Delicious: Emily’s Moms vs. Dads – Tips and Tricks to be the Best Momma

Anurag Ghosh
Delicious Emily Moms vs Dads

Gamehouse’s Delicious Emily Moms vs. Dads is a casual game with a light, humorous storyline. In story mode, you will have to manage both moms and dads as they have a difficult time managing kids. Fun mini-games will keep you busy for hours. But the real action takes place in a grocery store. You will have to help Emily and her friend dish out products and food to customers as fast as possible. It’s a fast-paced time management game where you will have to serve customers and check them out to score points and earn coins. I know you are eager to know how to score more points and earn bonus coins. But first, you should know how to play the game. Here’s a quick guide:

1. When a customer enters the grocery store, a picture of a product will appear inside a speech bubble above her. You will have to tap the same product and then tap the customer to give it to her. On receiving the product, a monitor icon appears above her indicating that she is ready to pay. Just tap the green monitor to finish the check out process.

2. Hearts appearing above a customer shows how patient/happy she is. If you make her wait too long or deliver a wrong product, the customer will lose heart. She won’t pay when she loses all hearts. Try to serve a customer as fast as possible because a customer that loses more hearts won’t tip. You get tips from super-happy customers and to do this you will have to serve them as fast possible and check them out. Remember, the faster you serve products and check out, the more coins/points you will earn.

3. Keep an eye on mini games while delivering products. These mini-games usually involve mom/dads and their kids and require players to complete certain quick time events to complete a task, such has tapping inside a circle repeatedly or tapping the screen when the marker moves towards the green bar.

Gameplay is pretty easy and you can earn lots of points and cash once you know how to play Moms vs. Dads. However, if you want to reach a high score, get 2-3 stars and earn more tips, follow these hints and tricks:

1. How to Get Tip and Extra Points per Customer

Since it’s a time management game, you will have to be very quick in serving customers, and you can do it easily by following these simple steps:

1. Wait for the first few customers to arrive at your store. When 2 customers arrive, make a mental note of their orders which appear above them and tell Nora/Emily to serve products to customer 1 and then customer 2. You can repeat this procedure for every 2 customers that arrive at your diner.

For example, if the first customer orders acorns and the second customer orders tea, then pack the acorns first and then tap the tea packet. Next, tap the first and second customers to serve all two products respectively. This way you are programming your server to do all two tasks at once without wasting any time. Once the products are served to 2 customers, wait for “check-out monitor” icons to appear above them and then tap the monitor to check them out.

Delicious Emily Moms vs Dads

2. You will get combo bonus points for checking out multiple customers at once. Remember that you will get coins for quickly serving a customer, but you will receive it in your pocket only after checking-out.

3. Bonus tip is based on how quickly you serve a customer. If you serve all ordered products to a customer with 5 hearts intact (“Full order”), you will get max coins, but you will receive fewer coins if the customer loses heart owing to a goof-up or delay in serving him. You can clearly see the tip color based on how quickly you serve. For example, you get gold coins (max tip) when you serve a customer with five full hearts.

4. Make sure to check-out a customer before bonus tip vanishes. A new set of hearts is displayed above the customer again when it’s time to check out and you will have to tap the monitor before a heart drops. Every time a customer loses a heart during checkout process, the tip he/she would be giving also reduces a bit. And if he/she loses more hearts, you won’t receive any tip. Basically, you will get rewarded if you are quick in serving and checking out a customer.

2. Decorate Your Grocery Store to get Some Useful Boosts

There are two advantages of adorning your store – 1. Your store looks magnificent 2. You get bonus tip and various other perks. I am sure you will be more interested to know more about the second benefit. There are 8 items that can add some glitter and beauty to your store and each item can help you in serving customers faster, scoring points and receiving more tips from them. You can use coins to buy them. To purchase an item, tap the “Shop” button just beside the “Play” button. Here’s useful information on each item and its benefits:

Shopping Baskets: You don’t have to spend coins to buy this. Placing baskets will grant more tips, but only when you check-out multiple customers a once.

Fancy Tablecloths: Placing them on your tables will grant a big bonus. Costs 250 coins.

Emily’s Touch: This item compels customers tip more when they get full orders. 300 coins.

Improved Rug: Adding an improved rug will expedite cleaning tables and the floor, saving you much time for completing orders.

A “Fruit Basket” has no benefit. However, it will send a juggler to entertain your customers. Maybe happy blokes will tip more? I wouldn’t purchase this item as it probably offers no bonus.

Colored Tiles: Adding some color tiles to the floor will make Emily and Nora walk and serve customers faster. 675 coins.

Carl Plushie: Placing this cute plushie will ensure that the hidden rodent shows up a bit longer than usual, thereby making it easy for you to spot it and tap it before he hides again. 450 coins.

3. Various Ways to get Diamonds

Diamonds are used to buy décor for your home and change their design/color. As of writing this guide, there are three ways to earn them:

Log in to Facebook to get 5 bonus diamonds. You also get to send and receive diamonds from your friends every day. Make sure they are also connected to FB via the app. To log in, tap the menu button on the lower-left corner of the screen on the level map screen. The diamonds you receive from your friends are delivered to your mailbox. Tap the mailbox icon on the upper-right corner of the screen when you get them.

Play challenges to get diamonds. Tap the toy duck level and complete it. You get such challenges every day. The timer on the middle of the screen shows how many hours are left before the next challenge appears.

Each normal level also has a mini-challenge and finishing it one time, before all customers show up, will earn you a diamond. For example, in level 2 you will have to bring food to Levi whenever she demands it. And exclamation mark will show above her. Just tap her to give food. You can see the mini-challenge bar on the upper-left corner of the screen. You will have to finish the mini-challenge multiple times and when the bar fills up completely, a green tick appears on it suggesting the challenge has been successfully completed. You will get a diamond after finishing the level.