DanMachi Battle Chronicle – Ultimate Game Guide & Tips

Muhib Nadeem

As gamers, we all yearn to experience the battles and hardships fantasy anime characters go through in order to become legends. Enter DanMachi Battle Chronicle, a role-playing game published by Aiming that helps you re-experience the battles of Bell Cranel with a unique twist.

If you are an anime-savvy player, you already know why being the best here is integral, but familiarising yourself with the plethora of new options and mechanics is tough. That’s where this guide comes in! With the blessing of Goddess Hestia, let’s get started!

The Premise and Setting

Enemy DanMachi Battle Chronicle
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DanMachi Battle Chronicle is placed in a city called Orario, where the gods and humanity live together. You can think of these gods as the lords and the humans as warriors.

There is a dungeon system where these warriors go to hone their skills and earn a quick buck. In order to progress through the game, you need to clear the various storyline elements and become as strong as possible – which goes without saying.

Much like any gacha-esque RPG game, DanMachi Battle Chronicle is a mix of luck, strategy, and skills. You get to test your battle IQ, and make crucial purchasing decisions, all while trying to get ahead of your fellow players.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Bell cranel DanMachi Battle Chronicle
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The gameplay utilizes simple joystick controls with action buttons. You have your dash, normal skill, ultimate skill, and normal attack.

Each of these has a cooldown except the ultimate skill – which charges by you engaging in battle.

A player cannot make individual moves during the initiation of these actions. For example, if you’ve initiated the attack button, you’d need to wait for the animation to complete. There’s no animation canceling – at least in the beginner phase.

Speaking of which, the monsters spawn at a fixed rate, hence making several “spawn patterns.” Depending on the level of difficulty, these can be simple squares, hexagons, or something more complex like a bat.

More often than not, these spawned enemies will be clumped together, thereby making them the perfect target for AoE attacks.

The Gacha System

Bannel Ryu DanMachi Battle Chronicle
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Nothing particular to do here except the usual gacha grind:

  • Clear the stages.
  • Collect the clear rewards.
  • Save the gems from the rewards until you can afford a gacha banner.
  • Invest in the banner to roll for stronger characters.
  • Hope that lady luck smiles on you.

With every update, new gachas pop up. Some of these have increased drop rate for certain characters.

Considering half the premise of the gacha system is to have stronger characters to make progression easier, you’d need to optimize your purchasing decisions to the point where you can stay competitive without being left behind due to the influx of new and stronger characters.

Character Upgrade System

Bell cranel DanMachi Battle Chronicle
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While yearning for new and stronger characters is always beneficial, DanMachi Battle Chronicles has devised a way to ensure your current characters don’t need to shame themselves for being weak.

Enter the upgrade system, where you can level up your adventurers to increase their stats and attributes for that extra bit of power in the tank.

Is it necessary? Yes, considering there’s an extreme difference in stats between a character that has been leveled up and a character that has been left to rot.

Character Assists

Hestia Sleeping
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If we ring our brain bells, the DanMachi world didn’t just have battle-ready characters, they had support too. These fellows would provide spell backup, heal, or act as a damage buff in times of need.

Using that concept as a core, Assists exist, and their main purpose is to grant the attached character with one unique support-type skill that can change the tides of the battle based on its use.

For example, Hestia is able to heal her attached character. Considering the dungeon is a labyrinth filled with numerous perils and dangers, having a healer is like flipping he wear and tear on its head.

Sure, they are not as “broken” as they sound, and yes, you need to wait for them to charge, but having even one go at them per battle is enough to skew the results to your favor!

Questing – Story, Daily, Training

Bell cranel DanMachi Battle Chronicle
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Speaking of climbing the tower, DanMachi Battle Chronicles feature three core types of quests.

  • Story Quests: These quests progress your main storyline and are often the bearers of the highest rewards, not in the form of clearing, but as milestone achievements.
  • Daily Quests: These are for the grinding enthusiasts that want to suck the very essence of the game dry. If you’re looking for those extra bits of rewards, then this is your jam, bread, and knife – an all in one package.
  • Training Quests: These quests are more like mini-tutorials that help you familiarize yourself with new mechanics, learn more about battles to come, and level up your game.

    These can be integral, considering they teach you the most relevant tactics for your level. However, you do need to play story quests to unlock these.

Special Features and Events

Shop Bell cranel DanMachi Battle Chronicle
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Just like every RPG, DanMachi Battle Chronicle doesn’t shy away from festive events and special features.

Every now and then, the game introduces limited-time events that not only add a fresh twist to the gameplay but also grant players the opportunity to earn unique rewards.

Some of these events may also be tied up with popular festivals in the real world, like Christmas, Halloween, or New Year.

Naturally, you want to bank on these events as hard as possible. After all, having the liberty to obtain that extra bit of buying power is always nice to have.

Scene Cards

Scene Cards Bell cranel DanMachi Battle Chronicle
Photo: Aiming

Scene Cards enhance your adventurers’ abilities when equipped. They offer tangible buffs that can influence the outcome of battles.

To capitalize on their potential, you need to upgrade the level of these Scene Cards, thereby amplifying their effects.

Once a Scene Card reaches its maximum level, the game provides an option for a limit break, which increases the card’s maximum level cap.

This feature allows you to refine further and optimize your team’s performance, making it an essential aspect of strategic gameplay.

Tips and Tricks

To maximize your performance in DanMachi Battle Chronicle, pay close attention to the spawn patterns of enemies to optimize your AoE attacks.

Utilize the Training Quests to get hands-on experience with new game mechanics, so you’re not caught off guard in actual battles.

However, this doesn’t end here, especially if you’re a player aiming to become the ‘Hero’, so let’s go a bit deeper.

1. Do 10-Character Pulls Instead of Single Ones

Hermes Danmachi
Photo: Aiming

Everyone gets the itch to hit that gacha pull as soon as they’ve got enough gems, but hold your horses.

Going for the 10-character pull is much more rewarding than the single pulls. Not only do you get more bang for your buck, but you’re also more likely to score that SSR adventurer you’ve been drooling over.

Sometimes you even get bonuses or discounts for pulling in bulk, so really, you’re just making your life easier and your team stronger. It’s a win-win.

2. Enemies Give You React Window

Bell cranel DanMachi Battle Chronicle
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So you’re in the dungeon, slicing and dicing, and suddenly your enemies start glowing red with these damage markers. That’s your cue to skedaddle, and make it fast.

Don’t just stand there like a deer in the headlights. These visual hints are your besties in the heat of battle; they give you a heads-up to dodge, block, or counter.

Once you get the hang of reading these signs, you’ll be dodging attacks like you’ve got Spidey senses.

3. The Damage Marker Is Untrustworthy

Bell cranel DanMachi Battle Chronicle
Photo: Aiming

You’ve been watching for the red glow, good on you. But don’t get too comfy. These markers can be tricky little devils.

The game’s “Impact” detection means that just because you’re outside the geometric marker, doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Sometimes you’ll still get smacked. Not fun, we know.

So, it’s all related to getting a feel for each enemy’s real attack range, not just trusting the markers like gospel.

4. Go For Elemental Priority

Bell cranel DanMachi Battle Chronicle
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You know how in Pok√©mon, water beats fire? Same deal here. Some enemies are weak against certain elements, and you’ve got to play that to your advantage.

If you’re up against a fire-elemental beastie, toss in a water-elemental adventurer and watch those damage numbers soar.

You’re bringing a squirt gun to a bonfire, and it’s ridiculously satisfying.

5. Don’t Cheap Out On Character Upgrades

DanMachi Battle Chronicle
Photo: Aiming

We get the urge to hoard your in-game currency for the next hot gacha, but don’t forget about your current team.

Upgrading your adventurers is needed, or you’ll hit a wall, hard. Spend some of that hard-earned currency on leveling them up, boosting their skills, and decking them out (figuratively).

You’re not gonna make the rarest bundle rain each day. Chill down, and work with what you have, before you spec into what you could have had.

6. Don’t Go For Every Banner

Gacha Banners
Photo: Aiming

Every new banner looks like the golden ticket to dominating the game. But unless you’re a “whale” (and if you know what that means, say no more), you’re just not gonna have enough gems to pull on every single one.

Plus, the game is always dishing out new, even stronger characters, so save up and wait for that banner that really blows your hair back. Patience can be the ultimate strategy, especially if you’re planning to go balls deep in the F2P scene!

7. Auto-Battle is Not The Solution

Special Moves Bell cranel DanMachi Battle Chronicle
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Okay, we all have those lazy moments where hitting that auto-battle button seems oh-so-tempting. Don’t. Just don’t.

This game’s AI isn’t gonna make those clutch plays for you. It’ll cast your hard-earned abilities the second they’re off cooldown, wasting them when you need them most.

Seriously, auto-battle might seem convenient, but you’ll regret it when you hit the battle ended screen.

8. Dash Has a Cooldown

Photo: Aiming

We all love that rush of using the dash to dodge an attack or close the distance, but remember; it’s not a spam button.

It’s your Get Out of Jail Free card. When that enemy is winding up for the mother of all attacks, that’s when you dash outta there.

Save it for those “Oh damn, I need not to be here” moments.

9. Power Ratings < Synergy

Skill Bell cranel DanMachi Battle Chronicle
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You might look at your characters’ raw stats and think, “Wow, this team is stacked!” Don’t be fooled.

In this game, raw Stats don’t explain the full picture of your party. Especially when most of the gameplay is skill-reliant.

Setting up the right synergy can seriously amp up your battle game, turning even a team of underdogs into a dungeon-crawling dream team.

10. Switch Characters During Battle

Shop DanMachi Battle Chronicle
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Your auto attacks stack up each character’s ultimate gauge.

So, not only is switching characters a way to keep everyone alive, but it’s also how you stack up those sweet, sweet ultimates.

Use it to dodge enemy attacks, get in some extra damage, or just keep your favorite adventurer from biting the dust before everyone else. It’s a multitool in your strategy kit.


In essence, DanMachi Battle Chronicle is THE gacha game for you as long as you keep your desires in check and practice calm and rational thinking.

Thankfully, the battles aren’t very hard, and paired with the ability to offload most of your grinding adventures to the battle AI, you’d have more time to focus on what matters. Good luck out there!

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