Cyber Rebellion Tier List – February 2024

Nivenka Stanton
Cyber Rebellion

Welcome to Cyber Rebellion, a cyberpunk-style strategic Hero Collection game in which you need to fight the invaders using warriors.

Speaking of Warriors, this tier list for Cyber Rebellion will show you exactly which warriors are available! Let’s dive right in!

Cyber Rebellion Intro

Cyber Rebellion – Rarities

Before we start with the warriors, the important thing to note is the rarity levels available. In Cyber Rebellion, there are four, namely:

  1. Normal – B Tier
  2. Rare – A Tier
  3. Epic – S Tier
  4. Legendary – SS Tier

Now we can focus on the Warriors themselves:

Normal Warriors – B Tier

Normal B Tier
PastoralRapid Shot
FrostInfantry Volley
Energy Sniping
Quick Activate
LindsayPaint Throwing
Sky Hook
LeyvaTasty Treat
Sweet Bullet
Tactics Points Conversion
SakiLeap Strike
Decisive Strike
Quick Activate
CandidoCombo Strikes
Offensive And Defensive
Defensive Field
RikBat Strike
Tornado Strike

Rare Warriors – A Tier

Rare A Tier
Pastoral – StingerPotion Toss
Couple Therapy
Stab Of Heart
Tactics Points Conversion
Frost – RangerIgnition Shot
Micro Missile
Active Grenade
Lindsay – GraffitiFancy Airbrushing
Clearance Dance
Graffiti Party
Leyva – EnlightenmentRecharge
Plush Cheering
Sharky Dance
Tactics Points Conversion
Saki – KitsunemenReverse Slash
Double Slash
Shock Assault
Quick Activate
Candido – JabQuick Hook
Blast Punch
Provocative Jab
Defensive Field
Rik – StrikerBat Bash
Crushing Bomb

Epic Warriors – S Tier

Epic S Tier
Name:Skills:Awakening Skills:
Pastoral – Plague HuntressPower Bullet
Hound Master
Multiple Prey
Tactics Points Conversion
Hunt Experience V
Pastoral – AgentsSway
– Toxic Rejuvenation V
Frost – Master ChiefSwap Shot
Warm-up Shot
Impactful Throw
– Limit Break V
Frost – FortressChain Of Slash
Fierce Spike
Shield Force
Defensive Field
– Independent Spirits V
Lindsay – Metal Panic! Flash Bullet
Flame Streak
Death Tango
Quick Activate
– Charge Trigger V
Lindsay – AmbilightClose Firing
Ride Of Comet
Colorful Carnival
– Constant Passion V
Leyva – ZealodyHealing Melody
Bursting Rhythm
Tactics Points Conversion
– Support Song V
Levya – Pixel BeatsPixel Shot
Laser Spotlight
Sparkle Blast
Tactics Points Conversion
– Cheer Up V
Saki – SakuragariBolt Shot
Vault SHot
Wind Breaker
Quick Activate
– Prepared V
Saki – Arashi KiruSweep Forward
Hannya Slash
Quick Activate
– “Deeply Engraved” V
Candido – Penalty Area KingPower Shot
Bicycle Kick
Sonic Shot
– Unstoppable V
Candido – Iron FistStruggling Sting
Stun Gyration
Iron Wall
Defensive Field
– Dreadnought Heart V
Rik – SkytroopeDouble Punch
Subduing Attack
Spiral Kick
– Fast Subduing V
Rik – GunbladeFlash Shot
Charge Shot
Blade And Gun
– Courage Boost V

Legendary Warriors – SS Tier

Legendary SS Tier
Name:Skills:Awakening Skills:
Amy – Foamy Sweet DreamEnter The Dream
Chain Hallucination
Broken Dreamscape
– Touch V
Eric – Death EyePiercing Fire
Deadly Headshot
Destructive Bursts
Quick Activate
– Hitman Instinct V
Noam – Ember In AshesGrenades Spike
Chain Of Shockwave
Immortal Moment
Defensive Field
– Tough Style V
Seer – OraclePotential Enhance
Radical Therapy
Combat Frenzy
Tactics Points conversion
– Fever Effect V
Rosa – Matrix RunnerBit Siphon
Deadlock Code
Circuit Overload
– Intrusion Protocol V
Victor – Prosthetic DoctorBeam Shot
Prosthesis Explosion
Rapid Manufacture
– Energy Circuit V
Pastoral – Hound Of DoomWarm Up
Work Together
Artemis Wings
Tactics Points Conversion
– Deep Sync V
Pastoral – Data HubDual Cutting
Network Diving
Data Nova
– Firewall V
Frost – OmenGas Circulation
System Maintenance
– Bread And Wine V
Frost – VanguardVibrate Strike
Charge Hammer
Pioneer Guards
Defensive Field
– War To End War V
Lindsay – Vermilion DawnFusing Gun
Melting Stream
Lava Smash
Quick Activate
– Electric Spark V
Lindsay – Speed To BurnWarm-up Activity
Hot Tornado
Boiling Nucleus
– Great Unity V
Leyva – Starring DivaHot Dance
Bouncing Melody
Dazzling Taps
Tactics Points Cnversion
– Passionate Diva V
Leyva – NeuromancerTargeted Current
Neuro Pulse
Overload Shock
Tactics Points Conversion
– Neuromancer V
Saki – SuzakuSearing Arrow
Hail Of Arrows
Falcon Spike
Quick Activate
Marksmanship V
Saki – ZangetsuCleave
Quick Activate
– Sunset V
Candido – Burst BoxerPower Fist
Force Breaker
– Unstoppability V
Candido – Duke SilverRocket Punch
Shield Bash
Defensive Front
Defensive Field
– Oath Of Honor V
Rik – The New OrderLightning Whip
Arcing Combo
High Voltage Chain
– Electric Vigil V
Rik – RaidenElectric Smash
Thunder Ring
Lightning Tide
– Electric Blade V
Catherine – Dirty GoldFriendly Cooperation
Favorable Contract
Invisible Hand
Tactics Points Conversion-Awaken
– Maximum Profit V
Taki – SeiryuFlash
Dragon Formation
Dragon Roar
Power Overdose-Awaken
– Settling Grudges V

Thoughts For The Day

Cyber Rebellion is a fun-to-play game for those who enjoy action and collecting warriors! Tap on the link for more games from NEOCRAFT LIMITED.

For more interesting things on Cyber Rebellion, feel free to check out these: Cyber Rebellion – Full Gameplay Guide, Cyber Rebellion – Best Team, and Cyber Rebellion – Codes. Happy Gaming!

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