Dead Zed Guide: 10 Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Beginners


When the world as we know it falls into peril. Where the dead don’t sleep and the living fear for their lives. You know where you are. You are living among the dead, you are living and ridding the world of the foul beasts that crave for human flesh. You alone are left to fend off the dead.  

In Dead Zed, a first person fixed-screen shooting game, you must survive and prevent the dead from reaching you. You must utilize a variety of weapons and keep a steady hand when trying to down the walking dead. Join me as we learn the best ways to master the game and keep the world from falling into the cold hands of the undead. 

1. How to Kill Zombies 

During each stage you will get a wave of the undead creeping out of the forest. These monsters will move at a varying pace depending on the type of zombie they are.  

Dead Zed

The goal is to take them down before they reach you. You can have 2 different types of weapons in each stage to best combat the zombies. There are 3 basic steps to killing the dead…again. 


Use the right side of your screen to aim at the dead with your weapon of choice.  


Use the left side of your screen to shoot the enemy. Click the bullet to shoot, regardless of the weapon you are using.  

Zombies may take multiple shots to take down and the number of shots needed has to do with the power of your weapon, the accuracy of your weapon and how powerful the enemy is. 


To increase your accuracy and chance of hitting the target, use the scope located above the ‘bullet’, this will help you zoom in accurately hit your target. 

Tip: Check the reloading capability of your weapon. For example: Your crossbow has 1 shot before needing to be reloaded. As soon as you take your shot, click the ‘bullet’ again to reload your weapon. Other guns may have a clip of many bullets and won’t need to be reloaded as often. 

2. Go for the Head!  

The most effective way of killing zombies is by shooting them in the head. A headshot is a one hit KO, but it is very difficult to accurately and consistently shoot them in the head.  

Headshots are easier at close range. Longer shots are more difficult to focus on and accurately hit the target at all. Increasing the accuracy of your weapons and by utilizing the scope, you increase your chance of getting a headshot. 

3. Get Rewards from Supply Crates 

Supply crates contain various useful items ranging from XP to level up your player level, coins, credits and gold. These supply crates can help you advance through levels and fight back against the dead. 

4. Upgrade Your Weapons 

Upgrading weapons in Dead Zed is very important. As you progress through the game the stages will become more and more difficult. Stronger weapons will be needed in order to take down the dead. 

To upgrade weapons, click on the gun on the left side of your screen. Next, you may scroll through your different weapons with the left and right arrows.  

When upgrading a weapon click “Upgrade”. Next, the tabs “Damage”, “Accuracy”, “Reload Speed”, and “Total Ammo” will be seen on the right side of your screen.  

Beside each variable there is an amount of coins needed to upgrade each stat. By clicking on the upgrade you want, it will take you to a screen indicating the specific upgrade and amount if you continue.  

Coins which can be acquired by completing missions, opening supply crates and watching ads are needed for upgrades. 

5. Finish Challenges  

There are two types of Challenges in the game that can be completed for extra coins, credits and XP – Daily and General challenges are available.  

Daily challenges refresh every day and allow the player to work towards a very reachable goal. General challenges are often more difficult and take more time to complete, but the payout is better as well. 

6. Know Your Weapons 

Different weapons have varying strengths and can be used in various circumstances. Being aware of the number of rounds and total ammunition you have for a weapon is very important.  

Some weapons only have a dozen shots or so with high damage and accuracy, while others may have 30 bullets in a clip, but low damage and accuracy.  

With only being able to take in 2 weapons at a time, understanding their capabilities and learning how to optimize them is imperative to the success of the stage.  

Using a weapon with high damage and accuracy is best for long range shots while a weapon with more rounds, less power and accuracy is ideal at closer ranges. Experiment with your weapons to understand their capabilities. 

7. In-game currency  

Gold is the premium currency in Dead Zed. It can be used to purchase new weapons and can be bought from the store for real money.  

“Creditz” are a form of cash used explicitly to buy new weapons and can be earned in the game. 

“Coinz” are the last form of currency that is used to upgrade weapons. Coins are found in larger amounts and are needed to power up various weapons in your arsenal. 

8. Watch Videos to get Bonus Rewards 

Watching ads for an additional reward can be a speedy way to progress in the game. Ads can be watched to get additional supply crates with important upgrade material or in game currency. 

9. XP and Leveling up 

Leveling up is important for progression in the game. You can level up by gaining XP in a multitude of different ways.  

Upgrading weapons, opening crates and battling against the undead on the roadmap will help you gain XP. Gaining XP will allow you to unlock new locations to explore and will enable you to battle through different stages. 

10. Have Patience 

One mistake you can make is not having the patience to take a good shot. It can be nerve wracking having a bunch of zombies barreling towards you, but it’s more nerve-wracking having zombies lumber towards you and you keep missing the kill shot. Missing shots means wasting ammo and time. Take the extra second to line up your shot and kill the undead. 

With the last safe haven neither near nor far, you alone must battle through and find safety among the dead world. Each location gives you a different fortress to defend. Travel through the different locations as you search for safety. Start your journey in the suburbs and travel through the world in hopes of finding living, breathing people.