Darkness Saga – Ultimate Game Guide, Tips & Codes

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Darkness Saga is a quintessential steampunk RPG that offers tons of content. From the fashion to the grinding mechanics, it has almost everything you could ask for in a dark fantasy mobile game. It’s made by Leniu Games, the same studio that released Soul Chronicle and Tales of Yokai.

This ultimate game guide will help you get accustomed to the world of Darkness Saga. At the end of the article, there are tips and codes you can apply to your game to enhance your gameplay.

Darkness Saga
Photo: Leniu Games

Character Classes

Most MMORPGs start with the player choosing their character class. Options vary from game to game, but that’s the general rule.

In Darkness Saga, you have four classes to choose from. Each will automatically determine the gender of your avatar. Let’s discuss them all in detail.

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters are this game’s archers in Darkness Saga. Their primary weapons are crossbows, which means they are deadly in long-range fights.

They are male heroes. They also have the highest damage per second (DPS) average out of all the classes.

Photo: Leniu Games


If you like playing with magic, be a sorcerer in Darkness Saga. These female charmers use staves to unleash forceful spells and an extraordinary aura.

Sorcerers have skills that emphasize Area of Effect (AoE), making them ideal for players who want to attack multiple enemies at once.

Photo: Leniu Games

Soul Slaying Officer

One can easily compare Soul Slaying Officers to assassins in Darkness Saga. They use scythes and specialize in burst abilities.

These female melee champions use stealth as their strength. This can help you orchestrate surprise attacks.

Photo: Leniu Games

Divine Warrior

Another melee combatant, a Divine Warrior, is best if you are used to playing tank and being the most dominant damage dealer in the room.

Divine Warriors are male characters in Darkness Saga with the most balanced base stats of all the classes.

Photo: Leniu Games

Battle and Navigation

It’s easy to master these two vital aspects of Darkness Saga. To move around, use the joystick on the bottom left side of the screen. To fight, tap on the buttons at the bottom right.

Things can get a hundred times more effortless if you tap on the Auto function beside the chat panel.

Photo: Leniu Games

This will automate battles and navigation for quests. Select the task you want to accomplish on the left side of the screen, and your avatar will know what to do.

Guardian Trial

Automating everything can make things boring, but Darkness Saga avoids making players feel that way with its multitude of content. One of the first features you will unlock is the Guardian Trial.

Along with it is the Trial function beside the Friends icon at the bottom of the screen. It’s similar to Tower of God: New World‘s Loot feature, which idly gives you EXP and other resources.

Photo: Leniu Games

As for the main Guardian Trial, you can access it above the quests section. Here, you can challenge stage bosses for more EXP and resources.

Boss Modes

You can open boss modes at the top right side of the screen in Darkness Saga. The initial bosses you will fight in the World Boss section can only be slain once.

After you defeat them all, you will gain access to a shared boss platform, where you can fight alongside other players and share loot with them. The one who deals more damage will get more loot.

Photo: Leniu Games

Later, you will open more boss modes, such as Personal Boss and Ruins Boss. You will need exclusive passes to take on these monsters alone.


When you unlock the Dungeon feature at level 140 in Darkness Saga, it will be placed near the Boss menu. Unlike Boss battles, dungeons can only be played a certain number of times per day.

The first dungeon you will enter is the Dragon Guardian. It’s a minigame that will ask you to protect a dragon egg from waves of enemies. You can garner energy points to trigger dungeon-exclusive skills.

Photo: Leniu Games

The Dungeon panel also lets you go on Adventures with friends. You can invite up to two teammates to clear the stage faster. When you succeed, you can thank your colleagues and send them gifts.


If that’s not enough minigames, in Darkness Saga, you can play in the Arena, which will be opened when you reach level 190. It will be under the Competition icon beside Dungeon.

In the Arena, you can duel trial masters in a quick battle. The winner is whoever has the highest CP, so choose your opponents carefully.

Photo: Leniu Games

You can battle in the Arena ten times a day. Every win will give you EXP, gold, and Honor Coins to buy items in the Honor Mall. Improve your Arena ranking to get more Honor Coins.


In your Darkness Saga profile section, beside your current level, is the PvP battle mode. By default, it’s set to Peace, meaning you can’t attack any other player.

When you tap on it, you’ll see three other modes that will let you fight other players on the field.

Photo: Leniu Games

Remember that if you annihilate a green-named (innocent) player, your username will turn red. This indicates that anyone can attack you in any mode.

Gear Upgrades

As your level progresses, fights will be more and more difficult to win in Darkness Saga. Thus, you must always boost your Combat Power (CP) by following the suggestions of the Improve function beside the Bag icon.

One of its most common tips is to upgrade your gear. There are several ways you can do so manually.


The Alchemy option will pop up after you click the star icon beside the bag. Here, there are two ways to amplify your gear stats: basic enhancement and embedding gems.

Photo: Leniu Games

Enhancements level up your items with gold, while embedding gems will give your gear permanent bonus stats. However, embedding won’t be unlocked until later in the game.

Merge Set

Once you get red gear, you can start merging sets in the Bag icon. This will let you combine at least three items of lower rarity to get superior equipment.

Photo: Leniu Games

You can select the piece you want to form in the Merge Set panel. Any adequate gear can be added to acquire it.


Sometimes, you find yourself hoarding items even when they are not useful anymore in Darkness Saga. Selling them one at a time can be a hassle, so you leave them there until you run out of inventory space. Typical problems of an RPG lover, right?

Darkness Saga has a quick fix to this issue: the Devour feature. It lets you devour low-value items in exchange for stat upgrades.

Photo: Leniu Games

Pets and Mounts

Gear isn’t the only thing that can improve CP. There are also Pets and Mounts, which you will get pretty early in the game.

Photo: Leniu Games

Pets and Mounts can raise your stats, especially if you constantly upgrade them. What makes them different is that Pets actively help you in battle.

On the other hand, Mounts only appear when you are traveling a relatively long distance. They increase your movement speed considerably.

Photo: Leniu Games


Although you can change your gear whenever you want, you won’t see it live on your avatar. However, there are unique pieces of equipment that will always show once acquired and worn.

The first piece of special gear you’ll likely get is Wings. Later on, you’ll get Hallows. These are small, pet-like creatures that follow you around.

Photo: Leniu Games

You can see them in the Appearance section under the star menu. The weapon that your hero carries is also in this category.


Perhaps the most prized reward of the Guardian Trial is Spirit Animas. These are resources used to activate and upgrade Spirits.

Once you unlock this feature, an extra button will be added to your battle controls. This will summon a Spirit that will take over your avatar’s body for a limited time. There will be a new set of skills to use.

Photo: Leniu Games

After the time expires, your champion will return to its regular look, and the Spirit will rest for some time.


Joining a guild in Darkness Saga has an abundance of perks. The most common ones are events and sign-in bonuses, but there’s more to unpack.

Photo: Leniu Games

A guild will let you donate gear to a member-exclusive warehouse. This will give you points you can use to exchange for equipment in the warehouse that you want to use.

Your guild will also have a monster in the Event section. You can feed it with beast food to obtain tokens for your guild skill. These are individual stats you can upgrade to boost CP.


Reincarnation will massively advance your stats and give your character a new look. It will also unlock better gear and features.

There are several reincarnation checkpoints in the game. The first one is at level 100. Reaching this milestone will not only give you your first reincarnation. It will also give you a free Class Transfer Card.

Photo: Leniu Games

You can change your character’s class by tapping your profile image and selecting Class Transfer below your hero. You can only transfer for free to a class that is your same gender.

Darkness Saga Tips

While there are many contents to get accustomed to, it isn’t that hard to grasp the basics of this exhilarating game.

Its auto-navigation feature is seamless, and at times, it even feels like the game is spoon-feeding you everything you need. But that isn’t always the case. You will, for sure, get stuck on a quest or level.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep progressing no matter what.

Do Not Attack Innocent Players

Using PvP mechanics to the fullest is one way to enjoy the game, but if you plan on slaying every player in sight, consider changing your mind.

Killing an innocent player will make you an enemy of everyone. When they see that your name is red, they can attack you with all they have. They don’t even have to switch battle modes.

Photo: Leniu Games

When this happens, it will be hard to play on autopilot because you won’t be able to finish a quest in peace.

Play the Right Mode

Darkness Saga is filled with all sorts of playing modes. They offer all sorts of prizes, but each differs in the primary rewards they give.

For example, World Boss battles have high-end gear as loot. If your quest requires premium equipment, this is where you should go. If you want to focus on increasing your level, the Guardian Trial is generous with EXP.

Photo: Leniu Games

If you want a little bit of gear and a little bit of EXP, go to Dungeons, which brings us to the next tip.

Clear Dungeons Daily

Dungeons can give you a lot, but you can only enter them a limited number of times every day until the clock restarts. That’s why you have to make the most of it.

But because you can’t enter anytime you want, you should make every attempt count. Be sure you have enough CP to defeat enemies. This may not be necessary for starter dungeons, but top-level dungeons are something to look out for.

Photo: Leniu Games

One way you can secure victory is to always invite friends in dungeons.

Rush the Main Quests

Indeed, you can try a whole slew of modes and minigames in this RPG, but you should never ignore the main quests. This is best if you are starting out.

Completing main quests is the fastest way for beginners to level up. Doing this will help you unlock the most exciting parts of the game, especially reincarnation.

Photo: Leniu Games

Most times, you will also complete side and secret quests by just following the main story. So, focus on that.

Darkness Saga Codes

Codes are another way to make your experience more convenient. To enter a code in Darkness Saga, tap the Benefits button on the upper side of the screen. Then, go to Giftpack Exchange.

Photo: Leniu Games

Below are some codes you can enter to claim exclusive rewards:

  • 899HGF
    • x5 Hallow Crystal, x1 1.5 EXP Potion, and 500k Gold (New)
  • 983JDN
    • x30 Bound Diamonds, x1 Wing Crystal, and 1000k Gold (New)
    • x2 Mount Advance Stone, x1 Raid Scroll, and 200k Gold (New)
  • 78JFGD
    • x3 Spirit Anima, x1 Level 1 Gem Pack, 500k Gold (New)
  • 6FE5E2
    • x5 Hallow Crystal, x1 1.5 EXP Potion, and 500k Gold
  • 43DGY6
    • x3 Spirit Anima, x1 Level 1 Gem Pack, 500k Gold
  • Q56O248
    • x5 Pet Advance Stone, x5 Spirit Anima, x1 1.5 EXP Potion, and x3 Heart Stone
  • E25A115
    • x3 Raid Scroll, x5 Halidom Crystal, x1 Level 1 Gem Pack, and x3 Magic Milk
    • x2 Mount Advance Stone, x1 Raid Scroll, and 200k Gold
  • 09WR87
  • svip888
    • 300M Pink Diamonds
  • svip777
    • 300M Pink Diamonds
  • svip666
    • 300M Pink Diamonds

When you enter a code that works in Darkness Saga, the rewards will directly go to the Mail. It’s the envelope icon above the chat panel. Tap the Extract button on mail to collect the attached gifts.

Photo: Leniu Games

Final Words

Darkness Saga is a content-packed MMORPG. The features discussed are not even everything you can do in the game. There’s more you can get your hands on as you level up, so keep grinding.

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