional Tips and Hints 

The gold you earn from each level can be used to buy moves for a failed level. You will also need gold to buy hearts or lives and power-up boosters.  

Login daily to earn gold and boosters. You may also receive useful tools, such as the hammer, on certain days. The hammer can be used to break a single tile that’s acting as an obstacle in the game.  

Every Disney character has a unique ability. You will have to charge up their abilities by popping bubbles. For example, Mickey Mouse’s ability is to clear three rows of bubbles whereas Minnie Mouse’s ability is to blow kisses to hit bubbles on the board. She usually hits those bubbles that are part of the objective. Read our guide to know how to get Disney Getaway Blast characters.  

Spin the wheel to get rewards, such as infinite lives (for 15 minutes), gold or boosters. Watch a video ad to spin the wheel and get rewards. Tap the wheel of fortune icon on the upper-left corner of the home screen.