Cyber Rebellion Codes – December 2023

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Cyber Rebellion
(Last Updated On: November 30, 2023)

Are you seeking valid reward codes for Cyber Rebellion? Your search ends here, as this article compiles all currently active codes for enhancing your cyber combat experience in this fantastic futuristic game.

Cyber Rebellion start

Cyber Rebellion Active Codes

Seize the moment! These codes are hot and ready for redemption as of now, but their clock is ticking. Act swiftly to claim your rewards and relish the exciting advantages they bring your way!

Cyber Rebellion Code

Be reminded that complimentary in-game rewards are limited to one claim per account.

CYBERFUTUREx10 Tesseract
CR777x2 Tesseract and 20,000 Secured Coins
CRCCC7Assault Skill Code II v20
CRLLL7Keepsake: Smiling Mask
CRRRR7x10 Tesseract
CRSSS7x60 NeuroCons

Where to Find Redeemable Codes?

Redemption codes, generously provided by game developers, are a common occurrence, especially during promotions and events. Their primary function is to captivate new players and recognize users’ loyalty within the thrilling world of Cyber Rebellion.

Cyber Rebellion Social

Cyber Rebellion releases its latest codes exclusively on its active social media platform:

Stay tuned by following their social media account and actively engaging in their growing community to stay updated on upcoming releases.

How to Use the Codes?

Cyber Rebellion unlock

Now armed with the code list and aware of where to discover fresh ones in this stunning cyberpunk-inspired game, let’s guide you through the process of applying them in Cyber Rebellion.

Reach Level 20

Cyber Rebellion how-to

Start by unlocking the “Gift Code” feature in Cyber Rebellion to claim the rewards. If you’re a newcomer to the game, progress to Level 20, easily achievable by completing the tutorial and following the main quest.

Cyber Rebellion World

Alternatively, you can accumulate EXP by exploring the World Map and completing the R & D Facility stages in Cyber Rebellion.

These stages not only yield a substantial amount of experience points but also provide valuable skill codes that can be utilized to enhance your characters’ abilities.

Unlocking Gift Code Feature

Cyber Rebellion Giftunlock

Upon reaching Level 20 in Cyber Rebellion, the “Gift Code” feature will unlock automatically. Find it in your profile menu by tapping on your name at the top-left corner of your screen.

Enter your Code and Claim Rewards

Cyber Rebellion Reward

Beneath your profile, you’ll discover the Gift Code feature. Tap it, input the latest codes you’ve collected, and watch as the rewards instantly grace your account.

Keep in mind that, unlike other games where rewards are sent directly to your inventory, in Cyber Rebellion, they will be delivered to your in-game mail.

Cyber Rebellion Mail

Locate your mail by clicking the arrow icon in the upper-right corner while in the lobby. This will unveil all the available menus, including the mail section.

What Codes Do in Cyber Rebellion?

This captivating game presents a diverse array of items as rewarding gifts. These items not only enhance your characters but also summon additional allies to bolster your forces.

Cyber Rebellion Items

Maximize the benefits of these items by understanding their uses and strategically planning how to deploy them

Here is a list of items typically provided as code rewards:

Item RewardDescription
Secured CoinsThe most basic currency. Used to purchase general items.
CompCoreA rare currency used to exchange for reward items in the CompCore Store.
TesseractThe general recruitment item. Used for Cyber Rebellion’s Gacha to recruit Combatants.
NeuroConThe stamina in the game. It’s consumed in daily actions and regenerates automatically.
Skill CodeEquip these items into your Combatant to acquire skill upgrades and additional stats. The higher the Skill Code level, the more significant the stats boost provided.
KeepsakeA Keepsake is an item bestowed upon the commander (you) for decoration. The higher the rarity, the greater the number of attributes it imparts.
Exceed MaterialsThese are the Combatant breakthrough material that raises their Max Level.


Cyber Rebellion showers players with generous code rewards. As the game is best experienced with a full party of Combatants, a complimentary roll on their Gacha presents the chance to obtain S-rank characters, so stay vigilant for new codes and make the most of the rewards!

If you happen to find an expired code, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, and we’ll promptly review and update our list!

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