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Dino Bash
(Last Updated On: November 14, 2023)

The number one task in Dino Bash: Travel Through Time is to shield the Chosen One Egg from getting dino-sorely wrecked by the wicked army of cave dwellers. Claw your way through with the support of your dino-mite pals and liberate trapped dinos to enlist them in your prehysterical posse!

Dino Bash intro
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In this write-up, I break down the dino-mite rankings of our prehistoric pals, evaluating their performance in skirmishes against those pesky Neanderthals.

Dino Bash – Travel Through Time Tier

Dino Bash Tier
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Every dino shines when strategically deployed. Nevertheless, some boast superior stats and strengths in comparison to their prehistoric peers. I’ll enumerate the tiers, beginning with S as the mightiest and descending to B as the most modest.

S Tier Dinos

Meet the powerhouse prehistoric dinos ready to roar on your team! These formidable creatures stand out with exceptional stats and unmatched strength.


Dino Bash B
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Behold this colossal yet endearing dino, the ultimate tank in Dino Bash. With the power to inflict tremendous damage by stomping on those mischievous cavemen, it can also endure attacks like a prehistoric fortress.

Summon CostBase HealthBase DamageType


Dino Bash Mam
Photo: pokoko Studio

Boasting colossal health in Dino Bash, the Mammoth emerges as a premier tank in the game. However, the trade-off is that acquiring and enhancing this adorable yet powerful dino demands premium gems, posing a challenge for leveling up.

Summon CostBase HealthBase DamageType

T-Rex Jr.

Dino Bash JR
Photo: pokoko Studio

T-Rex Jr. stands as a premium dino in Dino Bash, requiring gems for acquisition and upgrades. Despite the cost, they pack a powerful punch on the battlefield and come at a more affordable summoning price than their dino counterparts.

Summon CostBase HealthBase DamageType


Dino Bash Sp
Photo: pokoko Studio

The apex predator of its tier in Dino Bash, Spino reigns supreme as the mightiest and most ferocious! With unrivaled health and damage, it can single-handedly take on any cave dweller, albeit at a substantial cost to summon.

Summon CostBase HealthBase DamageType

A Tier Dinos

Tier A remains formidable in Dino Bash, although not reaching the pinnacle strength of Tier S. Nonetheless, these dinos can effortlessly take on evil cavemen without breaking a sweat.


Dino Bash Rap
Photo: pokoko Studio

Among the simplest to summon, this petite yet perilous dino boasts respectable health and attack stats. They’re an ideal pick for handling Neanderthals that venture too close to the egg.

Summon CostBase HealthBase DamageType


Dino Bash Rocky
Photo: pokoko Studio

Meet Rambo’s malevolent twin in Dino Bash! This behemoth can vanquish numerous cave dwellers and swiftly conquer a stage while grappling with its remarkably low health. Summon him when facing an oncoming horde of enemies.

Summon CostBase HealthBase DamageType


Dino Bash T-Rex
Photo: pokoko Studio

The brother of the raptors, this impressive dino unleashes devastating damage upon enemies in Dino Bash. T-Rex serves as the defensive bulwark on the field, safeguarding dinos with lower health positioned behind them. The only catch? Only one can be deployed at a time.

Summon CostBase HealthBase DamageType


Dino Bash Sp
Photo: pokoko Studio

This charming spitter deals damage from a distance, offering a unique advantage. The only downside is that acquiring and upgrading them comes at the cost of gems in Dino Bash.

Summon CostBase HealthBase DamageType


Dino Bash Fro
Photo: pokoko Studio

This pink-shelled dino pal delivers ranged damage, freezing cavemen with its icy bullets. Position them behind to boost their survivability and extend their presence on the field. A flawless sidekick for powerful dino-tanks.

Summon CostBase HealthBase DamageType

B Tier Dinos

While they fall into the mid-tier range on the roster, these dinos prove invaluable when strategically deployed in Dino Bash. For optimal performance, consider pairing them with some A or S Tier Dinos to unlock their full potential.


Dino Bash sspi
Photo: pokoko Studio

Boasting high attack but limited health, the ranged spitty thrives with a robust tank at the forefront, absorbing damage to enhance its survivability.

Summon CostBase HealthBase DamageType


Dino Bash ste
Photo: pokoko Studio

Stego hurls lethal stones with its tail, delivering outstanding damage but sporting critically low health. Placing them strategically behind dinos with high health, like Brachio and Spino, is recommended.

Summon CostBase HealthBase DamageType


Dino Bash Tri
Photo: pokoko Studio

Tricer is enlisted to guard dinos boasting high attack and low health. Positioned at the field’s forefront, they absorb enemy attacks with their robust health in Dino Bash. However, their significance diminishes post-level 35 with the unlocking of Brachio.

Summon CostBase HealthBase DamageType


Dino Bash ram
Photo: pokoko Studio

Despite their exceedingly low health, Rambo promptly eliminates the evil cave dwellers. They’re best deployed when a horde of enemies poses a threat to the tank’s survival.

Summon CostBase HealthBase DamageType


Each dino is a star in their own right, especially when strategically unleashed against those evil Neanderthals. No matter their tier, placing them cleverly boosts the odds of stomping through the stage with success!

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