Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense – Ultimate Game Guide

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Dice Kingdom Tower Defense Guide
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Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense is a strategic tower defense game by 111%, where you have to protect the castle from alien intrusion by building the best dice deck possible.

The game is not to be taken lightly. The levels keep getting more difficult as you move forward from 1 to 550. If you get your strategies and deck setup wrong, there won’t be anyone stopping the aliens from destroying the castle.

There are 34 unique dice and 8 powerful spells to work with. However, you can get some special spells by winning consecutive games in the upper levels.

We’ll discuss all of this in today’s Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense guide. I’ll also mention some tips at the end that will help you succeed in the game more often than not.

Basics of Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense

So before we move forward to the types of dice, spells, and other in-game stuff, let’s see how the game works first.

  • Every stage will have some tiles where you need to place your dice.
  • You can select one or more spells before beginning the game.
  • Once the aliens start to march forward, the dice will start attacking them according to their ATK power, ATK speed, and range.
  • Once the army is defeated, you’ll move to the next level.
  • Dice and spells can both be upgraded using the trait stones, which you’ll get by the end of each chapter at first. But as you level up, you’ll get the traits after stage 5 of the chapter or by playing Challenges.
  • New dice can be bought with gold, and when you have two dice of the same power, you can merge them to level them up.
  • If you have two 1-star Typhoon dice, then you can merge these two into one 2-star Typhoon dice.
  • There are special tiles in the games that can give ATK speed, value buffs, or overall stat buffs. Contrarily, some tiles reduce the HP of dice over time, randomly move them to another place, blast them after some time, and more.
  • Making a strategic deck with the best attack and defense is the way to go in this game.

Types of Dice in Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense

There are 34 dice in the game, as said above as well. The distribution is 5 Common, 5 Rare, 5 Unique, and 20 Legendary.

Levels 2 and 3 in the tiers that have multiple levels will unlock after you upgrade all the dice from level 1 to 1-star (level 7).

As for the legendary dice, you must have all the dice from level 1 to unlock those on level 2, and so on.

Common Dice

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  1. Light
  2. Ground
  3. Ice
  4. Wind
  5. Fire

Rare Dice

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  1. Landmine
  2. Sniper
  3. Bubble
  4. Slingshot
  5. Modified Electric

Unique Dice

Photo: 111%
  1. Broken
  2. Lock
  3. Healing
  4. Critical
  5. Crack

Legendary Dice

Photo: 111%
  1. Typhoon
  2. Holy Sword
  3. Overheat
  4. Infect
  5. Beam
  6. Atomic
  7. Combat
  8. Holy Arrow
  9. Good Evil
  10. Void
  11. Solar
  12. Judgement
  13. Soul
  14. Time
  15. Firework
  16. Rock
  17. Nuclear
  18. Growth
  19. Madness

How to Merge Dice in Dice Kingdom

You start with common dice that are level 1. Nevertheless, they can be upgraded to level 12 after you start merging them.

Let’s say you have four 4-level Fire dice; when you merge them, you’ll have two 5-level Fire dice. And now, when you merge these two, you’ll have one 6-level Fire dice.

Photo: 111%

After the initial levels, the star levels begin, and the dice stats increase substantially. Now, when you merge two 6-level Fire dice, you’ll have one 1-star (level 7) Fire dice, which will be far superior. The last possible upgrade is 6-star (level 12).

The merging process can be automatic or manual.

How to Upgrade Dice in Dice Kingdom

You can upgrade dice with trait stones. The requirements vary for dice, and many of them use distinct traits to upgrade.

Photo: 111%

You can get these traits, as said in the basic section as well, by completing chapters or participating in challenges.

The upgrades improve HP, range, attack power, attack speed, and more.

Types of Spells in Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense

Spells are used to give you a significant advantage in the game. They can buff your attack damage and speed, slow down the enemy, revive the dead dice, and more.

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Here are the spells that are currently available:

  1. Lightning Strike: A bolt of lightning strikes the enemy, inflicting huge damage.
  2. Modified ATK Speed: Increase the attack speed for a certain time.
  3. Light Shield: Blocks the enemy from going forward.
  4. Rebirth: Revives the dead dice with 70% HP.
  5. Enrage: Increase the attack value and speed for 15 seconds of multiple dice. However, the dice will break after 15 seconds.
  6. Modified CRIT: Increases the critical attack chance and damage.
  7. Light Trap: Sends the enemies to a void, and they have to come back from the start of the map. The void lasts for 3 seconds.
  8. Modified Range: Increases the Dice attack range by 0.4.

The spells are upgraded by trait stones as well, and they can become super useful at level 3 and beyond.

Now there are three more spells that are Dragon’s blessing for you if you win consecutive stages. However, if you lose any stage, the spells will go away until you win two stages together again.

Photo: 111%

They are as follows:

  1. First Blessing: Breath: Attacks any random enemy line and inflicts 30% max HP propotional damage,
  2. Second Blessing: Grace: Gives 20% ATK value bonus, 5 ATK range increase, 20% ATK speed bonus to 3 random dice for 10 seconds.
  3. Third Blessing: Meteor: Drops a maximum of 40 meteors for 4 seconds, giving 10% damage per meteor.

Market and Challenges in Dice Kingdom

You will find the market on the left and Challenges on the right of the Battle button. Let’s see the purpose of these two below:


The marketplace refreshes every 24 hours and allows you to buy multiple dice that are on sale. There are only two spots, but if the available stock doesn’t impress you, you can watch an ad and change the products.

Photo: 111%

Besides, you’ll get 1080 gold every time the market refreshes. Moreover, you can earn an additional 1080 gold two times after watching the ads. Sounds like easy money!


Challenges are a great way to earn trait stones to upgrade your dice and spells. Challenges are basically mini-games, and the reward outcome depends on the number of points you accumulate.

Photo: 111%

You’ll get challenge points at the end of each level, whether you win or lose. If the mini-game is on sale, then you can play it for 100 points; otherwise, it will cost 200.

Research and Exchange in Dice Kingdom

Research and exchange are great ways to boost your dice stats or get new dice. The former is more achievable in the beginning since your main focus would be buying and upgrading dice.


You don’t have to do anything in research apart from collecting dice. Once you have the required combos, you’ll get an HP, ATK, or overall boost of some percent for specific dice traits.

Photo: 111%

For instance, if it’s written ATK Speed: Earth +0.5%, then it means that all the dice that belong to the Earth trait will get a boost.


Exchange lets you get Legendary dice in exchange for common, rare, or unique material dice.

Photo: 111%

Here’s how it works:

Prepare a material dice that has the same trait as the dice you wish to acquire. Material dice must be at level 7 or higher.

Have enough gold ready. The amount of gold depends on the material dice’s level.
Press the exchange button.

Wait for the magic to finish. The time will vary depending on the target level.

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How to Set Up the Perfect Defense in Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense

Setting up a great defense is the only way to win in this game. If you get all the spells and upgrades right but the dice are placed wrongly, you won’t be progressing further.

Below are some tips to build a powerful fortress:

Take Your Time to Think

Don’t rush with dice placement. Think about where particular dice should be placed and where they shouldn’t be. For instance, the dice that have good range should be preferably placed in the middle of the map so they can cover most areas.

Photo: 111%

Similarly, defender dice like Ground should be placed up top to take all the damage and allow other dice to attack without getting attacked. See the placement of Ground and Wind dice in the image above.

Utilize the Buff Blocks

You’ll get the speed ATK, ATK power increase, and other buff blocks as you level up. Make sure you place the best dice there for proper utilization.

Photo: 111%

Going All-in Attack is Beneficial Sometimes

This mostly works for bosses. It isn’t necessary to use the Ground dice twice in some battles, and you can use an additional attacker in place of it to keep the attack power high.

Use the Supporting Dice Well

Supporting dice like Light and Critical increase the attack speed and critical attack chances of adjacent dice, respectively.

They are highly useful and must be used where they benefit most of the dice. See the placement of Critical Dice (second from bottom right) below. It is increasing the critical ATK chance and damage of 4 dice.

Photo: 111%

Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense: Tips and Tricks

Every tower defense game has some tips and tricks that can help the players level up faster. Similar is the case with Dice Kingdom.

Below are 6 tips that can help you become a better player.

1. Keep Upgrading your Dice and Spells

Upgrade your dice both by merging them and using traits. This will increase your deck power and your chances of winning.

Similarly, don’t forget to upgrade your spells.

2. Don’t Over-Merge Your Dice (Sometimes)

Two 1-star (level 7) Wind dice are better than one 2-star (level 8) Wind dice, in a few cases. Why? Because the two can cover more areas of the map as compared to one.

And as you go further in the game and the maps become larger, you’ll know the importance of having multiple Wind dice.

Below is an example where I didn’t merge two 5-level Wind dice so I could have more attack range and speed:

Photo: 111%

3. Complete Challenges and Requests

Completing challenges and requests will give you traits and gold, which are always useful.

4. Keep a Look at the Market

Check the market every day and refresh it to check for more items that are on sale. It’s a great way to buy a lot of dice at once.

5. Always Use the Mystery Chest

A mystery chest can give you a buffed tile or additional dice for the battle. This is super useful, especially in boss fights. But it can be used only three times per day.

Photo: 111%

6. Be Clever With Your Strategies

Check out the gif below, and let me explain what I did here.

Credits: 111%

So, I used the Rebirth spell as soon as the aliens destroyed the Ground dice. What did it do? This made the aliens busy with Ground again (as it came back to life) and saved other dice from their attacks.

Meanwhile, the other dice kept attacking the aliens, and I eventually won the stage with ease.

The aliens were swordsmen and riflemen, which don’t go forward until the previous dice is beaten, which was Ground in our case. The reason to place Ground upfront was that it takes 70% less damage and doesn’t go down quickly.

I hope you know what I mean.

So, to sum up, keep experimenting and use some tactics that you think would work. Even if they don’t, we always learn from our mistakes.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been playing Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense and what level you are at.

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