Dear Diary: An Interactive Story Tips, Hints and Cheats

Anurag Ghosh
Dear Diary Tips

Dear Diary: An Interactive Story About Anna’s Secrets provides a glimpse of Anna Blake’s life through her personal diary. You will not only peek into her memoirs, but also help her make the correct choices. The choices that you make can give you a lot of insight into her life, her friends, first crush and her amazing adventures. These useful tips and cheats will help you help Anna face life’s biggest challenges and overcome them:

1. Watching 15-30 seconds videos is probably the best and the easiest way to get keys. At the start of play, you will get access to the “Free” key option 2-3 times after using the starter pack of keys. Offers won’t be available every time, but that does not mean the free option remains “Unavailable” for the rest of the day. Keep peeking into Anna’s diary every hour. Tap “Next Entry” to see if any offer is available and keep the offer window open, because sometimes you may find the “Free” button pop up after a few minutes.

2. The “time lapse” cheat does work with this game, but then it may be of no use if it gets a new update. Also, remember that using this trick will give you one key, but it will take around 48-55 hours to get the next key. Normally, you will get one key every day, but with the time lapse trick, the timer resets to 55 hours instead of 24 hours.

If you are fond of interactive choice-based story adventures, then you must play Dress Up Time Princess. It’s basically a dress up RPG but has choose your own adventure gameplay elements.

Tap on “Next Entry” and note down the time remaining. Keep the game open and go to Settings. Under System, tap on Date & Time and turn off “Automatic date and time” by moving the slider to the left. You will have to set both date and time as it takes a day to get a new key.

After setting the date, go back to the game to check whether you have received the key. If you haven’t received it yet, tap “Next Entry” again to note down the time remaining and set the time accordingly. Once you receive a free key, set the date/time back to “automatic”.

3. In Dear Diary, select a choice you deem fit for a situation Anna’s in. Play this story imagining you as the main character. How would you behave or act had you been in her footsteps? Would you date a secret crush of yours or go out on a date with someone who really likes you? Your choices will determine how the story ends.

There are multiple endings and while you may experiment a bit with the choices, try to go with the narrative flow. You may then come back later to select another option once the story ends.

4. In several occasions, you will be presented with moral decisions that have an impact on the story. Be honest with your choices. Think it’s your story and soon you will find yourself taking the right decisions. Use your wits to try to avoid being in a tangled situation. For example, In the “Classroom Panic” entry I chose to crush the portrait into a ball and step on it to avoid getting into an embarrassing situation.

Some entries will ask you to identify an image and while it’s totally up to you, choosing the correct option will lead you to the right entry.

Dear Diary Tips

5. Can’t remember who Logan is? Clueless about those twins or Rick (For god’s sake, he’s Anna’s crush)? Just read previous entries by tapping on the menu button at the top-left corner of the game screen.

There will be several characters you will meet while reading Anna’s diary and it can become difficult to remember how they are connected to the story. A glance through old entries will help you understand her relationship with them better.


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