Dice Quest – King’s Tale: Ultimate Gameplay Guide 

Shela Baxi
Dice Quest - Introduction

Dice Quest is a casual RPG game developed by 111%. The developers had already released games with similar themes like Random Dice and Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense, this is a new feather in their cap. 

The game is colorful, vibrant, and total fun. It fulfills its purpose of keeping you hooked with good graphics and engaging gameplay. The characters are cute and violent, who doesn’t want that mix in their games? 

Anyway, we bring you the complete guide to the Dice Quest – King’s Tale. 

Dice Quest - Gameplay
Picture: Funday Factory

Dice Quest – Gameplay

Dice Quest begins with King, (Your character Dian) getting ousted from his planet by the invaders, you begin the game by fighting for your planet alongside other Dians. King, fights his way through the levels and bosses. 

Dice Quest - Gameplay
Picture: Funday Factory

The main character that you play with is King Dian, a master swordsman. His sword is known as the Sword of Judgement. You start the round with fellow Dian’s Fire, wind, and Shield. As you progress, more Dian’s get unlocked. 


The combat sequence is smooth as it takes place automatically, you just have to move your character in the direction of enemies to fight them. There are powers of your own and other Dians that you can use throughout the game to fight enemies. 


The map layout in Dice Quest is simple as you get an over-the-top view of the levels and moving around the map is easy and uncomplicated. There are corners with hidden chest treasures on the map that shouldn’t be missed. 

There are also hidden keys to ancient gates in the map that are easy to find but it does require searching every corner of the map which shouldn’t be too difficult as the maps on each level aren’t that huge. 

Dice Quest - Green forest
Picture: Funday Factory


The initial enemies are easy to deal with, the further you progress in the game the harder these little cube enemies become. They will require special powers of your fellow Dians as well as yours to combat them. 

The enemies are not skilled but they are very direct and relentless in their attacks so you need to level up your fellow Dians to deal with these little devils or else they will overwhelm your team pretty quickly. 

The boss fights in Dice Quest are as fun as they should be but again you will need every bit of that upgrade to fight them and also strategize the fight because you may lose some of your Dian friends in these fights. 


There are multiple cool features in this game. 

Dian Board

The Dian board contains all the Dian’s of the game. It will show you the Dian you have unlocked as well as the unclaimed and locked ones.

You can view all the Dians here, even the ones that are locked. You can go through the list of Dians and what power they possess. 

Dice Quest - Dian's Board
Picture: Funday Factory

You can also upgrade or level up your fellow Dians here. It is imperative in this game that you keep leveling up your teammates as well because they will need every bit of that upgrade when the going gets tough.

Level up or increase the number of units of a particular Dian from the Dian Board. 

King’s Road

King’s Road contains all the locked Dians that you can unlock by collecting as many Gold and Diamonds as you can. New characters(Dian) can be acquired if you have enough gold or diamonds. 

Dice Quest - King's Road
Picture: Funday Factory

After every round, you can check out King’s Road and look for any unlockables, if you reach a certain level with enough gold and diamonds, you can unlock newer Dians. You also require King’s Road Token to unlock these characters but those are easy to avail as well when you keep playing the game. 


The inventory in Dice Quest shows you the amount of Materials, Dian Soul, and Others(Stamina, Stamina Potion) that are available to you. Stamina allows you to recover well in the game by boosting the stamina bar.

Dice Quest - Green Forest 3
Picture: Funday Factory

Other things such as Grow Berry in the Material section show you how many Grow Berry you have acquired in the game. Grow Berry helps you level up the Dians so collecting them in the game is super important. 


Collecting Crowns in Dice Quest is important because it is with Crowns that you can unlock other areas of the map(Kingdom).

You will get tasks in the levels that you need to complete to acquire these crowns, on completion you will receive these crowns which in turn will let you unlock other parts of the map. 

There are also Crown rewards on completion of the crown tasks. You can receive Gold, King Road’s Token, Stamina, and other things as well. 

Dian Pass

Dian Pass, like King’s Road, is a collectible feature. Here you can claim Dice Quest daily rewards as well as other materials. You can use the free pass items or you also have the option to buy a premium pass. 

Dice Quest - Dian Pass
Picture: Funday Factory

From Diamonds and gold to materials such as Grow Berry and Level Badges, everything is available in Dian Pass. 


Yes, we talked about the layout of the map before but we want to talk about the design of the map. The map is divided into three sections – Forest, Ancient Ruins, and Swamp.

Dice Quest - World Map
Picture: Funday Factory

Each of these sections has its sub-sections and with each passing level, the difficulty of the game increases. 


Dice Quest – King’s Tale is the ultimate time-pass RPG game. If you are bored and you just want to pew-pew some enemies then this is the game for you. Easy to understand and easy to play, plus the graphics are top-tier. What else can one ask from a casual RPG game?

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