13 Dawn of Titans Tips, Hints and Strategies to Win PvP and Campaign Battles

Dawn of Titans
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Dawn of Titans is an action-strategy game from Zynga. It draws inspiration from Total War Battles: Kingdom, but the game’s very easy to play and you don’t have to follow strict base-building rules, something which Kingdom was notorious for. It’s more like a casual, stripped down version of Creative Assembly’s epic mobile strategy title.

The game takes place in a fantasy world, where Titans have accompanied mortals in their struggle for supremacy. Players will manage their base, construct and upgrade buildings that will help them get resources, train troops, choose the best Titan and deploy them to fight players in PvP and AI opponents in campaign battles.

You can issue order to your units by simply tapping their icons and then tapping target units or by drawing a path to enemy units to have better control over your units. You can control them any time during battle, adapt your tactics to respond to enemy ambush and use spells to deal more damage to enemies.

With these beginner-level tips, hints and strategies, you will be able to collect more resources, select the right units for battle, know unit strengths/weaknesses, have more control over your units and win PvP and campaign battles:

1. Know Your Enemy Army Set-Up before Deploying Troops to the Battlefield

Before tapping the “Raid” button in a campaign mission or a PvP battle, check the enemy’s army set-up indicator. This indicator shows what type of units your enemy will deploy. The triangular chart also shows which unit class will dominate the battlefield. The chart is divided into three indicators:

  • Apex: Heavy
  • Left Base Angle: Ranged
  • Right Base Angle: Melee or Fast-Moving Units

After selecting troops for battle, you will find two indicators inside the triangle. Red indicator belongs to the enemy and blue indicator belongs to you. Before tapping the “Raid” button, you can only see the red indicator, which shows the type of unit(s) that will be deployed by your opponent. It will also suggest whether your opponent will deploy more ranged units, swift-footed units or heavy units. So if the red indicator points only towards the left base angle, then you can expect only ranged units at the battlefield. However, if the triangular indicator points both at the Apex and the left base angle, then expect a mix of ranged and heavy units.

Dawn of Titans

Many times, you will see the red indicator point to all three sides of the triangle, indicating that the enemy will drop units belonging to all three types. From the chart you can easily perceive which unit type will dominate the battlefield. So if the indicator is leaning more towards the right base angle, then the enemy army will comprise more melee units than ranged units. See the example screenshot below:

With the help of the chart, you can know opponent’s army composition. This will help you deploy only those units that are stronger than his units. If the red indicator leans more towards ranged units, then you should recruit more fast-paced melee units. If the indicator leans more towards apex, (heavy units), then you should have more number of archers in your army. Once you know this, access the barracks via the shortcut button and select your troops.

2. Types of Units and Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Now that you know how to use the chart, it’s time to know each unit’s strength and weaknesses. Remember that you will have to deploy those units that are stronger than enemy’s units.

There are three basic unit types: Heavy, Ranged and Militia.

Heavy: They are slow moving, but can deal more damage than the other two. Check out the strengths and weaknesses of heavy units:

  • Spearmen are slow-moving at first, but once they gain speed, no one can stop them, they are very effective against militia.
  • Pikemen – They can defend themselves pretty well and can attack with full force.
  • Goliaths – They truly are “heavy”, but are slow-moving. However, once they are close to the enemy, they deal massive damage. Can be very effective against melee units.


  • Archers belong to the “Ranged” category and attack from a distance. They are very effective against slow units like spearmen and can eliminate half of the army even before they reach them.
  • Grenadiers: They can be very dangerous at long range and are better than archers. However, they can easily fall if faced by a melee attack.

Melee Units:

  • Militia can be very effective than archers or ranged units. When the battle starts, quickly move militia to target archers or other ranged units.
  • Panthers are extremely fast-paced units. They are also lightly armored. Can come handy if you are planning for a flanking maneuver against enemy units.

Every battle situation needs different troop types and strategy. You first objective is to identify what type of units the enemy will deploy and what units will be deployed in majority. This can be easily ascertained by looking at the triangular chart. The first guide shows how to read the chart.

Your next objective is to deploy stronger units, and the above troop guide will help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of each unit. Once you understand these two sections, the next strategy will be to determine enemy unit’s position, maneuvering your units and selecting the weaker targets first. You can use ranged units to target heavy units, melee units to target ranged units and finally maneuver the Titan to attack units or the opponent’s Titan.

3. Drawing Paths to Enemies: Strategies You Should Know

Selecting a unit and then dragging a path to enemy unit gives you more control over them, but only in some situations. When issuing orders, draw a path from your unit to an enemy unit and then continue dragging the line to the next unit positioned behind it (or to its left/right side). This will allow them attack the first unit and then automatically attack the next after the first unit’s defeat.


You can also lay an ambush by drawing a path to a safe, empty spot or a concealed position and then issuing an order to attack the enemy in the rear when it starts attacking your frontline unit. You can use this tactic on your ranged units or swift-footed melee units like Panthers. You can fine-tune unit position by tapping its icon (shown above each unit) and then pressing and moving the rotate button. This will allow your units to move diagonally on the battlefield.

4. Should You Go for Auto-Battle?

If you follow the first two sections of this guide, then you can experiment a bit by using auto-battle. AI will choose the best combination and paths. However, you may have to issue orders to your units manually during battle if the red part fills more than 50 percent of the battle meter at the top of the screen. (Red = Enemy Units. Blue = Your Units). It suggests that your units are being overpowered by enemy units. Your goal is to push the blue part to more than 50 percent of the meter to get an upper hand in battle, and this can be possible with proper strategy, choosing the best Titan, deploying upgraded units and choosing stronger units.

5. The “Stand Ground” Order can be Very Useful in Flanking Maneuvers

You may order some of your units to stand ground and issue attack orders to others. Your moving units will be attacked first. When enemy units start attacking your moving units, issue attack order to those who stood ground. You can order them to attack on the sides. Example: Issue order to the middle unit(s) to attack and let units to its left and right stand ground. When enemy units start attacking your moving units, issue orders to standing units to flank the enemy unit.

6. Upgrade the Armory to Increase Troop Level Cap and Then Level-Up Your Units

The Armory lets you upgrade troops to make them more powerful and increase the level cap of troops. To increase the max level of troops, you will need to tap the Armory and then tap the “Upgrade” button beside the “Enter” button. Upgrading the Armory requires gold. So if you want to upgrade your Militia or Archers to level 2 and increase their stats, you will first have to increase max level of all units, which is possible only by upgrading the armory.

Types of Troops

After upgrading your armory, hit the “Enter” button to upgrade your units. You will find units you have unlocked so far. Upgradable unit portraits will have a slight glow. Those that can’t be upgraded will have a lock icon. The lock icon suggests an armory upgrade first and only then you can upgrade it. You will need food to upgrade a unit.

In Dawn of Titans, upgrading units increases their key stats like Health, Damage, Armor, Piercing and Critical. Make sure you have plenty of food to level-up units and coins to upgrade the armory. Also, fulfill any requirements before upgrading the armory. Usually, you will have to upgrade the castle to a certain level before you can upgrade the armory.

7. A Barracks Upgrade Lets You Train More Units at a Time

Confused as to why you can train only few units at a time and why all other slots are locked? Well, you will have to upgrade the Barracks to allow more units to be trained at the same time. Upgrading requires coins.
Also, you will have to upgrade the castle to a certain level before upgrading barracks.

Tapping Barracks and then tapping the “Enter” button will take you to troop training screen where you can tap units to train them. You can also find a shortcut to Barracks in the PvP and campaign map. The shortcut icon is located at the right side of the screen. The shortcut icon also contains shortcuts to your Relic Inventory and the Hall of Titans.

8. Build and Upgrade the Granary as well as Gold Vault to Increase Their Storage Capacity

You will receive resources like gold and food as campaign battle rewards. The loot that you gather after raiding player base will also include gold and food. Farms and Gold Mines produce food and gold respectively. So you do have plenty of ways to get resources. But you will need more gold and food if you want to expand your army, recruit various troops, and upgrade buildings and the castle. You will also need plenty of storage space to store them.

To increase gold and food storage capacity, build the Gold Vault and Granary. Upgrading the Gold Vault will free up more storage space so that you can store more gold received from the mine, as rewards and loot. Similarly, upgrading the Granary will also let you store more food. These two buildings require coins to upgrade.

9. Upgrade the Army Camp to Deploy More Troops to the Battlefield

When you tap the “Raid” button, you will be taken to the “Prepare for Battle” screen. Here you can choose units that you want to deploy to the battlefield.

Tapping the “Troops” tab will give you access to the troop selection screen. Here you can tap on units to add them to “Battle slots”. At first you will only have a few slots unlocked.  As you reach new missions, you may need more troops to attack tougher enemies. To unlock more battle slots and take more units with you to battle, you will have to upgrade “Army Camp”, which is located just beside “Temple”.

Upgrading the Army Camp will unlock more battle slots and also increase the max size of your army. It requires castle upgraded to a certain level and lots of coins, so make sure you earn coins by winning campaign and PvP battles and increase the Gold Vault’s storage capacity to store more gold.

10. Max Out Gold Mines/Farm Construction and Upgrade to Increase Resource Production

Winning battles in Dawn of Titans is one way to get resources. Another way to get gold and food is by building and upgrading the Gold Mine and Farms. To increase gold and food production, follow these steps:

1. Tap the building icon located at the lower-right corner of the screen. Under the “Buildings” tab, check the max number of Farms and Gold Mines you can build. As of writing this guide, the max number of farms you can build is 3 and the maximum number of gold mines that can be built is 3. Max out farm and mine construction.

2. After building 3 farms and 3 gold mines, you can start upgrading them to increase production. Upgrading the Farm not only increases food production rate and capacity. Upgrading the gold mine increases Gold production and capacity.

11. Want to Defend Your City with More Troops? Upgrade the Garrison

The Garrison holds battle-ready troops. You can upgrade the Garrison to add more troops to defend your city. Upgrading the Garrison has one more benefit – the level of the stationed defenders also increases.

12. Don’t Forget to Assign a Titan to Defend Your Castle/Land

Garrisoning troops to fend off enemies is great, but assigning a Titan to defend your castle will surely strengthen your defense. At player level 3, you can assign a Titan to defend your citT. At the start of play, you would probably have two titans. Use any one of them to defend the city. Tap the castle icon to enter the PvP battle map and then tap on your floating castle island.

Next, tap the “Defend” button and select a Titan. You can also assign a Titan to an additional land, This will not only protect it from intruders but also boost resource production. So if you have a farm land attached to your city, assign a spare Titan to protect it and boost food production.

13. How to Get More Gems

1. Completing quests is one sure-shot way to get plenty of gems. Tap the Quests icon, which is located just above the castle icon on the lower left corner of the screen. There are two types of quests: Castle and Daily. Castle quests are related to your city and include campaign, PVP and base-building tasks. Upgrading certain buildings, completing campaign, raiding enemy lands are few examples of castle quests. Daily quests are time-sensitive and the quests may change every day. Random quests appear under the “Daily” tab.

2. Completing all daily quests in a day also gives players lots of gems under “Complete Daily Quests” quest. Collecting 1000 VP points by raiding player lands in PvP battles and joining an alliance will complete the “Joined Alliance” castle quest. You will get a whopping 500 gems for this task.

3. Don’t ignore reinforcement requests from alliance members. For every unit you donate, you will receive gems. You too can request for reinforcements after joining an alliance – Find the “Alliance Camp” in your base, tap it and then tap the “Request” button to request for units or resources. You request will be sent to all alliance members. To or receive more units, you will have to upgrade Alliance Camp to increase battle slots and reinforcement inventory.

Tip: Save your gems if you want to purchase Titan or shields for Castle and Land. Gems can be also used to purchase extra lands. Don’t spend your gems to heal units, instead train new units at the Barracks to replace dead units.

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