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Dice Dreams Free Rolls

Dice Dreams is one of those addictive games that you just can’t seem to put down! Unfortunately, you tend to run out of dice pretty fast if you spend a relative amount of time on the game, and that’s where Dice Dreams free rolls come in.

We have the perfect thing to get you rolling those dice again! With Dice Dream free rolls, you can keep on rolling and hit the top of the leaderboard faster than you think!

Dice Rolls gets your blood pumping with the thrill of landing the jackpot! Battle with friends and foes alike and get to the top as fast as you can.

In this guide, we will walk you through what Dice Dreams free rolls entail, the links you so desperately need, and most importantly, how to get them!

Dice Dreams Free Rolls
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Note: You can only claim a certain amount of rewards per day, so be sure to check in daily!

26th February 2024

1x Event Spin
30 Rolls
1x Event spin

25th February 2024


24th February 2024

5 Rolls + 5 Trails

23rd February 2024

5 Rolls + 5 Trails

22nd February 2024

30 Free Dice Rolls

21st February 2024

20 Free Dice Rolls

20th February 2024

20 Free Dice Rolls
Building Blitz

How To Redeem Free Rolls?

Redeeming Dice Dreams Free Rolls is a piece of cake! Simply use the device you have the game installed on, Android or IOS, and tap on the link above.

Thereafter, tap the “GET” icon found on the popup screen.

Rewards Screen
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Be careful of trusting any link though, as some may take you to suspicious links. The ones we have above have been tested firsthand.

What Are Dice Dreams Free Rolls?

Free rolls in Dice Dreams enable you to continue rolling for cash prizes, which in turn helps you build your kingdom and hit the top of the leaderboard.

When we say hit the top, we mean it literally! You can attack players who are on your friends list and steal their cash, making Dice Dreams a fun-to-play game!

Additionally, using the slingshot and landing with the token on the x2 target will double your rewards!

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You will start at the bottom, and work your way forward unlocking new maps as you progress.

How To Get More Dice Dreams Free Rolls?

There are various ways to obtain Dice Dreams Free Rolls, as can be seen below:

  • Click on the links above to obtain free rolls – these links will take you to the game if you are using the same device you have Dice Dreams uploaded on.
  • Daily Gifts – Simply log in to Dice Dreams daily and receive a daily gift.
  • Watching Ads will give you a few free dice, these will appear on your screen at random times, so look for them.
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  • Roll your dice, land on the shield and if you already have full shields, you will receive free dice.
  • Rolling your dice and having three dice display “Free” will give you free dice.
  • Deals – Buy them from promotions and the store using real-time currency (money). Be sure to check these regularly as they often have special deals that will allow you to purchase dice at a lower cost than can be found in the store.
Deals in store
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  • Play with friends – When you invite new players to join you in this game, you will receive Dice Dreams free rolls.
  • Connect to a social media platform (Facebook) – If you don’t have friends in the game, linking to Facebook will enable you to find your friends and you will also earn a few free dice rolls the first time you connect.
  • Events – Events are always giving away free rolls, so be sure to keep an eye out for these.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! If you’re looking for some additional popular games, check these out:

Monopoly Go, Genshin Impact, and Roblox.

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