Defense Derby Tier List – April 2024


In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile gaming, Defense Derby has come to be renowned for its strategic gameplay and intense battles that has captivated players all over the world. Although it is fairly new, its release date being August 2023, the game’s meta has evolved. This prompted the need for an updated tier list to help players make informed decisions about their line-up compositions, despite being new on the block. In this article, I will be taking you through the current state of Defense Derby’s Tier List, providing you with concise insights to help you get ahead.

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S-Tier Defenders:

  • Elgry: The undisputed king of Defense Derby, the Titan’s electrifying attacks and versatile abilities make it a must-have in any lineup.
  • Scarlet: With her area-of-effect stuns and high damage output, Scarlet remains a cornerstone for players aiming for victory.
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A-Tier Defenders:

  • Merham: This sturdy defender boasts of exceptional health and a ground-shaking shockwave ability, making it a reliable choice for absorbing enemy assaults.
  • Osborn: Taking a look at Osborn, he is an average Defence Derby character with a decent amount of attack power. You can use Osborn for your fights as it has great skills, dealing massive harm to the opponents.

B-Tier Defenders:

  • Frost Mage: With freezing attacks that slow down foes, the Frost Mage offers invaluable crowd control, enhancing the overall defensive strategy.
  • Golem : With enhanced defenses and a refined shockwave ability, Golem Guardian maintains its reliable role in absorbing enemy attacks.
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C-Tier Defenders:

  • Aella: While capable of soaking up damage, and having the ability to cause some level of damage. Aella’s lack of mobility hampers its overall effectiveness in dynamic battles.
  • Cold Bow: While the Cold Bow time-manipulation abilities sound enticing, they often prove impractical in the heat of battle.

D-Tier Defenders:

  • Salamander: Despite its stealthy nature, the Salamander falls short due to its relatively lower damage output and limited utility.
  • Archer: Because of the long range prowess of the Aero Archer, it is perfect for targeting foes from a distance and disrupting enemy formations with excellent results. 
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Defense Derby’s tier list for August 2023 highlights how the landscape of defenders’ effectiveness is changing with time. In order to play with a competitive edge, you need to prioritize the S and A-tier defenders. These defenders possess formidable abilities and perform consistently throughout the season. As B- and C-tier defenders are still capable of contributing to a strategic lineup, caution should be exercised when selecting D- and F-tier defenders due to their limited impact on a game. The game is constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date with these tier rankings will undoubtedly assist you in achieving success on the battlefield.

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