Destiny Child: Defense War Guide – Tips, Tricks and Strategies

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Destiny Child: Defense War is a unique tower defense game based on the hit anime show. This PvP game lets you summon cute child to defend Archfiends. As you deploy more children, you will be able to defend your grid-like fortress from minions and deadly bosses. You will be able to power up your characters or use your Archfiends skill to deal max damage to enemies.  

If you have just started playing Destiny Child: Defense War, then you might be interested in watching this tutorial. You may skip to the Getting Started section for a more detailed game guide.  

Hint: Complete all 5 training battles to get a special “tutorial completion” reward. You will receive gold, gems and cards from the special box.

Getting Started 

– A battlefield consists of a rectangular 5×3 grid on the top and bottom of the screen. The top grid is your opponent’s and the bottom grid is yours. A lane surrounds the grid and leads to the main hero called the Archfiend. You and your opponent will have an Archfiend placed at the end of the lane. Enemy minions appear on the lane and move to the Archfiend to try to attack her.  

Destiny Child: Defense War Battle Mode

– Your goal is to stop minions from attacking your Archfiend. To do this, you will have to summon a “child” by tapping on the purple summon button on the middle. If a minion is successful in attacking your archfiend, then she will lose a heart. If a boss attacks your archfiend, she will lose more than one heart. You lose a battle when your archfiend loses all three hearts.  

– When you summon a “child”, she magically appears on the bottom grid, automatically attacking any enemy minion that walks on the lane. Your opponent also does the same, deploying Childs to attack minions, thereby preventing them to attack his/her main hero, the Archfiend.  

– You will need mana to summon a child. The game provides free mana when the battle begins, allowing you and your competitor to summon several characters from your deck.  

– Once your deployed characters start attacking minions that appear on the lane around your grid, you will start obtaining mana from dead minions. All mana accumulated is shown on the bottom left corner of the screen.  

– Each time you summon a child, the mana requirement increases by a certain amount. Usually, it increases by 10 every time you tap on the purple button to summon a character to the grid.  

– When you tap on the summon button, a random child will be deployed to the grid. A deck of child cards will be displayed on the bottom of the battle screen. You can create a deck of five cards, so choose your characters wisely. On the home screen, tap on the “Child” tab and then drag a new card from the “Childs” section onto your deck on the top of the screen.  

– You can power-up summoned characters to increase their damage by tapping on their cards on the bottom of the screen. Note that powering up a child also requires mana. The mana requirement is shown below each card in the deck on the bottom of the screen.  

You can use your Archfiend’s special skill from time to time. You will need a lot of mana to unleash her skill. Use it at the right moment, when the boss arrives.  

Destiny Child: Defense War is a multiplayer game consisting of more than one round. A single round lasts for 90 seconds.  

– At the end of each round, a strong boss appears. He/she appears after the countdown hits 0. You will have to eliminate him before he attacks your Archfiend. If both you and your opponent succeed in defeating bosses before they attack and defeat Archfiends, another round will take place. In the next round, the boss will be stronger than the previous one, so it will be tough for you or your opponent to defeat him.  

When you win a PvP match, you earn a bag. You will have to unlock a bag to get rewards. Unlocking takes time, and could take an hour or more to open a bag.  

– Complete quests to earn bags, gems, character cards and other rewards. The quest button appears on the top-left corner of the home screen in the battle tab.  

– You can try various other game modes to earn better rewards. Tap the blue “Mode” button and join a fellow player to play the Co-Op “Quick Play” game. You will have to survive endless waves with another player, who could be a clan member (if you have joined a clan) or a random player chosen by the game. A boss appears every 10 waves and you will get more rewards from a new wave each time you defeat a boss.  

Donate Cards to Clan Members

– Join a guild and tap on the “Community” tab to go to your clan. Start donating any spare cards to obtain EXP, which will help you level up and get a mastery point. You can then allocate mastery points to activate effects and stat boosts.  

Now that you know how to play Destiny Child: Defense War, here are some useful tips, tricks and strategies that will help you gain an upper hand in a battle.  

Send More Minions to Your Opponent 

When you eliminate a minion, you send a minion to your opponent. The faster you eliminate minions on your side, the more the number of minions will appear on the enemy’s side.  

Keep summoning characters to the grid to get rid of minions faster. This way, you will send more minions to your opponent. Of course, he/she can use the same strategy against you, and this is where a strong deck comes into play.  

Fuse Two Characters to Create a Powerful Child 

You can merge two characters to create a stronger child during battle mode. Both characters should be of same type and have the same number of stars.  

Example: If there are two detective girls having one star each, then they can be fused to summon a more powerful child. A detective girl is a common attack child equipped with a gun.  

Power Up a Child  

In battle mode, you can make your deployed characters more powerful. Just tap their portraits on the bottom of the screen. You will spend mana when you power up a child. A stronger child will deal more damage to enemies.  

Upgrade Character Cards 

Leveling up a child improves his/her stats, such as Damage, DPS, Mana gain, debuff/buff duration etc.  

Level Up a Character

You will need a certain number of duplicate character cards to level up a character. You will get these cards from bags, which is earned when you win a PvP match in the arena battle mode.  

You will also get cards when you reach a certain crown points target. You can earn crown points when you win a PvP match in battle mode. Keep earning points to reach the target and unlock more cards and other rewards, such as gold.  

Once you acquire duplicate cards and gold, tap on the “Child” tab on the home screen. You will notice green arrow below a child’s portrait. Tap that portrait. The level up screen shows what stats will be improved when you upgrade a character. Tap on the level up button to upgrade.  

How to get Mastery Points 

Mastery points allow players to unlock various stats boosts and effects.  

You will earn a mastery point when you level up. The player level bar is displayed on the top-left corner of the screen. A player levels up when the bar is full. You will need XP to fill the level bar.  

You will earn XP when you donate extra cards to your clan members. Join a clan to start donating cards to other players. Another way to earn XP is to level up your Destiny Child cards.  

Mastery Points

Once you have accumulated enough mastery points, it’s time to use them to unlock status effects and stats boost:  

Go to the Child section on the home screen and tap on “mastery”. It’s displayed just beside the portrait of your Archfiend, on the top of the screen.  

Invest points on the active lines starting from the top. Tap on the “?” icon beside each effect to know its battle or stats benefits.  

Just tap on a boost/effect button to distribute mastery points. 

Use Your Archfiend’s Skills Wisely 

You should unleash an Archfiend’s skill when the boss appears or when it’s difficult to control incoming minions. This way, it will be easy for you to defend and eliminate them before they start attacking you.  

Your archfiend, placed on the end of the lane, has a special skill that can be unleashed when it’s charged up. You will also need mana to activate the skill. Just tap the Archfiend’s portrait on the lower-right corner of the screen to activate her skill when ready.  

Each Archfiend has a unique skill. You can get a detailed description about your current Archfiend’s skill from the “Child” menu on the home screen. Tap on her portrait on the top.  

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