DERE Vengeance – Beginners Guide With Tips

Shahzaib Manzoor
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(Last Updated On: September 22, 2023)

The popular DERE saga finally has a new title as AppSir brings yet another addictive platformer to our screens. It took three years, but it was totally worth the wait.

DERE Vengeance is a pixelated platformer released on September 19, 2023. Players take control of Knightly, a vampire trying to explore and survive a weirdly wonderful and dangerous world. 

The classic side-scrolling gameplay will trigger nostalgia. However, the challenging platforms and seemingly impossible-to-solve puzzles can infuriate the strongest minds. However, the helpful “Dev” and the ever-present AI assistant make things a tad bit easier.

That said, a DERE Vengeance beginners guide is a must, because, unlike other simpleton platformers, things happen a little differently in the DERE-verse.

DERE Vengeance, the beginning
Photo: AppSir

DERE Vengeance Game Guide – Gameplay, Controls, & More!

DERE Vengeance got a simultaneous release on THREE platforms: iOS, Android, and Steam. It’s free to download on the App Store and Google Play Store. There are ads and in-game purchases on mobile platforms.

On the other hand, Steam is giving 40% off on DERE Vengeance for Windows- no ads. 

The gameplay and controls are the same on every platform, just as the enjoyment and frustration are equal.

Let’s start with a gameplay overview. Then, we’ll move towards the controls, the DERE Vengeance world, and other things to remember while playing DERE Vengeance.

Gameplay Overview

Upon launching the game, players will see the screen shown in the image below.

DERE Vengeance overview
Photo: AppSir

Click on the DERE Vengeance icon in the top left corner to start playing DERE Vengeance. Tap to start, select a level, and begin “platforming.”

Once you start Level I, you’ll quickly meet two of your helpers. The first helper is the Dev, and the second is your AI assistant called A.I.D.E.

The Dev communicates using text on the screen. You’ll see helpful Dev Notes appear on your screen randomly. Follow them. As the game progresses, these Dev Notes will sort of become your mission briefs.

DERE Vengeance - dev notes
Photo: AppSir

A.I.D.E., on the other hand, is a talkative bot that will introduce you to the controls of the game and help you understand how to tackle the environment. To make sure you don’t miss the all-important tips from A.I.D.E., always keep your sound on when playing DERE Vengeance.

A.I.D.E talkative bot
Photo: AppSir

Additionally, keep in mind that this is a “haunted game.” Evil Entities, an OP Dev, and a dangerous AI reside inside the game, and they can do anything. Companions can turn into enemies, while evil characters can become good.

The anomalies aside, DERE Vengeance has fairly basic gameplay.

Jump over sharp objects, don’t fall into the gaps, and find the portal to unlock the next level.

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. NOT!

Platforms collapsing, ninja stars raining, lava lakes, giant gaps between platforms; so much is thrown at you that the simplest of jumps become a challenge. The game frustrates you, but you still won’t rage quit.

Do you want to know why?

Because it always feels like you’ll make it next time.

Actions & Controls Guide

Basic gameplay requires basic controls, and that’s exactly what you get in DERE Vengeance. The game only has THREE actions; Forward, Backward, and Jump. So, it’s only fair that the game only has THREE controls.

In the bottom left corner are TWO buttons to move ‘Forward’ and ‘Backward.’

forward and backward image
Photo: AppSir

And the ‘Jump’ button is in the bottom right corner.

jump image
Photo: AppSir

Knightly does have a special move up his sleeve. Press the ‘Jump’ button twice, and Knightly does a Double Jump. This helps you overcome obstacles that look seemingly impossible to conquer.

Another neat trick is ‘jumping while falling.’ 

If you walk off the platform and press the ‘Jump’ button, Knightly will jump. You can also perform a Double Jump while falling. This mid-fall jumping is the solution to so many platform puzzles, especially in the higher levels.

double-jump image
Photo: AppSir

That’s pretty much it!

These are all the actions you can perform in DERE Vengeance using the THREE controls.

Just one tiny little thing left to note.

For some levels, your controls can get scrambled. The ‘Jump’ button might become the ‘Forward’ button, or the ‘Backward’ button might become the ‘Jump’ button. 

When that happens, you are on your own. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome!

Now, before you jump into the game, go through the next section to learn the do’s and don’ts of the DERE Vengeance world.

level 3 unlocked
Photo: AppSir

Understanding The DERE Vengeance World

As described by AppSir, DERE Vengeance is ‘challenging but fair.’ However, it only becomes fair once you adapt to the world of DERE Vengeance. That’s why you’ll experience some extra frustration during your first few runs.

However, if you understand how the DERE Vengeance world works, it becomes mildly less infuriating.

The Dev Notes and A.I.D.E. keep dropping bits of knowledge about the environment as you progress.

Here is a summarized overview that’ll help you understand the haunted world of DERE Vengeance. Yes, it is actually haunted by three evil entities. More on them later.

1. Shiny Objects Are A Big NO-NO!

Since the ’80s, every retro platformer has taught us one thing- collect coins, treasures, and power-ups. DERE Vengeance will reprogram your brain to avoid all those things.

As A.I.D.E. instructs,  avoid coins, don’t open the treasure chest, and definitely don’t poke the Super Mario-themed overhead tile.

shiny objects are a no-go
Photo: AppSir

Of course, you can let your intrusive thoughts win and let Knightly suffer a swift death.

But, if you’re looking to complete the levels, avoid the bling.

2. Interactive Platforms

DERE Vengeance is full of interactive platforms that follow your movement. Some structures will rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise when you jump. Others rotate as you move back and forth.

Once you reach higher levels (Level 3 or 4), you’ll encounter trigger-activated platforms.

trigger-activated traps
Photo: AppSir

Other than these, there are plenty of classic platforms, like the ones that collapse as soon as you step on them. Then there are the ones that appear out of thin air to cover humongous gaps. 

You’ll find plenty of unique platform patterns in DERE Vengeance. But the interactive platforms are my favorite.

3. Beware Of The Elements

The first weird thing that you’ll notice in DERE Vengeance is the random stuff scattered across the platforms. You’ll see barrels, tiny chairs, a computer desk in the middle of nowhere, and plenty of doors that never open.

However, things start to change in Level 2.

level 2 random items scattered
Photo: AppSir

Plants start to attack Knightly. Weird creatures show up out of nowhere. The computer desk can suck Knightly into an RPG. I can tell you, the spookiest stuff starts happening all of a sudden.

You had better be on your toes!

4. It’s A Haunted World After All

The game lives up to its “A Horror Story About A Haunted Game” tagline.

As per a Dev Note, THREE evil entities – Kara, Yanna, and Myles – haunt DERE Vengeance. Kara wants to escape the world using a portal. What Yanna and Myles want is for you to discover. 

evil entities
Photo: AppSir

While you try to figure out what’s really happening, you’ll learn exactly why it’s called a haunted game. 

Even if I tell you every single detail, you’ll still get caught off-guard. Besides, it’s best if you experience the suspense and horror for yourself.

5. Momentum Is A Myth

Classic platformers like Sonic and Super Mario tell us that a longer run means a longer jump.

While true in some cases, momentum means nothing in DERE Vengeance. Whether you jump from a standstill or after a long run, you’ll jump the same height and travel the same distance.

So, focus on timing and mid-air positioning to keep going.

Don’t waste your time looking for longer platforms to run on and build momentum.

Photo: AppSir

That’s the game overview done with. 

The game has a retro ’80s look and feel to it, but there are plenty of modern elements that I’ve addressed above.

Now, it’s time for some helpful tips and tricks. 

Follow these, and you should have a much easier time tackling everything the Dev throws at you.

level image
Photo: AppSir

DERE Vengeance Gameplay Tips & Tricks

As I said earlier, DERE Vengeance has a fairly basic gameplay. You move forward and backward and jump to keep Knightly on a platform. 

But only if it were that easy!

With all the haunting, platform collapsing, and crazy glitching, there are a few tricks you need to know. 

1. Keep Audio On At All Times

Audio plays a vital role in DERE Vengeance. The background score that sets the whole spooky and haunting atmosphere is important in its own right. However, the real reason you should always keep your audio on is A.I.D.E. 

Knightly’s AI-powered companion shares important pieces of information and provides some much-needed motivation in between. 

enable audio for A.I.D.E
Photo: AppSir

If you miss out on the information shared by A.I.D.E., your chances of failure increase by 83%. 

2. Use Pause

Here’s a secret/spoiler. Once the game starts glitching – you’ll know when it happens – you can pause the game and still move Knightley around. 

Hitting the pause button will freeze all the platforms/elements/creatures in their place. If you come across an impossible puzzle, use the pause trick.

pause game trick
Photo: AppSir

This special trick is not available all the time. But, when the going gets tough, give it a go!

3. Corpses Are Platforms Too

As you progress along in the game, you’ll see some fish flying over a long platform made out of saws. You’ll soon figure out how to kill those fish with a weapon lying around, but here’s something A.I.D.E. won’t tell you. 

The corpses of those fish act as a platform.

corpse platform
Photo: AppSir

So, when you cover the platform with fish corpses, use those corpses to cross the platform safely. Be careful though, they’re slippery.

4. Use The Random Elements To Your Advantage

There’s so much random stuff lying around on the various platforms in DERE Vengeance, but not all of it is completely useless. 

For instance; barrels mostly show up when you need to jump over a platform full of saws. Similarly, the computer table will drop you into a game within the game. And lastly, some weapons are lying around as well. 

not all items are useless
Photo: AppSir

Make sure to use whatever you can. You’ll have to be imaginative to succeed.

5. Don’t Always Listen To The Dev

Dev is no one’s friend. He’s made a glitchy game that’s haunted, and he’s trying to fill the cracks, no matter how he does it. That’s why he won’t always be completely honest with you.

Times will come when you should do the opposite of what the Dev says. Doing so will change the game’s outcome as well.

Yes, the game has multiple endings. They depend on how you react to the Dev forcing his decisions onto you.

the dev is not always your friend
Photo: AppSir

That’s why I suggest switching things up.


With the tips and tricks, this DERE Vengeance beginners guide comes to an end.

Having gone through the whole guide, you are now well-equipped to take control of Knightly and play this haunted game. 

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