Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG Ultimate Walkthrough Guide

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It’s that time of the year again, and with a brand new banger from gameberry studio, the spirit of the grind is rekindled. However, as with all Idle RPGs, finding your way into a new universe without prior knowledge can often feel overbearing.

What’s the solution? Be equipped, chugging down knowledge, ensuring you’re best prepared for what’s to come. So, with that spirit in mind, we’ve concocted a complete walkthrough guide for you to rake in those rewards!

The Premise!

At its core, Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG is about confronting a friend, who gave up on the correct path, to betray everyone, choosing the path of the devil. With this anime-like plot, the game focuses on team building.

It’s pretty simple, you just need to gather strong characters, level them up, battle against strong enemies, source strong gear for them; and that’s just the basics of the iceberg, phew!

So, the cusp of the game, or its main selling point, is its Idle RPG mechanic, which essentially allows you to gather resources and get stronger, even if you’re not actively playing, and making decisions within the game.

Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG Mechanics

We know upgrading characters is important, but how does one get stronger? This is where the enhance feature comes into play, allowing you to spend a set amount of gold to improve one of the traits of your character.

It could be as simple as improving base damage, or as complex as microtuning a certain ability. However, here’s a conundrum: the price almost doubles per purchase, thus you need to source heaps of gold, making upgrading everything unfeasible.

Luckily, the enemies drop more gold the stronger they get. However, this can also be a double-edged sword considering how you constantly need to push your character to obtain desirable gold.

Battle Power

Ok, you’re getting stronger, but how do you know if you’re strong enough for a certain task? That’s where Battle Power comes into play, allowing you to gauge out your strength in real time. Certain stages also require you to possess a specific battle power before proceeding.

The only way to increase this battle power is by upgrading, getting stronger characters, and playing the gacha to its strengths, hoping you get lucky enough to grab some of those juicy rare characters.

Now, would that impact your overall battle power? Probably not, it might even decrease it, considering you have a level 0 character in your party, but as you begin to level it up, just remember that a level x normal character is considerably weaker than a level x rare one.

Hero Skills and Strategy

Each hero can be equipped with a range of skills that significantly impact their effectiveness in combat.

Here’s what you need to know about skill management and optimization:

Skill Slots and Hero Levels

As your heroes level up, they unlock additional skill slots. This progression is insanely important for enhancing their combat capabilities.

Initially, your heroes might start with limited skill options, but as they grow stronger, the number of skills they can use simultaneously increases, allowing for more complex and effective strategies in battle.

Gaining Skills

The in-game shop offers a variety of skills for purchase. These skills can range from basic to advanced, and they often require in-game currency or resources. K

Keep an eye on the shop’s inventory, as it can occasionally stock rare or powerful skills that could be game-changers for your squad.

  • Finding Skills on Your Journey: As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter opportunities to acquire new skills. These can be rewards from completing certain stages, defeating bosses, or unlocking specific achievements. Always be on the lookout for these chances to enhance your heroes’ arsenals.
  • Pre-Existing Skills: Each hero comes with their own set of inherent skills. These skills often define the hero’s role in your squad, whether it’s dealing damage, providing support, or controlling the battlefield.

If you’re feeling lucky, the gacha system provides a chance to obtain unique and powerful skills. While this method can be a gamble, it sometimes yields rare skills that aren’t easily accessible through other means.

However, remember to manage your resources, especially gems wisely when engaging with the gacha. If you end up spending them all in one go, then you won’t be leaving any savings for the future, or for an event.

Conquering Stages and Boss Battles

Conquering Stages and Boss Battles

gameberry studio(Idle RPG, Simulation)

Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG has a dynamic stage progression system that is both engaging and challenging. Each stage culminates in a boss fight that requires active participation, meaning you can’t really challenge bosses in AFK mode.

So, don’t worry about waking up to find your hero has cleared the game on its own!

The Stage Progression System

  • Flow of Stages: As you progress through the game, each stage presents its own set of enemies leading up to the boss. These stages increase in difficulty, necessitating you to continuously upgrade and strategize.
  • Boss Meter Bar: At the top of the screen, there’s a meter bar that fills up as you defeat enemies within the stage. Once this bar is full, you have the option to summon the boss by tapping on it.

Engaging with Boss Battles

While bosses are the heart and soul of Dark Clan: Squad idle RPG, they can also be your kryptonite!

  • Active Participation: Unlike regular enemies that can be defeated in idle mode, bosses require your attention and active participation.
  • Increasing Difficulty: Early bosses might seem relatively easy, but as you advance, they become significantly tougher. These battles often turn into a war of attrition, where your strategy and hero strength are put to the test.
  • Preparation is Never Enough: Before summoning a boss, ensure that your heroes are optimally equipped, meaning their skills are appropriately set up for the fight. This will give you the best shot of taking down the said box.

The Guild System in Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG

Reaching a certain level or stage unlocks the clan feature. This milestone is a gateway to new adventures and collaborations.

Once unlocked, you have the choice to either join an existing clan or create your own, inviting friends or fellow players to join your ranks.

Clan events are a highlight of this feature, offering challenges that differ from your regular gameplay. These events are specially designed for teamwork and cooperative strategies, pushing you and your clan members to work in unison towards common goals.

The incentives for participating in a clan are more than you might think:

  • Exclusive Rewards: Clan events often have unique rewards that are not available elsewhere in the game. These can range from special items, enhanced gear, to rare characters, giving you an edge in both personal and clan progression.
  • Strategic Advantages: Being part of a clan allows you to strategize with other members, sharing tips, resources, and strategies. This collaborative environment fosters not just individual growth but also strengthens the clan as a whole.
  • Social Interaction: Beyond the battles and strategies, clans provide a social platform within the game. Here, you can interact with other players, make friends, and be part of a community that shares your passion for Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG.

Tips and Tricks for Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG

Done with the basics, now it’s time to learn a few commandments to heart, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful adventurer.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Optimize Rest Periods for Maximum Benefit

Before logging off, position your heroes in a zone that yields high experience or resource drops. Research the zones that offer the best rewards for your current level.

Log out during periods when you’re unable to play for several hours. This ensures that your heroes are grinding in the most beneficial area while you’re away.

Utilize any available boosts or bonuses before logging off to enhance the offline rewards. These could include temporary boosts from events or consumables that increase resource or experience gain.

2. Daily Quest Efficiency and Prioritization

Check your daily quests and align them with your current game objectives. For example, if you’re focusing on leveling up a particular hero, prioritize quests that reward experience or items beneficial for that hero.

Plan your game route to complete multiple quests in a single run. This saves time and resources, allowing you to complete more quests in a shorter period.

If possible, refresh quests that don’t align with your current goals, aiming for quests that are more in line with your immediate objectives.

3. Skill Synergy Analysis for Maximum Combat Efficiency

Regularly experiment with different skill combinations to uncover hidden synergies. For instance, a skill that slows enemies might work exceptionally well with an area-of-effect (AoE) damage skill.

Consider the role of each hero in your team. Support heroes might have skills that enhance the damage dealers, making certain combinations more effective than others.

Engage with the game’s community to learn about effective skill combinations that other players have discovered. Forums and social media groups can be a treasure trove of information for skill synergy.

4. Timed Resource Collection for Optimal Use

In Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG, timing your resources is a strategy that essentially revolves around accumulating idle resources and only collecting them when you’re about to undertake a major upgrade or engage in a crucial battle.

This approach ensures that you have the maximum amount of resources available at the moment you need them most. For example, if you’re planning to level up a key hero or purchase a vital piece of equipment, waiting to collect your resources until just before this action can give you the necessary boost.

This method requires careful monitoring of your resource generation rates and a bit of planning but can greatly enhance your efficiency in using resources.

5. Strategic Hero Rotation Based on Enemy Types

Each hero in Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG possesses unique strengths and weaknesses, making some more effective against certain enemy types than others. Pay close attention to the enemies you’re facing in each stage or event.

Rotate your heroes to exploit these matchups. For instance, if you’re encountering a zone with predominantly magic-resistant enemies, field heroes with high physical damage output.

This not only increases your chances of victory but also minimizes your resource expenditure on healing and revives. Keeping a roster of heroes levelled up and ready for action ensures you can adapt to any challenge the game throws at you.

6. Use the Event Calendar for Strategic Planning

The event calendar is borderline broken as a tool for forward-looking players. It provides insights into upcoming special events, limited-time challenges, and potential reward opportunities.

By aligning your resource management and upgrade strategies with this calendar, you can maximize your gains. For instance, if an event offering enhanced experience points is on the horizon, you might hold off on using experience-boosting items until the event begins.

Similarly, if a resource-gathering event is upcoming, saving your resource collection boosts for this period can yield significantly more. This approach requires regular consultation of the event calendar and a strategic mindset, but it can lead to more efficient progress and superior rewards.


To sum it all up, yes Dark Clan: Idle RPG is in no way “easy”, but it doesn’t have to be unnecessarily hard. You just need to fine-tune a few habits, and you’ll be well on your way to success!

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