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Credits in Honkai Star Rail are the main currency in the game. While the Interastral Peace Corporation uses credits to settle accounts, Trailblazers use them for upgrades and purchasing enhancing materials for characters, relics, and light cones.

With credits mainly one of the resources used for every upgrade and trace progression, it’s inevitable that you will eventually deplete them. In this article, I’ll guide you through the most efficient methods for farming credits in Honkai Star Rail.

Credits from Calyx (Golden)

Farming Calyx (Golden), Bud of Treasures, should be your primary source for Credits in Honkai Star Rail. For 10 Trailbalze Power, you will receive 25,500 credits. That’s 147,000 credits for the six attempts (60 Trailblaze Power) in Difficulty V.

If you have no other uses for your Trailblaze Power, spend it all on Calyx (Golden) Bud of Treasures before logging out.

Claim Trailblaze Level Rewards

Claim your Reward from Pom-Pom at the Parlor Car each time your Trailblazer Level increases in Honkai Star Rail. You will receive different rewards for every milestone, including credits.

Completing Quest and Daily Training

If you’re running low on Trailblazer Power for farming, there’s another approach: completing every mission and daily training. Check your Mission Log to find a list of unfinished side quests, daily training, and permanent missions, all offering valuable rewards.

Simulated Universe

Completing Simulated Universe Points weekly yields rewards and more once you have defeated the Domain Elite or Domain Boss. The point rewards will be reset every Monday at 4:00 (Server time). Credits are obtained from rewards and monster drops.

You can continuously farm Simulated Universe even after claiming the weekly rewards. Defeating monsters in every stage yields a small amount of currency.

Do Limited-Time Events

Every after updates, Honkai Star Rail releases Limited-Time events for players to explore and indulge in, offering many rewards and resources. Check your Travel Log for any active missions and complete them before the duration date.

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Clear the Forgotten Hall

There are twelve to fifteen stages available in Forgotten Halls, and once you have met the conditions, you will receive Stellar Jades and currency as gratifying rewards.

Forgotten Hall contains two types of stages, “Memory” and “Memory of Chaos”.

The former involves stages that will be unlocked gradually as you continue your exploration, while the latter features stages of higher difficulty with content and rewards updated periodically.

Open Treasure Chests

You can find Treasure Chests scattered throughout the world, yielding different rewards once opened. Some give minor upgrade materials; most provide you with currency.

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Defeat Warp Trotters

Warp Trotter is an enemy member of the Cosmos faction. Similar to treasure chests, they are scattered worldwide and yield small rewards when captured and defeated. These interdimensional creatures are docile in nature but flee once they catch sight of you.

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Defeat Overworld Enemies

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This route is time-consuming and requires a bit of effort to complete. Without using Trailblazer Power, you can farm all the overworld mobs daily on each planet, which drops currency.

These mobs will reappear on server reset. You will get at least 250 per battle.

Destroy Destructable Objects

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While farming overworld mobs, destroy the destructible objects on every map. Similar to overworld mobs, these objects reappear every after the server reset. Although it only yields a small amount of credits, it is still worth collecting.

Buy from World Shop

Every world contains a World Shop. You can explore and do an adventure mission in the world to obtain its unique currency and use it in the corresponding World Shop to purchase recipes, relics, materials, and even Credits.

To spot them, check your main and look for a paper bag icon with symbols (as indicated in the photo). Currently, World Shop is found in Herta Space Station, Jarilo-VI, and The Xianzhou Luofu.

Buy from Embers Exchange

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Not highly recommended, as Undying Embers can only be obtained by Warping characters from the banner.

Undying Embers are best used to purchase the Star Rail Special Pass and Star Rail Pass. Nevertheless, this remains one of the easiest alternatives for obtaining credits.


By far, farming from Calyx (Golden) Bud of Treasures is the easiest and most efficient way of gaining Credits. The second would be the Simulated Universe and Permanent and Limited-Time Events.

Ensure you use up all your Trailblazer Power before logging off to allow it to replenish and maximize your farming the next time you log in.

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