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Anurag Ghosh
Creepy Tale
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Creepy Tale is a point-and-click adventure game with some platform elements. Occasionally, you will have to run, jump and even hide in closets or chests to avoid direct confrontation against dangerous monsters.

Created by the “Creepy Brothers studio”, the game graphics and the hand-drawn artwork are stunning to say the least, kind of reminds me of Tintin Comics. Gameplay is smooth and puzzles are of medium difficulty.

Creepy Tale

Creepy Tale Video Walkthrough

Watch the video walkthrough below to know to how to defeat the evil witch and the librarian. You will also find the complete solution for the third chapter – the library puzzle and the ending:

How to Play

These are the controls if you are playing Creepy Tale on a Nintendo Switch:

Use the joystick to move your character. Press the B button to jump, Y button to pick objects/interact with them and X button to perform certain special tasks, such as placing mushroom next to the dead vine or playing the flute.

For PC gamers, here are the controls: Space bar – jump, Z –interact with objects, X – perform special tasks.

Make sure you enable “Tips” from the “Settings” menu if you want onscreen hints.  

It’s a short game but clever puzzles will keep you busy for a couple of hours. Check out our full Creepy Tale walkthrough to know the solutions for all puzzles:

Chapter 1: Beautiful Butterfly

In the first chapter, the protagonist’s brother is being abducted by strange creatures while he was chasing a twinkling golden butterfly.

When you and your brother are collecting mushrooms, a butterfly appears from nowhere. Your brother starts chasing it until he follows the butterfly to a seemingly empty cabin. The door shuts close behind him.

Move to the empty cabin’s window to peek through it. You will see two weird monsters – one grabbing him and another placing a thick ring around his neck, putting your brother in a state of trance.

While watching all this, you dropped the mushrooms. Move closer to the mushrooms dropped on the ground and pick one.

Now move close to the tree stump near the cabin and place the mushroom on it.

Knock the door and quickly move next to the window so that the monster does not spot you.

The monster opens the door and walks towards the tree stump to pick and eat the mushroom. Get inside the cabin. Do this before he turns around.

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The Mysterious Cabin

Inside the cabin, quickly hide in the chest before the monster is back at the shack. Make sure you close it by pressing the Y button (interaction). You will have to shut close the chest completely to hide from the monster.

Once the creature falls asleep, move out of the chest. You will have to find the exit to the shack through the back door. But it’s locked.

Move closer to the front door and take the bone used as a bolt to close the front door.

Now move next to the broken stool and fix it by attaching the bone as the third leg.

Hold the stool (use interaction button to hold it) and drag it next to the key hanging on the wall.

Jump to stand on the stool and take that back door key.

Use the key to open the backdoor and escape from the cabin.

The Underground Cave

Outside the cabin, continue walking until you find a ditch covered with dried leaves. Jump across the ditch and move behind the wooden log.

Push the wooden log towards the covered ditch. The log will fall down revealing a big underground cave. It will fall on top of a spiky trap.

Carefully descend the underground cave. Make sure you drop on top of the wooden log. Since the wooden log is in the middle of the spiky trap, you will have to jump off the log to land on the ground.

On the right side of the cave, a creature is in deep slumber. Don’t wake him up. Carefully pick the glowing purple mushroom next to him. You will wake him up if you run over the mushrooms, so make sure you pick all mushrooms on your way.

Jump over the sleeping creature and pick all purple mushrooms on your way.

You will see a giant climbing vine at the end of the underground cave. The vine leads to the exit.

Move close to the dead vine and press the “X” button to place the purple mushroom next to it.

Walk over the mushroom to crush it and its fumes will stimulate the vine. Now jump from one leaf to the other and do this quickly before the creature catches you.

Keep jumping from one leaf to another until you reach the top of the climber. Jump off the topmost leaf to reach the ground.

The Monster on the Bridge

In Creepy Tale, the bridge puzzle is a bit tricky. Here’s the solution:

Back on ground you will see a broken bridge with only two wooden planks on it.

Move to the second plank, turn around and pick the first plank. Now place the first plank in front of the second plank. Again move to the second plank and pick the plank behind it. Continue doing this until you place the planks on the middle of the bridge as shown in the screenshot below:

Make sure you place the planks closer to the end of the bridge so that you can jump off them to reach the ground easily. Place them in such a way that it will be easy for you to jump back to the bridge when the big creature chases you.

Once you have crossed the bridge, pick the wooden stick lying on the ground.

Continue walking until you find another bridge. You will see a small rectangular indentation (slot) on the bridge. Move closer to the indentation and put the wooden stick onto it. It will now act as a lever. Pulling the lever will make the middle of the bridge collapse temporarily. Don’t pull it yet.

Keep walking on the bridge until you see a monster lying motionless on the bridge. The same glowing butterfly is hovering above it.

Move a bit closer to wake up the monster and run away from it. Quickly turn back and run when you see the butterfly entering the monster.

The monster will follow you as you go back to the first bridge, the broken one, where you placed two planks on the middle of it.

Quickly jump on the planks. The monster will stop following you and turn around to go back to its lair.

Follow him to the second bridge and pull the lever when it is in the middle of the second bridge.

The middle part of the bridge will collapse and it will fall into the lake.

Pull back the lever to reinstate the bridge and escape.

Chapter 2: Obscure Side of the Forest

The Sacrificial Alter

In the next chapter, you will come across another small cabin in the woods. A creature will peek through the window.

Go inside the cabin and pick the empty bucket from the floor. Exit the cabin through the door.

Outside, you will see a well nearby. There’s also a makeshift “shadoof” or “well sweep”, which is used to lower the bucket down into the well to fill water.

Move near the well. Fasten the empty bucket to the rope. Now move next to the well sweep and press the interaction button to lower the bucket and fill water.

There’s a small twig protruding from the well sweep. Take the twig.

Take the bucket full of water and return towards the cabin. Jump off the big purple mushroom to climb up.

Move near the campfire next to the cabin and pour water on the campfire. Use the twig to separate pieces of charcoal from the extinguished campfire and pick a piece of charcoal. The charcoal has a strange looking glyph etched on it.

Go back to the big purple mushroom. Pick a tiny mushroom next to the big one:

Move to the well to fill your bucket with water again. Take the bucket of water.

Go inside the cabin. There’s a pot near the window. Plant the tiny mushroom on the pot and pour water into the pot. The mushroom will grow bigger:

Now drag the pot to the middle of the cabin and jump on the mushroom. You will bounce off the mushroom to reach the top floor, where a harmless creature will be hiding underneath the bed.

Pick the knitting needle stuck onto the pillow next to the bed. Exit the cabin.

Take the sacrificial lamb hanging from a clothesline rope. Now keep walking until you reach the sacrificial alter at the end of the forest. There’s a stone door beneath an old tree. It has glyphs etched on it. You will have to sacrifice something to let the door open.

Move closer to the stone alter and press the interaction button. Your character will prick his finger with the knitting needle to draw some blood. Blood will drop on the rocky alter. Now press the interaction button again to place the skinned lamb. A lightning will strike on the lamb and the glyphs will glow up. The stone door will open. Enter a treehouse through the opening.

The Witch’s Lair

The witch’s lair is divided into two floors – there will be three rooms on the top floor, where the witch keeps moving from one room to the other. In this episode, there’s a lot of hide and seek involved.

Creepy Tale's witch.

Your objective is to make a potion to kill the witch so that you can take the key hanging from her neck to escape her lair.

Check out our Creepy Tale video walkthrough in this article to find out how to tackle the gruesome Witch.

You might find these hints interesting:

 – Make sure you move the curtain to reveal a small locked cupboard in the top floor’s first room. Do this right in the beginning to save some time as the witch is pretty quick when she moves from one room to the other.

  – Hide in the wardrobe to avoid her.

 – You will need three mushrooms to make the deadly potion – blue, yellow and red. Watch the video walkthrough above to know how to make the potion.

 – There’s a key hidden beneath the pillow on the bed downstairs. Jump on the bed to move the pillow and take key. This key should be used to open the small cupboard in the top floor’s first room.

 – After using the key to open the cupboard, take the empty corked glass bottle. Don’t forget to close the cupboard. If you keep it open, it will alert the witch if she sees it and she may catch you before you go downstairs.

Sweet Dreams

Once you escape from the witch’s lair, you will find your way to a large tree. There will be two big “tree hollows” on the base and upper trunk of the tree.

Peek into the base hollow and take the flute. Now jump off the purple mushroom to land on the upper branch. Peek into the second tree hollow and take a glowing yellow orb.

Now head straight to the tree house and use the yellow orb to open the locked door. Your character will place the yellow orb on the lot to open the door.

Inside the tree house, you will see a forest creature sleeping peacefully on his bed. He will see you and flee from his house, fearing an intruder.

Now go outside and jump off the purple mushroom to land on the tree branch. You will see the frightened creature perched high above, sitting on the top tree branch.

Play the flute by pressing the X button. You will play a wrong tune and the irritated creature will throw a hazelnut at you. You will have to play the correct, melodious tune to get something from the forest creature.

Go inside the tree house. You will find a bed, a lever on the right and strange symbols hanging from a string, above the bed.

If you sleep on the bed, you will either have nightmares or pleasant dreams, shown by a callout above your character. Good or bad dreams actually depend on the symbol above the bed.

Using the lever, you will have to pull the right symbol above the bed, then move closer to the bed to sleep and a dream will be displayed in a callout.

Pushing the lever forward will move the symbols forward and pushing it back will make them run backwards. Sliding the lever to the middle will stop the symbols from moving. 

When a symbol is above the bed, make sure it also glows, and only one symbol should be glowing above the bed. The glow is because of the light reflected from the lamp below it.

In Creepy Tale, the dream puzzle will help you find the right tune for your flute. Now here’s what you should do:

 – Using the lever, move the blue owl symbol above the bed. Make sure it’s just above the bed and glowing.

 – Now lie on the bed to have a pleasant dream of your character playing the flute. The tune played in the dream is the correct tune.

 – Go out and jump off the purple mushroom to land on the branch. Play the flute again. The tune will be different and melodious, just like the dream you had. This time, the forest creature will applaud and drop a yellow glowing orb into the tree hollow near him.

 – Descend from the branch and peek into the hollow at the base of the tree. Take the yellow orb and go back to the tree house.

 – Place the yellow orb on the backdoor to open it. The second yellow orb will be used to exit the treehouse.

The Giant Tree

But it’s not over yet, once you exit the treehouse, you will come across a giant tree monster. Go near it and it will pick you up and fling you, ending your life. You will have to use your flute again to avoid being thrown by the giant monster. Here’s how to solve Creepy Tale’s tree puzzle:

You must grow tomatoes in three plants in this stage to avoid being thrown by the monster tree.

These three plants can be found scattered all over this place:

The first plant can be found in the beginning, near the first tree, where you found the flute and the yellow orb. Move near that plant and play the flute to grow a tomato magically. Play the flute only twice to ripen the fruit.

The second tomato plant is next to the purple mushroom, just below the first tree’s branch. Go near this plant and play the flute twice.

The third tomato plant is near the giant monster tree. Move your character near this plant follow the above steps. You can now go past the giant tree peacefully, but it will take your flute and crush it before leaving.

At the end, you will see two monsters carrying the main villain, an evil little evil princess, in a palanquin. You don’t have to do anything as your character will hide behind bushes when she starts inspecting.

Chapter 3: Little Evil

In Creepy Tale’s final chapter, there will be three fortified buildings – the first one is the library, the second harbors a room that has strange machinery and contraptions and the third one is the little evil’s lair. You can’t access the third building. You will have to access it through the second building, the middle building.

The Library in Creepy Tale

This stage not only lets you tackle the evil monster librarian, but also solve a draughts/checkers-based puzzle. Watch our video walkthrough on the beginning of this article to know how to solve the puzzle and also defeat the librarian:

Some tips to complete this stage:

First things first – Collect the fishing rod from the middle floor in the library building.

Next, run to the second building, the middle one, and take the bell:

On the second building, the left side of the screen, there’s a lever on the top wall. There will be four small elevators below the lever that will help you move up to pull the lever.

You will have to put your feet on the right pedal on one of the four elevators to move up. There will be a certain combination or pedals to move up, close to the lever and if you get the combination right, you will easily reach the lever. The elevator pedal combination is randomly generated, and you can move up successfully after some trial and error. This puzzle’s easy.

Once you pull the lever on the wall, the elevator on the right will descend. Move to that elevator and pull the level on it to move up to the stone slab platform. Now take the bell lying on the corner of the platform.

In the library building, make sure you drag the potted plant to the end of the stairs, to the extreme right side of the screen. You can hide behind the potted plant when the old librarian descends the stairs to check who’s ringing the bell on the first (ground) floor.

You will need stone pieces to solve the checkers puzzle in the library building. The first three pieces can be found in the first and second floor, hidden on books in the shelves. Make sure you collect them before luring the librarian using the bell.

Once you are at the topmost floor of the library (the fourth floor), you will find a stone piece lying next to a pile of books. On the same floor, pick the mask lying on the corner on the extreme right side of the screen. Move closer to the caged crow and press the interaction button to wear the mask and scare the crow. She will drop the fifth stone. The sixth stone is already on the checkers/draughts board.

Go outside, past the last building to find a pier at the far end of the fortress. Using the fishing rod, catch fish. The fish will be used to distract the attention the librarian so that you can solve the checkers puzzle peacefully. Without distracting his attention you won’t be able to solve the puzzle.

Solving the checkers puzzle will grant a key, which will be used to activate a series of platforms in the middle building.

The fishing rod is extremely useful in the middle building: Use it to pull the lever, which is attached to the end of the stone slab – this is where you found the bell.

You will also use it to pull the ladder, when you are standing on the second stone slab. Use the fishing rod in the middle building, once you activate platforms using the key you received from the checkers puzzle.

Find access to the evil princess’s lair through the middle building. Once you are at the balcony of the middle building, jump off the balcony and three friendly ghosts will save you from falling to death. Move them to the third building where they will drop you into the third building’s balcony.

Awakening the Monster

The final episode of the third chapter, Little Evil, will drop you at the princess’s lair, where you will have to free a monster and use it to defeat the evil princess and her minion. You will also have to find and rescue your abducted brother.

On the first floor (ground floor), you will find a mysterious book. Move near the book and press the interaction button to read it. There will be symbols and a strange hand-written script on the first two pages, but that’s not what you should look for.

On the bottom of the left page are five dots. These dots are just below the electrified monster and human drawing.

These dots are hints to prepare a potion to summon the monster chained on the top floor. These dots represent the five liquids in test tubes on the top floor.

Pay attention to the black dots. These black dots represent the combination of first, fourth and fifth liquids to make a rejuvenation potion for the chained monster.

Go upstairs to get to the laboratory. On the left are small glass jars with dead butterflies inside each glass jar. Take a glass jar with the dead butterfly in it.

Move to the lab on the right. The laboratory has five strange colored liquids in test tubes, glass beakers, pipes and a big glass jar placed firmly on the ground.

Press the interaction button to enter the lab. Use a combination of the first, fourth and fifth liquids to create the rejuvenation potion. Make sure you turn on the burner to prepare the potion. The potion will be collected on the big glass jar on the ground.

Now move closer to the big glass jar and dip the dead butterfly into it. The protagonist will then put the soaked butterfly back to the small glass jar.

Move to the chained monster’s lair. It’s on the next room, same floor. Move near the chained monster and press the interaction button to release the butterfly. You will notice that it has turned blue in color. The chained monster will swallow the blue butterfly and stand up, feeling rejuvenated and stronger.

Go back to the lab room and drain the liquid. Move to the knob next to the glass jar, where all the potion was collected. Interact with the knob to get rid of the old liquid. You must drain it as you will have to make another potion. This potion will transfer your soul to the monster. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Go downstairs and take the carrot from the second room. The carrot will be on the table. Be careful as the evil princess and her minion will be present in this room. Move to this room when princess’s minion follows her to the third room.

Take the carrot and read the book again. This time, pay attention to the series of dots on the second page. These dots are displayed on the top-right corner of the second page.

Make note of the three black dots as they represent the second, third and fourth liquid. You will have to combine these liquids to make another potion.

Now go back to the lab, combine the second, third and fourth liquids to create a pale coffee colored potion. This potion will again be collected on the big glass jar placed on the ground.

Soak the carrot in this potion and feed it to the monster. Your soul will be transferred to the monster. You can now control the monster.

Go downstairs. Move the monster to the room where the evil princess and her minion are roaming around the second and third rooms.

The monster will grab her minion by the neck, press the interaction button to eliminate it. The princess will flee to the third room. Move to the third room and the monster will get rid of her. The creature will then become unconscious and you can control your character again.

Activate the Butterfly

With your character back in control, go downstairs and move to the same third room where the monster just killed the evil princess.

There will be a butterfly glyph etched on the stone wall. The abacus-like puzzle is beneath the butterfly symbol in the third room, where the princess’s body lies motionless.

You will have to slide the correct rings to activate the butterfly symbol. This will give you access to secret underground rooms of this building.

Here’s how to solve the puzzle:

There will be five rings on the top and three rings on the bottom:

1. On the top, slide the first three rings to the right.

2. Bottom, slide the first ring to the right.

This will make the butterfly’s left antenna glow. 

3. Now slide the first two rings on the top and then slide the second ring on the bottom part. This will activate the second antenna.

4. Slide the first four rings on the top and then slide the last ring on the bottom. All parts of the butterfly’s body will glow.

The door with the butterfly symbol in the second room, where the dead minion body lies motionless, will slide open.

Enter this door to go downstairs. This room has several colored butterflies inside small jars shelves. Take the ladder placed on the extreme right side of this room. There are four shelves and the door in the middle.  Two shelves are on the left of the door and two on the right. You will get the key on the second shelf, left of the door. Move the ladder near the second shelf and jump to the top of the ladder to take the key.

Use the key on the slot near the lever on the extreme left side of the room. Now pull the lever to descend.

While descending, you will witness a horrific scene. Zombified boys with the rings around them! There are so many of them.

Descend to the last floor and run straight to the last boy. Use the interaction button to free him from that ring around his neck. That’s it. You have rescued your brother.

The ending.

Congratulations! You have defeated the evil princess and her minion and freed your dear bother from their clutches. Well, that’s how Creepy Tale ends. I guess there’s only a single good ending. Let me know in the comments section if you find any alternate endings.

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