Days After – Ultimate Beginners Guide With Tips

Nivenka Stanton
(Last Updated On: May 15, 2023)

Days After is a free-to-play mobile zombie game that you can download from the Play Store. REACTGAMES STUDIO LIMITED developed this thrilling zombie game. Apart from gathering food, crafting items, and having dogs to set out with you on your adventure, you have to battle through an apocalypse while fighting to survive.

Your goal is to level up and create new items while visiting different areas on the map as they become available. While it may sound easy enough, it can get quite intense when you find yourself facing a certain type of zombie, without the correct armor or weapons.

Days after is a good option if you are not in the mood to fight off battles endlessly. There is grinding, but not to the extent that you have to spend hours on the game unless you would like to of course! What makes it more exciting is entering an area you have never explored before. Be prepared for zombies!


Getting started

After choosing a female or male character and a survivor name, you can go right ahead and start playing. You have the option of saving your progress through Facebook or Google Play, this enables you to play across multiple devices.


The movement button is on the left-hand side of your screen which you can use to move around on your map.

The first map you start on will be your home base. Once you kill all the zombies and forage all the trees and bushes, you will not be able to do it again on this map.

Foraging is easy enough; the key steps are in the Days After tutorial for the first map. If you want to pick some berries, you need to click on the hand icon at the bottom of the screen while standing by the bush.

If you need wood, you will need to chop down some trees after crafting an axe. Crafting is available on the second tab of your inventory.

To attack an animal or a zombie, use the knuckle duster or your fists by clicking on the icon on your screen. In this instance, it would look like a knuckle duster or a fist. Later on, you will be able to equip weapons instead.

This becomes your safe place when you want to exit the game.


Your inventory is the small backpack on the bottom of your screen, along with crafting, store, tasks and events available. Quick access is available for two items on the right-hand lower side of the screen.

In these two slots you can place a weapon and food or medical supplies.

You can also crouch to attract less attention when attacking deer, although this method is not very effective when a zombie or something else sees you.

In-game currency and store

Every mobile game has an in-game currency. Days After coins can either be purchased in-game, or they become available with events, special rewards, and mini-games.

Do not spend those coins unless it is a life-or-death situation! As you progress further, the levels become harder. Save the coins as much as possible to help you out as you progress.


These coins can be used to purchase weapons, armor, and plenty of other useful items needed to get you to the top.

If you are unsure whether an item is useful, you can store it in a storage box after crafting it and placing it at home base. In the beginning, you should presume that everything is useful.

Clans and Events

The good news is that there are ways to level up faster, including events and joining clans. Joining a clan is optional.

Clan members are unable to join you on your map, however, you can work together through chat to achieve the event goals and get awesome items that help you progress even further.

If you find yourself lost, you can always ask clan members what they did to achieve their goals. Daily gifts are available on Login, with extra alternatives such as in-game purchases to choose from.

You can also watch a certain number of videos during the day to receive additional rewards.


Inventory and Crafting

If you find yourself in a situation where you are fighting zombies and running out of health, try running away. If you get to a safe spot in time where the zombies are not chasing you, then you will be able to heal up a bit.

If you click on an item in your inventory, it shows you where it can be found, as well as what items are needed so that it can be crafted.


Crafting items is simple enough. The circle that looks like a target enables you to track items needed for crafting throughout the game.

Most items give you an indication of where they can be used as well.


Accessing your inventory during gameplay pauses the game until you exit the backpack. This helps a lot in those situations where you run out of health or your weapon breaks.

Yes, this does happen, but you will find that the more advanced weapons are more durable and take longer to break.

Crafted weapons and clothing are sometimes less effective than those found in loot crates. Pay attention to the stars located on them. One star is good, two stars are even better, and three stars are the best.

New Areas to Explore

When you have cleared home base and done the tasks required of you, it enables you to explore other areas on the map.

To do so, run in any direction to the far end of your screen. You will find a green layer that you can pass through, and this will take you to the bigger map. This applies to any maps you have entered.


There are plenty of places to choose from, some will be open immediately, whereas others will require you to level up first, or collect certain items to open them up.

The maps across the bridge will only be accessible once you have repaired your car at home base.


If you click on a place on the map before entering, it will show you the difficulty and what sort of loot you can get from that map.


The colours are also a good indication of what to expect. A red monster on top of the area indicates extreme difficulty, whereas yellow is medium difficulty. Green is the easiest.

Note that in some map areas there are bosses that spawn, so if you are not prepared to go up against them yet, it is wise to leave that map until you are ready to face those zombies!

The maps have a timer on each one of them, showing you exactly how long you have to clear the map before the next respawn of zombies, loot crate items and forage items.

The zombies, crates and forage items appear in the same place on each map, but if you forget some of your loot behind in those crates or bags, your loot will disappear after the respawn.

Note that if you are running to a new place on the map, it will consume energy which has to build up again over time.


If you choose to walk to your destination, it will not consume energy, but it does have a timer for how long it will take you to reach that point.

The Sheriff has your back!

After every reset per day, the Sheriff will have items available for you.

These items can be obtained using your surviving skills to acquire them. Zombies drop ears and vials, among other things, which can be used at the Sheriff’s department.


Bandits are also on certain maps, and you can be sure that they put up a good fight! They drop badges that can also be used at the Sheriff’s department.

Animals that are hunted give you loot such as horns and the necessary items for the Sheriff as well.


Did someone say medic?

The top of your screen displays your hunger, thirst and infection level. If you are hungry or thirsty, you need to get food and water soon. If you don’t, your health will decrease, and you will die.

Your infection level also lowers your health if your count reaches over one hundred. It becomes impossible to heal yourself fully until you have consumed something that decreases your infection level.


These health items can be found on maps, however it is better to craft them and keep a few handy before venturing out. It is a bonus if you find them in loot crates and areas on various maps.

Berries and pumpkins will also heal you, although not as effective as cooked meat and medical items.

If you are not losing that much health, you can always access your inventory during gameplay and consume health items.

If you die once, you are able to return to the place where you died and pick up your backpack items.


Note that if you die a second time without having collected your items, everything in that backpack will disappear, so make sure you do not have any valuables on you when attempting a backpack rescue.

New City and Air Drop

If you enter New City, there are new missions available throughout the month. You will see an exclamation mark on the map showing you it is available.

The Air Drop zone also becomes available often, which is where you will find more valuable items. Fair warning, the air drop mission is very hard to complete. Go in fully prepared and enter at your own risk!


An airplane also crashes from time to time with some valuable loot. You will be notified of this when you leave home base to explore.

Overall Tips That May Save Your Life

When entering a map be on the lookout for shiny swirls on the ground. This indicates that there is a crate hidden in the ground. Wait a few seconds for it to fully appear, then go ahead and loot it.


You die a gruesome death thanks to that major boss you were not prepared for. Your infection level is over 100 and your inventory stash is low.


You have no crafting items, and you feel rattled. Without medical supplies you are afraid of entering a new map.

Have no fear!

Once a day you are able to fully heal to your maximum health. How? Head on over to your home base and stand by your bed.

Click on the gear button on your screen and watch yourself heal. Use this option wisely!


There are some maps that have a second and a third entrance, as well as maps that give you mini quests to do. Be sure to explore maps thoroughly.

Mini quests are often quests that give you decent loot and help you throughout the game.


Wrapping it up!

Days After by REACTGAMES STUDIO LIMITED has kept me busy for a while and I enjoy playing it! It is a thrilling zombie game that keeps you busy and allows you some time to take breaks in-between.

You do not have to be on the lookout for zombies attacking you at homebase. You can decide which map you would like to enter once you have opened them up.


Levelling up is not extremely hard to do, if you are willing to spend a small amount of time grinding for resources.

Joining a clan is optional. In-game purchases are not a necessity for leveling up. Days After is not a Pay to Win game.

Have fun!

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