Darkrise – Pixel Action RPG: Character Tier List

Muhib Nadeem
(Last Updated On: November 2, 2023)

Slash, dash, or blast your way through the adversaries, and find a treasure worthy of an epic adventurer such as yourself in Darkrise, developed by none other than Roika – creators of Moonrise Arena.

So, what’s the catch this time, and how do you ensure the best character experience possible? Let’s start with the core of good gameplay – a good character!

1. Darkrise – Warrior (SS Tier)

Photo: Roika

With the ability to deliver powerful blows, this class ensures its dominance in the field. The dashing ability not only provides the Warrior with the agility to scour the battlefield but also to engage or disengage with enemies on command.

Coupled with an innate healing ability, the Warrior can endure prolonged skirmishes, making them an insane opponent to any adversary.

The pièce de résistance, the Berserker Mode, transforms the Warrior into an unstoppable force, enhancing their offensive and potentially defensive capabilities.

While they are required to tank damage, their healing and berserker traits make them almost impervious to threats, crowning them the undisputed champions of the Darkrise arena.

2. Darkrise – Rogue/Assassin (S Tier)

Photo: Roika

In the shadows walks the Rogue/Assassin, a master of stealth and subterfuge. This class excels in hit-and-run tactics, using their stealth mode to bypass enemy lines or deliver devastating surprise attacks.

Their strength lies in the element of surprise. A well-timed attack from the shadows can spell doom for even the strongest mobs. However, their Achilles’ heel is prolonged combat.

They are not designed for extended fights, and their shorter range can be a disadvantage in open confrontations.

Yet, their stealth ability is borderline insane. It’s like a cheat, allowing you to free-hit the enemy, without taking anything in return. Why? You’re in stealth of course!

3. Darkrise – Magician (A Tier)

Photo: Roika

The Gilgamesh of raw power, the Magician, can use destructive forces capable of obliterating adversaries in a fraction of a second. Their capacity to nearly one-shot bosses speaks volumes about their damage potential.

This crazy offensive power comes at a cost. The Magician burns through mana at an alarming rate, making resource management crucial. Consequently, their slow speed and fragile defenses label them as a glass cannon.

In the hands of a strategic player who can position themselves effectively and manage their mana pool, the Magician can be the deciding factor in battles, turning the tide with a single spell, but overall, it’s not worth the effort.

4. Darkrise – Archer (B Tier)

Darkrise Archer
Photo: Roika

The Archer, with her eagle-eyed precision, can pick off enemies from a distance. Her long-range capabilities, combined with the talent to fire multiple or piercing arrows, allow her to keep adversaries at bay.

However, the Archer is not without her limitations. Kiting, a fundamental strategy for ranged characters, is somewhat challenging for her. Additionally, her toolkit seems limited to her ranged capabilities, with little to offer in close combat or utility.

While she can hold her ground, she might find it challenging when cornered or overwhelmed, placing her a notch below her counterparts.


To sum it all up, yes, the difference between the characters isn’t insanely big, and you can make anything work as long as you have a knack for it, but if you’re looking for an easy adventure, you now know what to choose!

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