Dead God Land: Survival Games – Codes December 2023

Amirul Annuar
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(Last Updated On: November 30, 2023)

With the hype for zombie survival games only growing widespread by the day, DevVision Games has decided to jump in on the action by releasing their own spin on the genre: Dead God Land: Survival Games.

The game’s visuals and storytelling are pretty good, and you can get more details by giving our ultimate guide for Dead God Land: Survival Games a read after this one. Regardless, if you’re looking for free in-game codes instead, you’ve come to the right place!

Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

Starting area in Dead God Land: Survival Games.
Photo: DevVision Games

Playing as the combat veteran, Rick, your skills come in handy as you find yourself stranded on an island swarming with the undead.

With trusted allies hard to come by and resources depleting quickly every day, you’ll find that the only person you should take care of is none other than yourself, gearing up and improving your skill masteries to bolster your chances of surviving.

Things can get a bit rough and slow in the beginning, so the developers have shared a few awesome codes rewarding you with invaluable stuff to kick-start your new life in this dangerous, uncharted territory!

Free In-game Codes

Artwork of the player escaping from zombies in Dead God Land: Survival Games.
Photo: DevVision Games

Similar to other recently released mobile titles, Dead God Land: Survival Games plans to aid new players by gifting tons of free codes for use! Currently, the known codes released at the moment are:

  • FGX35KLD
    • Rare armor set
  • RMP89JZX
    • A powerful weapon
  • WQD76BKF
    • Acquire a special mount
  • YTH45ZXV
    • Multiple resources and supplies
Blueprints in Dead God Land: Survival Games.
Photo: DevVision Games
  • KLP32DSQ
    • Welcome a pet to travel alongside you
  • HNW57CTB
    • Access to a special zone hiding precious loot
  • VFX64PLM
    • Learn a new skill that makes you impervious to damage for a short while
  • JKM23NVA
    • Open a new questline to discover great rewards and secret lore

It’s still early days, so the developers might drop more freebie codes as the game grows in the coming months/ years.

Make sure to keep your eyes and ears with us to get the latest updates about new codes and exclusive items as soon as they become available!

How To Redeem Codes

A high-quality map overview of Dead God Land: Survival Games' region.
Photo: DevVision Games

In Dead God Land: Survival Games, with the codes all prepared, you might be scratching your head as to how you can redeem them in-game right now.

Ideally, there’ll be a Redeem Code option somewhere in the Settings menu. However, there isn’t any at the moment, probably due to the developers still tweaking things around to improve the game.

Character overview/ inventory in Dead God Land: Survival Games.
Photo: DevVision Games

This will certainly change once the game’s v1.0 finally arrives in the near future, judging by its current open beta status.

Keep these codes safe in the meantime; you wouldn’t want to lose them when more exciting features get introduced into the game later!


The player's in-game diary in Dead God Land: Survival Games.
Photo: DevVision Games

Dead God Land: Survival Games isn’t the complete package just yet, (still in its beta phase as of the time of writing), but it’s already started strongly by offering a clean user interface (UI), good graphics, and promising survival mechanics.

If you’re looking for other zombie survival guides, consider checking out those for Last Fortress: Underground and The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land as well!

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