Destiny Girl Gift Codes (2022): How to Redeem Them

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Destiny Girl is an excellent gacha role-playing game that lets you recruit “huntresses” – sweet, but deadly female characters – to fight enemies in turn-based battles. You can summon more than hundred girls using recruit tickets, friendship points and shards, build your own party, enhance their stats, choose a formation for real-time tactical battles and participate in fast-paced PvP battles.

Destiny Girl Codes

If you are new to Destiny Girl, then you will need these codes to get recruit tickets, friendship points, huntress shards, tala coins, private letters and crystals. We have also provided a list of rewards you will be receiving and how to use them.  

Codes to Redeem


Use this code to obtain 20 recruit tickets (scrolls). Use the recruit tickets to recruit huntresses (new characters). Tap the “Recruit” button on the lower-left corner of the home screen. Next tap on “Normal” on the left side of the screen. Use 1 ticket to recruit one huntress or 10 tickets to recruit 10 huntresses at once.

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Use the above code to get 10 Recruit Tickets.


Use this code to obtain 100 heart-shaped “friendship points”. You can use friendship points to obtain new huntresses from the “Recruit” section. Tap “Recruit” > “Friendship” and use all 100 Friendship points to get 10 new characters at once.

Use the following codes one at a time in Events > Mysterious Code to obtain a total of 800 Friendship points (FP):

Rynna – 100 FP

Parvinee – 100 FP

Momo – 100 FP

DG419 – 100 FP

MeenFox – 100 FP

DG888 – 100 FP

Sushii – 100 FP

DG421 – 100 FP


Use it to obtain 1000 Tala Coins and 100 crystals. Tala coin is the main -in-game currency and crystals can be used to purchase items in shop and items.


10000 Tala coins and 100 crystals.


10000 Tala coins, 200 crystals and 100 private letters. A private letter is a letter from huntresses to players *blushes*. Use letters to enhance a huntress’s belongings. On the home screen, tap “Huntress” on the bottom-left corner of the home screen. Next, tap the flower icon on the left side of the huntress info screen to enhance her belongings.


10000 Tala coins, 200 crystals, 200 private letters


20000 Tala coins, 300 crystals, 300 private letters


30 Huntress shards (Name: Oda Nabunaga). You will need 100 huntress shards to summon her. Since you will recieve only 30 Oda Nabunaga shards, you can’t summon her until you receive 70 more shards. You can get more shards from the codes listed below. You can also use huntress shards to increase her rank in case you have already obtained her via the recruit or using 100 shards to summon her.

To summon a huntress once you receive 100 shards, tap “Bag” on the bottom of the screen. Next, tap the jigsaw piece icon. Tap on the shard and press the “Summon” button to acquire a new huntress.

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30 Oda Nabunaga shards


40 Oda Nabunaga shards


50 Teresa shards


50 more Teresa shards. You can now summon Teresa from the Bag > Jigsaw puzzle icon.

Redeem them before they expire.

How to Enter Codes

Tap “Events” on the top-right corner of the screen. Next, tap the “Mysterious Code” button on the left side corner of the screen.

Tap the empty box, enter the code and press the claim button.

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