10 Infinity Ops Tips, Hints and Tricks You Should Know

Anurag Ghosh

With console quality graphics, Infinity Ops (formerly Destiny Warfare) is possibly the best looking FPS game for Android. The game’s futuristic setting and diverse maps will appeal to most gamers, especially those who love PvP Deathmatches. There are several game modes, including a custom mode that lets you create your own game. You will have access to a wide variety of in-game weapons, such a Gauss guns, sub-machine guns and premium assault rifles. The game also has 4 unique classes and each class has its own unique abilities and stats that will help you get more kills and win matches.

Infinity Ops’s in-game currency, gold, lets you buy new weapons, classes and upgrade points to improve them. You also receive credits with which you can gadgets and repair guns. If you have just started playing, then these beginner-level tips, hints and tricks will be pretty helpful in combat:

1. Controlling Your Character: The Basics

In a fast-paced game like Infinity Ops: Sci-Fi FPS, it’s important to know about controls. Proper use of on-screen controls will allow you to be quick on your feet and avoid being hit by bullets very early in a match. The basic guide below explains controls and what you should and shouldn’t do to stay alive in a PvP match:

The left joystick lets you move forward, back and strafe left or right. But it does not let you look around in all directions. For that you will have to tap and hold the screen and drag your finger.

The up arrow button on the right side of the screen lets you jump over obstacles. Since your character is equipped with a jet pack, you can activate “lift” by tapping the jump button and then tapping the button again when your character is in the air to make him travel to greater heights. You can try the lift if you want to reach higher platforms or just want to confuse your opponents when they attack you.

Tap and hold the gun icon on the bottom of the screen to bring up the weapon selector. Now move your finger up to switch to a new weapon. You can select a secondary weapon in case your primary weapon has run out of bullets. Make sure you have equipped a secondary weapon to be able to make a switch. The lightest weapon is the Pistol and it gives a 5 percent increase to run speed. You will run faster if you are equipped with a pistol. You can also grab a weapon from a fallen opponent or get one from weapon caches on a map.

You can take a maximum 4 gadgets with you and use them during battle. Grenades and mines are few examples of gadgets that can help you get more kills. The gadget section appears just above the jump button. You just have to tap grenade or a mine to use it. Tapping the frag grenade icon will let you throw one at an opponent to inflict damage. You can also place anti-personnel mines on key respawn areas. They will explode when an opponent comes closer to it.

You can get accurate hits in aiming mode. Tap the sight button on the right side of the screen to change to this mode. Use it when you are not moving.

2. Attack from Tall Structures to Surprise Your Opponents

Each map has some strategic importance and while there are a few safe areas where you can hide and attack opponents, there are also tall buildings, such as a sniper’s nest, the terrace of a dilapidated building or a huge iconic structure, which can be a safe haven for players who would love to take out opponents from a height. Since you can jump higher – thanks to the equipped jetpack – it would be easier for you to reach tall structures. Getting to a higher platform at the beginning of a match will help you spot targets much faster before someone spots you.

Destiny Warfare

You can activate lift (see the “controls” section of this guide to know how to use the jetpack) if you want to move to a tall structure.

Try to reach a structure to get a good view of your surroundings. You can easily spot opponents from a higher platform and take them out one by one. Choose the tallest structure in a map to make sure enemies don’t spot you easily. You can jump around a bit to locate a building and activate lift to reach it. In case an opponent spots you from a fair distance, jump around so that he misses shots or quickly move to some other location.

3. How to Use a Tank or Destroy It

If you spot a tank, just run towards it. When you are close to one, tap the tiny tank blueprint on the bottom of the screen to take control of it. You can maneuver a tank using the left joystick and shoot by tapping the projectile icon. When inside, make sure your tank is equipped with projectiles to be able to shoot. You can also hide inside a tank if you are being attacked and then move to a safe spot.

A Tank in D Warfare

You cannot use certain guns to shoot down a tank. However, you can throw frag grenades or use a grenade launcher to inflict damage to the vehicle.  As of writing this guide, The Favela and the Arctic Team Death-match mode has two tanks – one for each team. You are lucky if your team members control both tanks.

4. Use Upgrade Points to Upgrade Weapon and Character Stats

Each weapon has key stats such as Damage, Ammunition and Reload Speed. You can improve these stats using “Upgrade Points”. You will have to spend 25 gold to get 5 upgrade points. Spend points wisely and read the next section to know which stats are important for your weapon and the benefits of leveling them up. Allocate points to key stats such as damage, reload speed etc.

Weapon Stats Page

You can also use upgrade points to boost class stats. Go to Equipment and then tap “Recruit” (or any other class you have selected) under “Class” and spend points on Armor, Movement and Damage absorption to make your character.

5. Upgrade These Key Stats before a PvP Match

If you have just begun playing, then I would recommend upgrading “Rate of Fire”, “Reload Speed” and “Damage”. You can upgrade other stats later. Upgrading rate of fire will increase your ranged weapon’s shots per minute. An upgraded rate of fire can be very helpful if you have turned on “auto shoot” via settings.

With auto shoot turned on, your character will automatically attack an opponent when the crosshair is on the enemy. High rate of fire and auto shoot turned on, you will get quicker kills, but you will run out of bullets and have to reload more number of times, which is why you should also upgrade reload speed. Upgrading “Damage” will ensure that more damage is inflicted with fewer bullets fired at enemies.

6. Save Your Hard-Earned Gold to Unlock a Class

Infinity Ops has four major classes: Recruit, Tank, Medic and Killer. Recruit is the starter class. For the rest, you will have to shell out 950 gold to get one. If you have pre-registered, then you should have received 400 gold as pre-registration reward. You can receive more gold when you level up or through free crates. Gold is precious so don’t spend it on new weapons. Save it for purchasing a new class, but make sure you know the pros and cons of each class before selecting one.

7. Types of Classes, Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Tank: Heavily armored (350 armor) so your character won’t be easily killed in battle, but his slow movement might make him an easy target for multiple enemies. The jetpack recharge time is more than “Recruit class”, but you can reduce it by spending upgrade points.  If you choose this class, you will get +75% protection from headshot damage. Make sure you equip this class with a machine gun to inflict 50% extra damage to enemies. You will also receive 10% extra XP and credits after each match.

Medic: If you select medic, you will receive 2 medkits and 2 clip in combat. If you equip a submachine gun, then you deal 50% extra damage to enemies. With the medic class selected, running won’t be a problem and you will get 50% protection from headshot damage.

Killer: Has the coolest outfit and fastest jetpack recharge. Moves fast and deals +50% damage if you equip her with a sniper rifle. The best part of this class is that you won’t be able to see her on the map as she enjoys radar invisibility. Both Killer and Medic class will earn +10% XP and credits in each match.

8. How to Get Gold and Credits

With gold you can buy upgrade points to upgrade weapons and class stats. You can also use gold to purchase a new class. Credits can be used to repair weapons (Tap “Durability” in the weapon’s stats section to repair a weapon) and buy gadgets, such as grenades, Med-Cs and anti-personnel mines. Gold is hard to get, but here are few ways to earn it without spending money:

Daily Bonus Page

You can get Gold as Daily Bonus rewards, so keep an eye on the rewards section to check on which day you will be receiving it and login daily. You will get Gold on Day 5. Also, don’t forget to “double” your rewards by tapping the green “Get Reward X2” button. You will have to watch an ad to double any rewards you will be receiving.

Another way of receiving gold is by opening chests. You can get a free chest by watching a video. Free chests are available regularly and have a cooldown time of a few seconds before you can get another chest for an ad.

You get gold when you gain a level. To level-up faster, you will need to play more matches. The XP you receive fills the player level gauge and once the gauge is full you will receive rewards like gold and a snazzy weapon to try for an hour or two. Premium account holders receive more credits and XP after a match. You can get a premium account for 1 hour from Daily Bonus. Play as many matches as you can with 1-hour premium account to get more XP and level up quickly to get Gold.

9. Follow Your Team in PvP Deathmatch Mode  

If you want your team to win a PvP deathmatch, then you should move and attack with your team. You can use the chat tab on the lower left corner of the screen to tell your team members to stay together and choose a strategic location, such as a tall structure or a tower.

You may isolate yourself from the group and choose your own location, but teamwork will certainly allow you to get more kills. When you stick together and shoot at opponents, chances of getting “assist” kills are more, but your goal should be to win a PvP (You will earn extra EXP and credits on winning a Team Deathmatch mode) instead of going for solo Kills.

10. Types of Game Modes

Infinity Ops has 6 game modes – Team Deathmatch, Hardcore, Deathmatch, Duel, Launcher battle and Base Defense. Reach level 10 to unlock new game modes. There’s also “custom Games” section where you can create a game and invite your friends to play with you. You will be framing your own rules, but you and your friends won’t be awarded any EXP or credits. Weapons don’t break in player-created games.

In Team Deathmatch, two teams fight for dominance and the team with more kills at the end of the match wins the game.

Deathmatch is a “free for all” combat mode where the player with highest kills wins the round. The more kills you achieve, the more rewards you will receive.

Hardcore mode ensures the game is more realistic, so the damage you inflict or receive is more than other game modes.

Duel is a 1 vs. 1 combat mode where the entre map has only two players – you and your opponent. You win if you shoot down your opponent before time runs out.

As the name suggests, Launcher mode lets players use only grenade launchers in combat. In Base Defense, the blue team has to protect its base and destroy the opponent’s base.

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