Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Trello Link – September 2023

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2023)

Demon Slayer Midnight Sun is a game created by merging one of the most popular anime and mangas of all time, Demon Slayer, with Roblox’s infamous engine. 

The results? An enticing action adventure game that allows players to pursue the path they want. Do you want to become a demon slayer to take out all the demons in the world? Go for it! Oh, you want to join Muzan’s army and become a demon yourself? You can do that too!

Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun does an incredible job of taking the charm of the anime and giving it to us in game form. In this regard, the game is much like Konosuba: Fantastic Days and all of the four best One Piece games for Android.

Demon Slayer Midnight Sun
Photo: KemalSenpai (Roblox)

However, the most complete place for learning all there is to know about Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun is by far from its Trello page. Luckily, we’re here to talk about just that in addition to linking the Trello page for you guys to follow.

demon slayer midnight sun trello link
Photo: KemalSenpai (Roblox)

Getting right into what you guys are here for, below is the link that you can click or tap if you want to be redirected to the Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun Trello page.

What is the Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Trello Page For?

demon slayer midnight  tutorial
Photo: KemalSenpai (Roblox)

As many of you might know already, Trello is a web based, kanban style, list making application and website. However, what many people don’t know is just how useful Trello can be for players like us.

As soon as you click the link above to go to the Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun Trello page, you’ll instantly be greeted by several options you can choose from. 

As you probably guessed already, this page is to give players a way to find all the required resources of Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun in one place.

There are a handful of sub headings you can interact with to gather information. Those sub headings include:


Here, you can find information about this game, including the credits, codes you can enter to get rewards, and the game’s soundtrack.


Find out more about the four races in Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun; human, slayer, demon, and hybrid.


demon slayer midnight sun quests
Photo: KemalSenpai (Roblox)

Under this section, you can learn more about the various NPCs in this game as well as potential quests you might have missed.


Every game needs enemies to defeat, and you can find out what enemies await you in Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun under the mob section.


If you’ve seen the anime, you might recognize some of the many places you can travel to in this game.

Breathing Styles

Breathing styles are unique abilities that only Demon Slayers can use. Learn about the various styles to pick your favorite.

Demon Arts (BDA)

Similar to the breathing styles for slayers, demons have Demon Arts which can be learned to use amazing abilities.


demon slayer midnight sun weapons

Photo: KemalSenpai (Roblox)

It can’t be a Demon Slayer game without some stand out weapons, specifically the famed Nichirin Blades


This is perhaps the most important section for you if you’re a newbie to the game. Learn more about the various mechanics of Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun and start your awesome journey in the world of Demon Slayer.


All in all, Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun’s Trello page is a goldmine for learning everything about the game. Be sure to go through everything once to ensure you can play the game without any confusion or issues. If you’re looking for some more tips for anime games then we have 10 One Piece Treasure Cruise tips for you to check out.

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