DC Legends Game Guide: Tips, Hints and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
DC Legends
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

DC Legends is a hero collecting RPG from Warner Bros. International Enterprises. Just like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, the game lets you collect characters from the DC universe, build a strong team and make your characters more powerful by leveling them up, upgrading their superpowers and empowering their weapons and accessories. The game’s PvP battle mode will let show off your team-building skills to other players from around the world.

The best part of this game is that superheroes can be teamed-up with super-villains. So you can bring Lex Luthor to fight alongside Superman, create a team of only superheroes or form a super-villain team to destroy enemies. But before forming a hero or villain squad in DC Legends Android game, know these beginner-level tips, hints and strategies. They will help you build a better team and win PvP battles:

1. Select Stronger Characters to Have a “Positive” Advantage over Your Enemies

Winning a battle depends on team composition and power. Along with having a better power rating of your team, you should select characters that have a class advantage over your enemies.

DC Legends

There are three main classes: Physical (Red Fist), Mystical (Blue Eye) and Energy (Green molecule symbol).

Physical is stronger than Mystical. Mystical is stronger than Energy and Energy is stronger than Physical. Before battle, you will be given a chance to build a team of four characters in the “Readying for Battle” (check this title at the top, just beside “Home”) or “Vs” screen:

1. Check the enemy team’s composition under “Enemy Power” and note down each enemy character’s class, which is shown at the corner of their icons. You can also find enemy classes under the “Enemy Affinity” section.

2. Now choose a character class stronger than enemy character class. For example: If the enemy affinity screen shows more Physical (Red Fist symbol) characters, then have more Energy characters in your team because Energy > Physical. In the screenshot below, and notice how the enemy affinity advantage meter tilts towards “Positive”.

Note: You can try this strategy if you have plenty of characters. This will help you select a hero of your choice.

2. Level Up Heroes to Boost their Attributes and Increase Power

Leveling up heroes in your squad is one of the must-do things before a battle. Leveling up a DC hero will boost attributes such as Strength (STR), Agility (AGI), Stamina (STA), Intelligence (INT) and Hit Points (HP).

Besides a boost in stats, it will also increase your hero power. A squad having high-power heroes will automatically increase your team’s total power, shown just above your squad box in the “Vs.” screen.

Having a total hero power more than your enemy’s total power can give you an edge over your enemies in battle. You team’s power is just an indication of how strong your team is in battle.

To level-up a hero, you will need “XP Meta-Agent”, which you can get from story campaign battles and Sign-In rewards. Once you get meta-agents as rewards, tap the “Heroes” tab and then tap each hero icon to go to his details page. Next, tap the “Level Up” button and press an XP meta-agent. You will need green “Essence” to complete leveling up your hero.

Don’t just use the entire meta-agent on just one hero or the excess XP will go waste. Divide all XP meta-agents among your team-mates. Before tapping the meta-agent, check its color (more on XP colors in the next tip) and the number of meta-agents of that color. If there is more than one meta-agent of the same color, then move the slider to choose an appropriate amount before using it on a hero. Try to move the slider to 1 to check what level your hero will reach if you use 1 meta-agent and then you can move the slider to 2 or more to increase his/her level.

3. Check XP Meta-Agent’s Color before Leveling-Up a Hero

Before knowing benefits of colored XP meta-agents, let’s first try to understand hero classes and their colors. A DC hero or villain belongs to a unique class and there are three classes: Physical (Red Fist), Mystical (Blue Eye) and Energy (Green molecule symbol).

Now XP meta-agents are also red, blue, green and grey color. Red meta-agents provide XP boost to Physical Heroes. Blue meta-agents provide XP boost to Mystical heroes and Green meta-agent provides XP boost to Energy class heroes. Gray is a common XP meta-agent and can be used on any hero. Before using red, green or blue meta-agents, check whether the hero’s class also belongs to the same color or not.

4. How to Unlock all DC Legends Characters

A You will have to collect fragments to unlock all characters in DC Legends game . Here are some hints that will help find fragments:

Play completed chapter levels in Heroic mode. When you complete a chapter, tap the blue “Heroic” button in the campaign map. Heroic mode will be tougher than normal mode and may contain locked and unlocked character fragments. Try to get 3 stars in Heroic mode levels to increase your chances of getting better rewards.

Go to Heroes and tap a locked character in your “Hero Collection” screen. The character screen will show possible options or packs that contain his/her fragments. The locked hero screen zeroes in on only those packs that have high chances of containing fragments, saving you time and your precious Essence Gems and Battle Essence – Two key gem types used to purchase packs.

Complete Campaign Missions in the “Missions” section to get fragments of your favorite DC superheroes. If you have started playing, then you will get superman fragments after completing a campaign mission.

Check the Daily login rewards for character fragments. As of writing this post, the Daily rewards section for the month of November is a Suicide Squad character fragments. So check for Sign-in Rewards every month for hero fragments.

Tap Shop to find packs that contain fragments. The cheapest fragment pack costs 330 Essence Gems and may contain 2 hero fragments. It may drop exclusive characters and may include gear material and meta-agent.

You can also use Battle Essence to purchase fragment packs. The cheapest pack requires only 125 Battle Essence and includes Arena Hero fragments, and a common/uncommon ability material.

5. Empower Character Gear to Improve Certain Attributes

Along with leveling up a hero, you should also consider empowering his gear to make him more powerful. To empower gear in DC Legends, you will need special items.

Empowering gear improves certain attributes of a superhero. For example: Empowering Batman’s Grappling Gun using Promethium Piece increases Agility and HP stats.

When you have the required materials, the gear section on your hero’s profile page will have a glowing green up arrow symbol, indicating that a gear upgrade is available.

6. How to Find Gear Empowering Materials

To find materials for a gear, tap Heroes and then select a character. Tap an empty gear slot that has a magnifying glass icon. A new window will pop up. Once again you will the magnifying glass icon above the material icon. Tap it.

Now swipe left until you see a live event or a chapter that may provide an item. A live event costs lots of green essence, whereas a story campaign level costs energy. So before attempting a live event or a campaign battle, check whether you have enough resources to play them.

Live events and campaign levels are probably two ways you can get the required gear empowerment items for free. However, you can purchase the “Gear Up” pack to get up to 5 gear materials. The Gear Up pack requires green essence, which can be easily collected from the “Essence Collector”, which usually gives more green essence than the rare yellow essence gems.

7. Upgrade a Character’s Super Powers (Abilities)

After empowering a character’s gear and leveling him/her up, upgrade his/her special power using common/uncommon emotional spectrum energy. You can get them as first drops in the story campaign mode.

They can help improve a character’s offensive and defensive powers. Tap “Heroes” and select a hero. You will find a “Super Powers” section to the right hand side of the screen.

8. How to Get Essence Gems and Battle Essence

In DC Legends game, you can unlock essence by completing daily and campaign missions. Tap the “Missions” button to check for Daily and Campaign mission rewards.

Check sign-in rewards every month. You may get plenty of essence gems.

Battle Essence can be earned by playing PvP Wraith Arena.

Check the “Possible Rewards” section in a campaign mission chapter.