Disney Frozen Adventures Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Disney Frozen Adventures is the newest match 3 puzzle adventure game from Jam City. The game lets you explore all familiar locations in and around the magnificent Kingdom of Arendelle. Help Anna, Elsa and Olaf rebuild the kingdom, host a big gala, design and decorate every room to make it very special for visitors.  

Disney Frozen Adventures

You will need snowflakes for decorating the kingdom. Snowflakes can be earned by playing hundreds of puzzle levels. To make things easier for you, the game lets you seek the help of popular Frozen characters. You will also receive special chests that contain infinite lives, coins to buy moves and boosts and special tools to solve difficult levels. If you have just began playing Frozen Adventures, follow these useful tips, tricks and strategies:  

Use the Line Clear Power Up Wisely 

You can create a “Line Clear” power up by matching four crystals in a straight line. You can swap the line clear with an adjacent crystal or double tap to use it.  

Line clear removes a row or column of crystals. A vertical line clear removes a column and a horizontal one removes an entire row.  

Matching 4 crystals of the same color horizontally creates a vertical “Line Clear” and matching four crystals vertically creates a horizontal power up. 

Pay attention to your objective when using this power up. If the objective is to clear cherries, then swap line clear with a crystal on a row or column that has a greater number of cherries.  

For example, if the column on the left of the line crystal has a greater number of cherries than on the right, swap the special crystal with a crystal on the left to clear more cherries.  

Select the Best Frozen Character to Finish Objectives Faster 

In Disney Frozen Adventures, your favorite characters, such as Anna, Elsa and Olaf will assist you from time to time. They will make it easier for you to complete objectives.  

Each Frozen character has a special magical power. Match and collect light blue crystals to fill a character’s magic gauge, which is located on the bottom-left corner of the screen.  

When the magic gauge fills up, your chosen character casts a spell that makes special crystals or power ups appear on the game board. Here’s a list of characters and their special powers:  

Elsa: When the magic gauge fills up, Elsa casts two Line Clear power ups that appear on random locations on the game board.  

Anna using her special powers

Anna: Anna cast two crystal blasts power-up. Tap to activate them.  

Olaf: When Olaf’s special power gauge charges up, he unleashes two ice butterflies. You can swap or double tap butterflies to activate them. (more on butterflies in the next section) 

You can use Elsa, Anna’s and Olaf’s special powers to finish levels without using “boosts”. Elsa unlocks at level 3, Anna at level 5 and Olaf unlocks at level 7. You will be able to choose any one character out of three from level 10 onwards.  

The game recommends a character for a particular level with a “Best Choice” tag, but I would recommend choosing some other character besides the recommended one. First check the objectives on the level screen and then choose a character which you think will help you clear them faster.  

Choose the best Frozen character

Experiment with different characters to know which character’s special power will assist you in earning snowflakes in each level.  

Note: In some levels, you won’t be able to choose a character. You will have to take a character which the game decides.  

Don’t Ignore the Power of the Ice Butterfly 

An Ice butterfly appears when you match 4 same colored crystals in a square. 

Double tap a butterfly and four crystals surrounding the butterfly will be removed from the board. But the fun does not stop here, the butterfly comes to life, flies to a crystal or an object and removes it.  

The crystals or objects removed by the butterfly are part of your objective and so the ice butterfly can be very handy in removing those that are locked between obstacles, thereby making it easier for you to complete objectives. Make sure you create several butterflies and combine them to clear more crystals.   

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Try the Crystal Blast for a Magical Explosion  

The Crystal blast power-up clears a lot of crystals upon exploding. Its explosion radius is pretty big, and it can easily remove 9-12 crystals from the board. You can also combine two crystal blasts to create a bigger explosion.  

To make a crystal blast, match five crystals in a T or L shape.  

Getting a T and L shape formation every time won’t be easy, which is why you should choose “Anna’s “special power to get crystal blasts frequently. When Anna’s magic gauge fills up, she throws two crystal blasts at random places on the board. Use them at the right moment.  

Rainbow Snowflake is the Ultimate Power-Up 

Matching 5 crystals in a straight line creates the rainbow snowflake. When you swap this power up with a crystal, all crystals of that color will be removed from the board.  

The rainbow snowflake should be used wisely as it’s the best power-up that can remove a lot of crystals and also help you complete a level. Pay attention to your objective, and when you create one, use it at the right time to clear several crystals at once.  

Combine two rainbow snowflakes and see the magic

You can combine two rainbow snowflakes to clear the entire board. They should be placed next to each other to make this happen.    

Special Crystal Combos You Should Know 

Like other games, Disney Frozen Adventures lets you combine two different special crystals or power ups to unleash magic! You will be able to clear more crystals, break obstacles and complete levels faster. Here’s a complete list of power-up combinations:  

Line Clear + Line Clear: Clears a row and column in a shape of a “+”.  

Line Clear + Crystal Blast: Clears three rows and three columns at once!  

Crystal Blast + Crystal Blast: When you combine two crystal blast power-ups, the explosion radius is much bigger, clear several crystals and even obstacles (if there are any).  

Crystal blast + Ice Butterfly: The ice butterfly flies with the crystal blast, lands on a random crystal and then explodes. Try the same by combining a Line Clear power up with ice butterfly.  

Ice butterfly + Ice butterfly: Creates three ice butterflies which fly to random objects and clear them.  

When you combine the powers of a rainbow crystal with a crystal blast, line clear or ice butterfly, all power-ups are cloned and scattered all over the game board. They will then be activated automatically clearing a chunk of crystals from the board.  

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