Dark Slayer – AFK RPG: Ultimate Game Guide & Tricks

Jean-Roux Denysschen
Dark Slayer - AFK RPG - game guide with tips and tricks

If you are a person who loves zombies and fighting them in battle, then Dark Slayer – AFK RPG is for you.

Be the hero of the game and slay as many zombies as possible to save the world. Dark Slayer – AFK RPG features a variety of amazing action in the game.

The game features three weapon types, infinite idle action, costumes and gear sets, offline growth, monster slaying, and much more.

This article will feature all of the important information for new players of the game and will also feature some great tips to progress in the game.

Dark Slayer - Role Playing Game - Game Guide and tricks
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Entering Dark Slayer for the first time

Players will experience a rush when first opening Dark Slayer – AFK RPG as they are greeted with an amazing running animation.

The authority will issue an order for the player to do this because there is negative energy that has been detected at the burial ground.

The first mission of Dark Slayer will be a recon mission but players will need to eliminate all of the demons that are in their way.

Once the cinematics have finished, it is time for the first battle against the demon zombies.

Introduction to game - Fight the first demon
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The demons want to take over the world with their dark energy and it is the player’s job to protect the world.

The good players will automatically start attacking the demon until it is defeated.

The player must also recruit new agents to help defeat the demons and save the world.

Once the first battle has been completed, players will be greeted with a tutorial of all the menu options and battle options.

Skills - Locked sections and skills for battle
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The Main Menu and Home Screen

The home screen in Dark Slayer has a variety of options for players to click on. The background of the home screen will be the player’s agents live in battle.

The top left corner of the screen will feature all of the player details. The main features are the level and power of the player.

Below the player details is the quests section where players can make changes to the amount of draws from each agent.

Players will also be able to make a variety of upgrades to stats, skills, and relics.

These upgrades will help the player defeat demons and zombies much quicker to be able to reach the next stage.

Game Guide - Fighting and earning in-game currency
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Bottom menu

The bottom menu features Hero, Gear, Beast, Draw, Dungeon, Challenge, Legion, and Missions.

A tutorial arrow will point to which item or ability will need to be upgraded to be able to defeat the current enemies.

Players will need to click on Hero and Gear most of the time to make continuous upgrades which will allow battles to be won at a quicker rate.

The Hero section features ATK level-up, HP level-up, Crit Rate level-up, and Crit DMG level-up. This is all part of the stats.

Dark Slayer - Stats upgrades and enhance
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Next is the skill section which features Slash, Blood Ghost Slasher, Fire Arrow Rain, Psychokinesis Cannon, and Advent of Thunder God.

These skills will all need to be upgraded continuously to be able to unlock additional skills to use in battle to slay demons and zombies in Dark Slayer.

Upgrades can be made by simply clicking on enhance next to each skill. Stats and Skills will require different in-game currencies for upgrades.

In-game currency balances can be viewed at the top of the home screen. Your character will earn these currencies like gold and diamonds in battles.

The Relics Section can also be enhanced and upgraded by using in-game currency.

Dark Slayer - Skills upgrades and enhance
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The Relics section features Great General’s Moon Glaive, Relic of Training, Pursuer’s Totem, Quivering Palm Point Chart, Demon-annihilating Relc, and much more.

There are many different relics to be unlocked and enhanced in the game which will improve performance in battle.


The Dark Slayer gameplay is really simple for any new player to understand as battles will take place automatically.

Players will be able to earn in-game currency by defeating zombies and demons in battles.

Unlocking and upgrading new skills can ensure harder battles will be won. Each battle will get harder with each victory.

Later on in the game, the further you progress the more it will cost to upgrade stats and other attributes of your character.

Dark Slayer - Gameplay guide and tips
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The autonomous process of battles will allow players to win battles even when they are offline.

The game will continue to play without the player’s guidance and earn them more additional in-game currency like diamonds.

The game will give players a lot of gold and diamonds to use for upgrades so that they will never run out and can make as many upgrades as possible.

Tips and Tricks – Dark Slayer

  1. Players should always remember to claim quest rewards to receive the benefits.
  2. The mailbox section on the bottom right corner of the screen will feature important information as well as rewards that can be claimed.
  3. Players will need to remember to explore the shop for exciting offerings like ad removals, in-game currency like gold, Gear packs, subscription packs, and more.
  4. Take advantage of the open event which will feature a variety of quests with amazing rewards.
Dark Slayer - Open Event and rewards
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Dark Slayer – AFK RPG is a game full of continuous action and excitement. Become one of the best players by defeating any zombie and demon in your way.

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