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Devil Slayer

Devil Slayer, developed by mobirix, is an action-packed sword-fighting game, and players with a passion for slaying monsters will thoroughly enjoy it!

In this article, we will be guiding you on how the game works, tips, as well as codes that will enhance your gaming progress, and help you throughout gameplay.

Let’s begin!

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Starting Off

Once you have downloaded and installed the game on your preferred device, you will be tasked with selecting a Nickname for your character.

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Once you have completed this step, gameplay will resume and you will be thrown straight into battle.


Actual gameplay mechanics are very simple in Devil Slayer, as all fighting is automated. You can simply leave your character to run ahead in battle. The best thing about this is not having to concern yourself with things such as swinging your sword at the exact right moment.

Fully automated
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That does not necessarily mean that the game can be left to its own devices all the time, you will need to play in order ti earn rewards and complete milestones.

When enemies become too advanced, your character will simply repeat the stage over and over without earning the additional rewards.

These rewards are paramount to your success in the game, as they will enable you to advance your character in order to become stronger.

You will also earn offline rewards, so if your game is running in the background, you can still obtain additional rewards!


As mentioned earlier, advancing is essential, below you will find a few ways to give your character the strength needed to wipe out the toughest of monsters:


By tapping on the Slayer icon located at the bottom of your main screen, a pop-up screen will show you the following:

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Constitution
  • Luck

These four attributes are vital, and as you advance in your levels, you will receive attribute points that you are able to allocate to the allocated slots. You will receive 1 stat point for every 5 levels you complete.

The following can be gained from allocating these points:

Attribute:Stats Advantage:
Strength Increases Weapon Attack Power +4%
DexterityIncreases Attack Speed +3%
LuckCritical Damage Chance +2%
ConstitutionIncreases Health (HP) +4%

Each attribute point will increase the above stats when allocated.

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What is a slayer without her sword? Useless. Tap the icon on the main screen at the bottom labeled Equipment. In Devil Slayer, there are 5 rarity levels of swords you can obtain. They are:

  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Heroic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

Now any skilled gamer knows that uncommon weapons are useful when starting off, however, obtaining a mythical weapon should be your ultimate goal. These higher rarity weapons are of great value and will have you reach the top in no time!

The following swords are currently available in Devil Slayer:

Name:Rarity Level:Effect Once Equipped:
Durable SwordUncommonWeapon Attack Power +100
Sharp SwordUncommonWeapon Attack Power +200
Hero’s SwordUncommonWeapon Attack Power +300
Knight’s SwordRareWeapon Attack Power +500
Sword Of GluttonyRareWeapon Attack Power +600
Sword Of DesireRareWeapon Attack Power +700
Sword Of ExecutionHeroicWeapon Attack Power +1000
Sword Of TempestHeroicWeapon Attack Power +1500
Sword Of ChaosHeroicWeapon Attack Power +2000
Sword Of InfinityLegendary Weapon Attack Power +2500
Sword Of ImmortalityLegendary Weapon Attack Power +3200
Sword Of SalvationLegendary Weapon Attack Power +4000
AdjudicatorMythicWeapon Attack Power +5500
Increases weapon attack power +20%
Accuracy +7%
DespairMythicWeapon Attack Power +5500
Increases weapon attack power +20%
Boss Damage +10%
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There are additional ways to upgrade your weapons, such as Enhancing, Synthesizing, and Transcending them.


Next up, we have our suit of armor. In order to withstand some of the most brutal blows, you will need to have armor equipped that is durable and reliable. Under the same Equipment tab, you will see item tabs displayed that run from top to bottom.

On the second tab below your weapons tab, you will find your armor. Using the same rarity value as above with the weapons, Mythic is your most prized possession. The following armor is available:

Photo: mobirix
Name:Rarity Level:Effect Once Equipped:
Durable TopUncommonBase HP 500-550
Decent TopUncommonBase HP 750-825
Luxurious TopUncommonBase HP 1000-1100
Beginner’s TopRareBase HP 1500-1650
Traveler’s TopRareBase HP 2000-2200
Adventurer’s TopRareBase HP 2500-2750
Armor Of PerseveranceHeroicBase HP 3000-3360
Armor Of PassionHeroicBase HP 4000-4480
Armor Of MercyHeroicBase HP 5000-5600
Armor Of IronLegendaryBase HP 9000-10350
Armor Of EarthLegendaryBase HP 12000-13800
Armor Of DeathLegendaryBase HP 15000-17250
Armor Of JudgementMythicBase HP 25000-30000
Armor Of DespairMythicBase HP 25000-30000


You need gloves to wield your sword. These will increase your attack speed which is crucial to beating your enemies. See the gloves available below:

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Name:Rarity Level:Effect Once Equipped:
Durable GlovesUncommonIncreases Attack Speed +1%
Decent GlovesUncommonIncreases Attack Speed +2%
Luxurious GlovesUncommonIncreases Attack Speed +3%
Beginner’s GlovesRareIncreases Attack Speed +4%
Traveler’s GlovesRareIncreases Attack Speed +5%
Adventurer’s GlovesRareIncreases Attack Speed +6%
Gloves Of PerseveranceHeroicIncreases Attack Speed +8%
Gloves Of PassionHeroicIncreases Attack Speed +10%
Gloves Of MercyHeroicIncreases Attack Speed +12%
Gloves Of IronLegendaryIncreases Attack Speed +15%
Guard Crush Damage +5%
Gloves Of EarthLegendaryIncreases Attack Speed +20%
Guard Crush Damage +10%
Gloves Of DeathLegendaryIncreases Attack Speed +25%
Guard Crush Damage +15%
Gloves Of JudgementMythicIncreases Attack Speed +30%
Guard Crush Damage +30%
Guard Crush Chance +15%
Gloves Of DespairMythicIncreases Attack Speed +30%
Guard Crush Damage +30%
Critical Chance +10%


Boots are required to increase your movement speed. Having boots of a higher rarity will increase your speed exponentially.

Photo: mobirix
Name:Rarity Level:Effect Once Equipped:
Durable BootsUncommonIncreases Movement Speed +1%
Decent BootsUncommonIncreases Movement Speed +2%
Luxurious BootsUncommonIncreases Movement Speed +3%
Beginner’s BootsRareIncreases Movement Speed +4%
Traveler’s BootsRareIncreases Movement Speed +5%
Adventurer’s BootsRareIncreases Movement Speed +6%
Boots Of PerseveranceHeroicIncreases Movement Speed +8%
Boots Of PassionHeroicIncreases Movement Speed +10%
Boots Of MercyHeroicIncreases Movement Speed +12%
Boots Of IronLegendary Increases Movement Speed +15%
Skill Acceleration +2%
Boots Of EarthLegendaryIncreases Movement Speed +18%
Skill Acceleration +4%
Boots Of DeathLegendaryIncreases Movement Speed +21%
Skill Acceleration +6%
Boots Of Judgement MythicIncreases Movement Speed +35%
Skill Acceleration +12%
Guard Crush Chance +15%
Boots Of DespairMythicIncreases Movement Speed +35%
Skill Acceleration +12%
Critical Hit Chance +10%


Skills can be obtained throughout the game and as you pass certain levels. Don’t forget to equip them as you learn them, as this will help you tremendously for the later stages of the game.

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Devil Slayer Tips

A few tips always come in handy, that’s why we will list a few below:

  • Daily Gifts – Collecting your daily gifts will enhance your chances of obtaining specific in-game resources that will help your progression throughout the game.
  • Events – Be on the lookout for events, these will grant you additional Devil stones, which can be used to summon some decent equipment and armor.
  • Stage Progression – Remember to tap on the icon in the center of your screen when you have stopped on a level and are repeating it. If you do not, you will be stuck on the same level repeatedly. See the image below:
Progress icon
Photo: mobirix
  • Milestones – Complete all milestones as you are playing, these will give you some awesome rewards that help you advance.
  • Boss Fights – Yes, there are major bosses in Devil Slayer, and these are not to be taken lightly. We would suggest you try gaining decent equipment before taking these on.
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  • Rarity Items – As we said earlier, remember to always try ang level up your character by advancing her equipment, weapons and so forth. Doing so will grant you a major advantage in the game.
  • Game Modes – Switching to different game modes in Devil Slayer will help when you are stuck on a certain level. Examples of the different types of game modes are as follows:
  • Challenge
Challenge mode
Photo: mobirix
  • Boss Mode
  • Adventure Mode which falls under 3 categories:
Adventure Mode
Photo: mobirix
  1. Abyss
  2. Secret Vault
  3. Temple

Devil Slayer Codes

See the latest Devil Slayer codes update for February 2024.

In this game, you are required to slay your way through monsters to earn Devil Stones, Enhancement Stones, and Gold, among others.

Devil Slayer codes provide you with the opportunity to obtain these items for free. This means that you will basically input the code in the device you have downloaded and installed the game on, in order to receive some awesome rewards!

Devil Slayer doesn’t have any active codes at this time. Make sure to bookmark this site, as we regularly update players with new codes.

This does not mean that Devil Slayer will not have any redeemable codes in the future, as there is a feature to be able to redeem codes. Therefore, as this game was only released on February 02nd, 2024, the developers have yet to add codes for players to be able to redeem.

How To Redeem Codes In Devil Slayer

Redeeming codes in Devil Slayer is easy. Follow step-by-step instructions below to claim free rewards:

  • Tap on the View More icon on the top right-hand side corner of your screen
View more
  • Tap on Settings
Photo: mobirix
  • Toggle to the Account Tab
Account tab
Photo: mobirix
  • A Coupon section will be displayed, tap on it
Photo: mobirix
  • Select Complete and receive your rewards
Photo: mobirix

What Do Codes Do In Devil Slayer?

In Devil Slayer, codes can be used to receive valuable resources needed to progress throughout the game. In-game resources are paramount in order for you to advance in order to gain an advantage over your enemies.

Using codes in the game will work to your advantage, and opportunities should not go amiss in order to redeem them!

While developers regularly add new codes, they usually have a small redemption period. Make sure to redeem every code as quickly as possible so as not to miss any freebies.

Devil Slayer Codes Not Working

There might be a few reasons why codes in Devil Slayer are not working:

  • Currently no available codes.
  • Spelling mistakes as all codes are case sensitive, make sure to add them exactly as they are displayed.
  • Activating a previously activated code
  • Expired codes will not work. If you have taken too long to redeem a code and the code has already surpassed the redemption period, you will be unable to redeem it.

Where To Find New Codes In Devil Slayer

Looking where to get the latest codes? For new freebies, be sure to check out Social Media platforms such as Discord. Here, you can find the latest codes, news, and announcements about upcoming updates.

Be sure to check out all the codes for the latest games here: Game Codes


Devil Slayer is fun to play and gaining items of a high rarity level is so much simpler than most other action-based games. In just one day you are able to obtain Mythic items if you play just right.

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If you have any additional info to add, feel free to do so in the comment section below.

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