Crazy Taxi Idle Tycoon Guide: Tips and Hints for Beginners

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Crazy Taxi idle Tycoon (formerly: Gazillionaire) is an idle clicker game from Sega. While the first game named City Rush had one-touch driving controls and allowed players to explore the city, drive crazy and perform stunts, this game is all about building and managing a fleet of cabs.

Prestige Megacorporation, a greedy rideshare company is eating up all your profits and you have no choice but to build your own fleet of crazy cabs, earn lots of money to challenge the greedy corporate machine.

With a unique top-down perspective, the game gives you a birds-eye view of the entire city. It lets you pick up passengers by tapping markers that appear on the screen.

A passenger pays when your cab takes him/her to his destination, which is highlighted in green.

As you progress, you will be able to expand your taxi empire by hiring new drivers and purchasing snazzy taxis.

Your cabs will also perform crazy stunts earning bonus cash for you. Picking up VIP passengers will let you rake in more cash, but there are various ways to amass wealth. These quick tips and hints will help you make more bucks, build and expand your fleet of taxis and take on Prestige Megacorp:

1. Upgrade Cabs to Earn More Cash per Hour

The money you get from your passengers can be used to upgrade taxis. Upgraded cabs earn cash all the time, even when you are not playing.

A bird's eye view of your cab fleet in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire

Upgrading increases a cab’s fare per hour. Tap the taxi button on the lower-left corner of the screen and then tap upgrade to increase earnings per hour.

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2. Tap Refuel to Boost Your Earnings

You can boost your earnings by tapping the “Refuel” icon at the top-left corner of the screen. Tapping it will double the amount that you earn from all cabs on the road. You can upgrade refuel to increase the multiplier. Have a look at “All Multipliers” before pressing the upgrade button.

3. Get Bonus Cash and Diamonds

Tap the “Prestige” blimp (barrage balloon) to get a random prize. Besides the blimp, look for helicopters and tap them to get extra bucks. To get diamonds, you will need to complete contracts. Save and use diamonds to buy scratch tickets.

4. How to Get Scratch Tickets

Complete milestones to get items such as the scratch ticket. Once you get a scratch ticket, tap the briefcase icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen and then tap a ticket. It will be delivered to you after a few hours.

When delivered, scratch on an empty space by rubbing the screen to reveal prizes. You can get new driver licenses or cash. You can scratch additional spaces, but you will need bucks to do that. Another way to get a scratch ticket is to watch a short video. You can get such offers on random occasions.

5. Purchase a New Taxi and Pick a Driver That Earns More than Others

In Crazy Taxi Idle Tycoon, the more drivers you unlock, the more money you will earn. When you hire a cabbie, do check his/her earnings per hour. Some earn more than others.

Purchase and upgrade a new taxi

Don’t forget to purchase a new taxi once you have unlocked cabbies. Buy a cab with the money earned from passengers and pick a driver. If you have unlocked more than one driver and have only one taxi, then select the one that earns more cash per hour.

6. Promote a Cabbie with Licenses

Upgrade a cabbie by promoting him. You will need licenses, which can be found in scratch tickets or through taxi upgrades. You can promote a cabbie by finding more of his licenses.

Tap the third icon on the bottom of the screen to bring a list of unlocked cabbies and then tap a license of an unlocked character to see how many more licenses are needed to unlock him. You can see requirements at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

7. How to Pull off Stunts and Get a Quick Earnings Boost

Crazy Taxi Idle Tycoon has a unique “stunt” gameplay system. Whenever a stunt icon appears on the screen, tap it and your taxi will perform some insane acts. Besides the visual treat, you also earn extra buck every time a cabbie pulls off a stunt on the roads. The stunt icon appears more frequently when there are more taxis on the road.

Keep an eye on the Crazy taxi logo and tap it to trigger a 5x earnings boost for a few seconds. You are lucky if you see the stunts icon immediately after tapping the boost icon. You get more money from VIPs than regular passengers. VIP passenger icons glow and are golden in color.