Cyber Rebellion: Ultimate Gameplay Guide

June Reyes
Cyber Rebellion - intro cutscene

Cyber Rebellion is a 3D turn-based strategy RPG where you must take your role as the commander and lead a team of unique, technologically enhanced combatants against humanity’s greatest threat—the Corroded.

This game can be considered one of the best cyberpunk titles released in 2023—complete with fantastic graphics, decent storytelling, and a simple, yet engaging combat system.

Cyber Rebellion - skill animation

In this guide, we will go through every piece of useful information you’ll need to know before playing Cyber Rebellion—including some tips to help you set your account up for success in the long run.

Cyber Rebellion: Basic Gameplay, Features & Mechanics

Listed below are all the basic features and mechanics you’ll encounter while playing Cyber Rebellion.


In Cyber Rebellion, you can obtain new characters (i.e. combatants) from a gacha-based system called Recruit. Furthermore, there are three different types of banners in Recruit:

  • Permanent Recruit Banner
  • Limited Recruit Banner
  • Selection Banner
Cyber Rebellion - permanent recruit banner

The Permanent Recruit Banner stays indefinitely, while the Limited Recruit Banner stays in the Recruit System only within a set timeframe, but features higher rates for specific combatants.

The Permanent Recruit Banner has the following rates for each combatant rarities:

Combatant Rarities (Permanent Recruit)Rates
SS-Rank Combatant2.8% (1 Guaranteed per 60 pulls)
S-Rank Combatant 11.2% (1 Guaranteed per 10 pulls)
A-Rank Combatant43%
B-Rank Combatant43%
Cyber Rebellion - x10 pull results

The Selection Recruit Banner, on the other hand, can only be unlocked after you have recruited 100 times in total from other banners and disappears from the Recruit System as soon as you use it once.

Combatant Rarities (Selection Recruit)Rates
SS-Rank Combatant10% (1 Guaranteed per 10 pulls)
S-Rank Combatant 10% (1 Guaranteed per 10 pulls)
A-Rank Combatant40%
B-Rank Combatant40%

You can only pull 10 combatants here, but it is worth it since you get 1 guaranteed SS-Rank and 1 S-Rank combatant—no more, no less. You can reset your pulls until you get your desired combatants, so pick wisely!

If you pull any duplicates in any of the Recruit Banners listed above, you’ll receive the following resources instead:

Combatant Rarities (Duplicates)Duplicate Rewards
SS-Rank Combatant50 Anima Chips of the SS-Rank Combatant pulled
S-Rank Combatant 25 Anima Chips of the S-Rank Combatant pulled
A-Rank Combatant25 Basic Anima Chips
B-Rank Combatant10 Basic Anima Chips


Cyber Rebellion - world map

Cyber Rebellion is a story that revolves around a world forever changed by cutting-edge technology and body modifications. 

You can follow the main story simply by playing story stages in the World Map. Keep in mind, however, that some chapters are locked behind an account-level requirement, so make sure you play other game modes as well!

Cyber Rebellion - highlighted keyword

Another unique feature that only Cyber Rebellion and a few other games have that ties directly to storytelling is the ability to review words or phrases of interest, as shown in the image above.

By using this feature and simply clicking on any blue-colored text, you can review what unique keywords mean and how they tie into the main narrative—making it easier to follow the story!

Combatant Rarities And Classes

Cyber Rebellion - fission outcomes (Saki)

All combatants are categorized based on their rarities, which can only be increased through a power-up method called Fission:

  • SS-Rank (Highest)
  • S-Rank
  • A-Rank
  • B-Rank (Lowest)

TIP: Just because a combatant is S-Rank or lower doesn’t mean they’re completely useless. Investing in a few low-rarity characters would be wise, especially early on when you don’t have much access to SS-Rank combatants.

Cyber Rebellion - formation

There are also four different classes of combatants in Cyber Rebellion—each with their roles and specialized stats:

Combatant ClassesClass Description 
DestroyerA combatant with heavy firepower but low speed. Can use various group attacks to lower the HP of all enemies.
AssaultA combatant specialized in single-target attacks but weak in mass attack ability. Can use powerful single-target skills to execute enemy units.
TankProtects allied combatants with shields and uses unique defensive skills to protect allies from enemy attacks.
SupportA combatant who provides various buffs and uses diverse support skills to lead the squad to victory.

TIP: Make sure to diversify the combatants you put in your formations based on their class. Furthermore, we recommend investing in at least one healer, as they become increasingly indispensable in tougher battles later on.

Combat Gameplay

Cyber Rebellion - combat

In Cyber Rebellion’s combat, all units use their Basic Attack depending on their Speed stat automatically (units with higher Speed attack first). Basic Attacks then give both you and the enemy Tactics Points accordingly. 

If you fill up the Tactics Points gauge at the bottom of your screen with Tactics Points to max, you’ll be able to enter Tactics Mode, as shown in the image below:

Cyber Rebellion - tactics mode

Tactics Mode allows you to use either Unique or Ultimate Skill Cards based on which combatants you have on the battlefield during combat. You can draw one Skill Card per combatant in your formation.

The Skill Cards you draw every time you enter Tactics Mode are completely randomized, so make sure you utilize Tactics Mode to the fullest by picking the appropriate skills to execute and arranging them optimally!

Cyber Rebellion - skill card upgrade

During combat, you can also Upgrade an A-Rank, S-Rank, and SS-Rank combatant’s Skill Card up to two times by using the Energy they acquire during combat, which increases their skills’ effectiveness.

Each A-Rank to SS-Rank combatant can gain Energy by launching their basic attacks. B-Rank combatants, on the other hand, do not have the Skill Card Upgrade feature.

How To Get Stronger In Cyber Rebellion

Cyber Rebellion - combatant breakthrough

Listed below are all the ways you can increase both your account’s overall CR and your combatants’ individual performance during their battles.

Power Up MethodsRequired MaterialsPower Up Description
Combatant Level UpgradeTacDataIncreases a combatant’s level and overall stats.
Combatant BreakthroughBreakthrough MaterialsIncreases a combatant’s max level.
Combatant Skill UpgradeSkill CodesPrototype Skill CodesIncreases a combatant’s Ultimate Skill, Unique Skill, Passive Skill, or Basic Attack level.
Combatant Star UpgradeAnima Chips (Duplicates)Increases a combatant’s stats and makes them eligible for Fission.
Module Upgrade Materials
Increases a combatant’s stats and gives them various positive combat effects.
FissionFission Materials (Component Interface & Mod Components)Increases a combatant’s rarity, changes their skills, and improves their base stats.
Implant Upgrade Materials
Increases a combatant’s specific stat based on which implants are equipped or upgraded.
Commander SkillsKeepsakesIncreases the stats of all of the acquired combatants and Commander Skills.
Cyber Rebellion - combatant level up

Also, keep in mind that you can increase the strength of all your acquired combatants as a whole by using other features such as the Animus Link.

The Animus Link increases the stats of your combatants depending on how many unique combatants you’ve collected, so make sure to recruit ‘em all!

Important Items To Farm In Cyber Rebellion

Cyber Rebellion - inventory

Listed below are all the items that you should consider farming a lot of and use wisely as soon as you start playing Cyber Rebellion.

Important Items In Cyber RebellionItem Description
TesseractsUsed to recruit combatants in the gacha.
Secured CoinsUsed to buy items in the Shop and for upgrading combatants.
NeuroConsUsed as stamina in the game which is then consumed every time you clear or Blitz a stage.
CompCoresIt is the primary currency in the game. It can be used mainly to purchase items in the Shop, as well as to buy Tesseracts for recruiting.
Skill CodesUsed for upgrading a combatant’s Ultimate Skill, Unique skill, Basic Attack, or Passive Skill.
TacDataUsed for leveling up combatants.
Combatant Breakthrough MaterialsUsed for a combatant’s Breakthrough, which increases their maximum level. 
ModulesUsed to increase a combatant’s stats and provide additional status effects. 
Anima ChipsUsed for increasing a combatant’s star level and module synthesis.
ImplantsUsed to increase a combatant’s stats.
Implant Upgrade MaterialsUsed to upgrade implants and increase the stat bonuses they provide.
Fission MaterialsUsed in the Fission upgrades of S-Rank combatants.

You can easily find out where to find these items by following the short farming guide written below.

How And Where To Farm Items

It’s really easy to find items in Cyber Rebellion, as all you have to do is click on a specific item you want to farm and it’ll automatically show you where to farm them.

For example, the combatant in the image below needs one Medium Axis I for a Breakthrough. To get it, all we had to do was click on its icon, like so:

Cyber Rebellion - missing resource

Next, you’ll automatically be shown all the sources you can get it from, as well as a means to get it instantaneously through Blitz.

Blitz allows you to clear stages you’ve already completed in an instant—giving you all the clear rewards right away without actually going to battle.

Cyber Rebellion - missing resource (farm)

Make sure to keep these features in mind, as there are lots of resources you’ll have to farm this way—no matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran!

Best Cyber Rebellion Tips

Here, we have several tips that’ll help you get better at the game and make account progression way easier as you play more Cyber Rebellion.

TIP #1: Add Lots Of Friends

Cyber Rebellion - add friends

On your first day of playing, you should add as many friends as you can not only because you can socialize with them, but also because of another in-game feature called the Friendship Store.

The Friendship Store allows you to buy a lot of useful items in exchange for Friendship Badges, which you can only get from your friends.

Cyber Rebellion - friendship shop

Make sure to only keep active friends in your Friends List, however, as you’ll need every bit of Friendship Badge you can get to clear out the Friendship Store, which resets weekly.

TIP #2: Follow The Mission Guide

If you don’t know what to do during your first few hours into the game, then following the Mission Guide should be one of your main priorities.

The Mission Guide is shown right at the tutorial, and is located at the upper-left side of your screen:

Cyber Rebellion - mission guide

Clicking the Mission Guide will automatically lead you to the feature or game mode that it wants you to visit, which makes prioritizing more important tasks easier and less complicated in the early game.

Cyber Rebellion - modification

Following the Mission Guide also rewards you with a ton of resources along the way, so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t do it—especially if you’re a newbie still getting used to the game.

TIP #3: Read Skill & Character Descriptions

If you want to make the most out of the combat system and get better at it, then you’re going to have to get your hands dirty and read every single skill and character description in the game.

You can do this easily by going to your Combatant List and clicking a combatant’s skill individually, or in mid-combat by also clicking their skills.

Cyber Rebellion - skill descriptions

Reading a boss’s character or skill description may also come in handy, as this way, you’ll know what to look out for while fighting them.

Cyber Rebellion - combat settings

Just remember that reading skill descriptions can optimize the way you order your skills in Tactics Mode and also dictate which skills, in particular, would be better to use in certain situations. 

TIP #4: Participate In Events

Cyber Rebellion - event

Participating in Cyber Rebellion’s events isn’t just a suggestion, it’s a requirement. If you want to get as much out of the game as you can, especially as a F2P player, your only option is to complete every event that comes by.

Not only do events oftentimes bring new content for you to explore, but they also allow you to farm the following items for free:

  • SS-Rank and S-Rank Combatants
  • TacData
  • Tesseracts
  • Secured Coins
  • NeuroCons
  • CompCores
  • Skill Codes
  • Combatant Breakthrough Materials
  • Anima Chips
  • Component Interface
  • Mod Components
  • Implants
  • Implant Upgrade Materials

If you’d like to keep up with all current and upcoming events in Cyber Rebellion, I highly recommend joining the game’s official Discord server!

NOTE: For additional rewards, please visit our Cyber Rebellion Gift Codes article which shows all the available gift codes in the game, as well as how to redeem them!

TIP #5: Join A Club

Cyber Rebellion - clubs

Joining a Club in Cyber Rebellion, just like in other games in its genre, will give you access to exclusive features that would otherwise not be available if you don’t join, such as 

Cyber Rebellion - assist request

More importantly, the Assist Request feature is locked behind Clubs as well. This feature will give you a massive advantage even as a beginner, so you must get access to it as soon as you can.

Assist Request, hence the name, allows you to “borrow” combatants from your Clubmates in some game modes, allowing you to clear certain stages more easily depending on your choice of combatant.

Wake Up, Samurai…

Cyber Rebellion has quite a lot of content you can explore, which also means it can get a little complicated to navigate at times. This guide will help you in that regard, as it will allow you to focus on the most important things to know and prioritize before you go deeper into the game.

All in all, Cyber Rebellion is a welcome addition to the turn-based gacha RPG, and a decent game that takes some inspiration from another breathtaking title in the cyberpunk genre (*cough* Cyberpunk 2077 *cough*).

If you’d like to see other turn-based RPGs like Cyber Rebellion, feel free to visit our articles about Reverse 1999 and Final Fantasy XII: Evercrisis!

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