Crab Lab Cure Guide

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Crab Lab Cure in Roblox

Crab Lab is a Roblox experience filled with subaquatic dangers. Your mission is to keep the submarine running by keeping its vitals in check and neutralizing monster infestations.

Getting the cure is one way to keep your submerged laboratory functioning. But how do you obtain it? What exactly does it do?

This Roblox guide for the Crab Lab cure will help answer these questions.

Crab Lab - Roblox - Intro
Photo: RCM Games

What is the Crab Lab Cure?

Some of the most aggravating monsters you’ll encounter in this Crab Lab – Roblox game are crabs. You can’t escape them when they grab you. These crustaceans are hard to get rid of, and they are everywhere.

You can eliminate them with guns or lure them toward laser doors, but they will just spawn back.

Luring crabs to laser doors
Photo: RCM Games

The only way to wipe them out all at once is by getting the cure, which is in a lab canister. The pesky crabs will all be gone once you or someone else on the same server obtains the cure. So, the big question is, how do you get it?

How Can You Obtain the Cure?

To acquire the cure, you need to go to Sector 1. You’ll find the Cure Research area at the northernmost point, near the Sector 2 entrance. When going there, avoid crabs as much as possible to finish the job quickly.

Cure Research
Photo: RCM Games

Use the Vaccine Machine. You need to guess the correct sequence of three numbers by tapping the number buttons and pressing Create.

Vaccine Machine
Photo: RCM Games

Try different combos because it won’t be the same for every Roblox player. After you click the Create button, pick the vaccine from your inventory list below and place it in one of the Vaccine Gas Tests.

Guessing the Vaccine Combo

Test monitors will tell you how many numbers you got right. It indicates that your first number is good if it says you have one number correct. If it says two numbers are right, you don’t have to change your first two.

Vaccine Gas Test
Photo: RCM Games

This system makes guessing easier. Once you have one number right, you can just start from zero in the second slot and slowly increase the numbers until you get the right one. Then, you just repeat the process for the third number.

When you get all the numbers right, the cure will immediately be placed in your inventory.

How Do You Activate the Cure?

When you have the cure in hand, it won’t immediately take effect. You’ll still see crabs crawling in every corner. To activate the item, you have to go to the storage room in Sector 1.

At the center of the room, you will see a canister slot that says, ‘Enter Cure Here.’ Place the cure there, and all the crabs in the Crab Lab will be out of sight for good.

Entering the cure in Storage
Photo: RCM Games

Final Words

There’s a lot of stuff to do in Crab Lab. However, you should always make it your priority to get the cure and exterminate the crab infestation. This will make it easier for you to do the more essential things to beat the game.

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