Creature Quest Receives an Easter Update Boasting Bunnies and Bonuses

Bunny Buddies
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

VC Mobile’s addictive Creature Quest sucks you in with its mix of RPG and strategy elements. This Easter, there are even more features to keep critter collectors keen.

First off, the Easter Bunny might bring you a Bunny Box full of in-game treats this April. Every Diamond Summon has a chance of rewarding you with one, and inside is a Yellow Creature to add to your collection. Three of these are Legendary status, including the brand new Sandworm!

Bunny Buddies

There’s also a fresh quest called Poached Eggs in which it’s up to you to stop the Sandworm from cracking all the Spring Bunny’s eggs! By beating the rascal in battle, you’ll get the chance to capture an Epic Goliath Beetle, a Rare Kobold Apprentice or a Rare Contenderoo. The event is available for a limited time only so hop to it!

If that wasn’t enough seasonal fun for you, then this will put a spring in your step. Spring Fling rewards you with lots of goodies for checking in to Creature Quest on each of the 8 days of the event.

Earlier this week, Creature Quest also enjoyed a new update ushering in some welcome tweaks to existing gameplay modes, with a revamped Battle Tower mode as well as a new three tiers system added to Dungeon Challenge – offering better matching and potential rewards.

So with plenty of additional content to get stuck into, Easter looks like the perfect time to start your Creature Quest.

Make sure you update the game on your iOS and Android devices.