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Cover Fire Walkthrough, Tips and Strategies

If you have played Kill Shot Bravo, then you will love everything about Cover Fire. The stunning, almost console-quality visuals look amazing on your smartphone and tablet PC and the missions are pretty fast-paced.

Most missions will let you engage in close quarters combat, taking cover behind barricades and walls and shooting down enemies. However, there are also quite a few action-packed levels that let you move around in SUVs and choppers, hunting for bad guys in moving vehicles or attacking your team member.

Missions are broadly divided into assault, sniper and “vehicle”. The final mission in every campaign ends with confronting a tough opponent, and it may take a few retries before you can kill the boss.

With the the help of this walkthrough, tips and strategies, you will be able to choose a better team according to a mission type, know your characters and the skills they posses and find out how to win boss levels:

1. Select the Best Character Based on Mission Types

In campaign mode, you will come across different types of missions. There are 4 major mission types: Assault, Sniper, hacking and vehicle missions.

In Assault missions, you will be behind cover, shooting at enemies. In Sniper Missions, you will be protecting a friendly unit by killing enemies with your sniper rifle. In vehicle missions, you will be in a moving vehicle, attacking enemies.

Cover Fire

When you tap the campaign screen, you will see various mission icons. Assault missions have a bullet symbol, sniper missions have a scope symbol and vehicle missions have the symbol of a land or air vehicle. Now that you know what those symbols are, you can change your team and have the best snipers or gunners in your team as per the type of mission:

Tap “Characters” in the “Customize Your Team” section and choose a character from your unlocked heroes. Select a character you think would be fit for that particular mission:

For example: If there’s a sniper mission ahead and you have unlocked a few snipers, choose someone with a skill that you feel will be a good choice against enemies. See the “Habilidades” section under each character to know his/her skills and compare those abilities with your current character.

Example: Sniper Liu Wong has two special skills: Bullet damage and Perforation Length, whereas Sniper Rose Kitty specializes on Reload. You can choose Liu if you feel the Bullet Damage skill would be a better option in that mission.

Also, make sure the skill has been upgraded. Some characters come with higher skill stats from the beginning, but their skills can be upgraded further. You will get 10 percent Reload and 5 percent cover if you choose Rose Kitty as your sniper character.

2. Know Your Character Skills

Each character has unique skills that play a big role in battle. You will need to upgrade their skills by collecting skill cards. When you upgrade a skill card, your character’s skill increases by a certain percentage.

With upgraded skills, your character becomes stronger in dealing with enemies. You can get these skill cards as mission rewards, daily rewards or from free crates.

Here’s a list of skills, their use in battle and the characters specializing in them:

1. Clip Size (Jack Miller, Assault): Increases your “Assault character’s” magazine capacity.

2. Bullet Damage (Liu Wong, Sniper. Kevin Jacob, Assault. West Walker, Assault. The Gentleman, Assault. Skull, Assault. Ninja, Assault. Forever Alone, Assault.): Upgrade this skill to increase the damage of each bullet

3. Reaction Time and Reactive Shield (Vladimir, Demolition. Brazzet, Demolition): Reaction Time increases the time to destroy hand grenades and other explosive devices. Reactive Shield increases

4. Critical Hit (Samantha Fox, Hacker. West Walker, Hacker. Ramboat, Assault. Skull. Ninja. Forever Alone. ): Chances of critical damage to enemies.

5. Camouflage (Samantha Fox, Hacker, Ramboat): With camouflage upgraded, enemies will take more time to trigger the alert. So you still have a chance to take down all of them before the alert goes off.

6. Reload (Kevin Jacob, Assault. Rose Kitty, Sniper. Brazzet, Demolition. The Gentleman, Assault): Faster Reloading

7. Cover (Rose Kitty, Steve Rex, Assault): Covers (barricades etc.) will be able to endure more damage

8. Health (Steve Rex, Assault): Improves health for each mission.

Each time you upgrade a skill after collecting the required number of cards, you also increase the combat level (orange shield icon). A higher combat level is a must if you want to unlock new missions/chapters and win them comfortably.

3. Decrease Skill Upgrade Time

So you have collected the required number of cards for a particular skill and are looking to upgrade it. Well, upgrading skills can take some time, and there are two ways to reduce the number of minutes it takes for a full upgrade.

The first method is a bit costly and requires players to spend gold bars. Players should try the second method, which involves watching a short video to reduce 25 percent of time.

Just head straight to the skills section and tap a skill which is being upgraded. You will notice a blue bar underneath the “complete now” bar. Tap it and watch a short clip to reduce 25% time. You can use this method multiple times if you want to keep reducing the time taken to fully upgrade a skill.

4. How to Deal with Mission Bosses

In boss battles, wait for the moment when the enemy stops firing and turns his back to you. The boss’s foot soldiers can be a nuisance and will attack you when firing. You can eliminate them one by one to proceed to the next area.

There will be a limited number of enemies, and you should kill them first until it’s just you and the boss. You can then take cover when he is firing and attack when he stops firing and moves away from you. Keep an eye on grenades and make sure you destroy them before they drop on the ground.

5. How to Destroy Moving Vehicles with RPG

If you are in a moving vehicle (chopper or jeep) and you have been tasked to attack moving vehicles, then the best way to take them down is to move the aim ahead of their vehicles and press the fire button.

Don’t move the aim directly on a moving vehicle. Episode 2, stage 9 is one example. In that mission you will have to destroy moving SUVs. You just have to move the aim ahead of an SUV and quickly tap the fire button to get an accurate hit.

6. Types of Crates and What Do You Get from Them

There are three types of crates: Classic, Rare and Epic. You can buy a classic crate with in-game cash, and a Rare/Epic crate with gold bars (premium currency). You also get free crates daily. The crate icon at the top-left will have a tiny yellow notification when all three free crates are available.

The Classic crate contains cash and skill cards. Rare crate usually contains skill cards. Chances of getting character cards are higher when you open the free Epic crate. You can also get tournament tickets from free crates.

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  1. This is a great game, but there’s nothing that jerks my chain more than one these games actually cheat you!

    I have several skills maxed and hundreds of cards in the same skills yet when I have a backup increase on one that isn’t I come back in and it’s removed.

    Not at all my idea of a game that keeps me returning.

    • I think, for present, Yes. But you have already noticed that crates and missions still gives you Skill Cards. When more episodes are released, skills needs to be upgraded to attain perfect combat level for a particular mission.

  2. Hey please can someone tell me what happened, i used to have both campaign and pro. But i stopped playing for a while, then we i resumed it did two things.
    1 started the whole game over again.
    2 no more pro section only campaign.
    I have upgraded twice and am in chapter 11 now bazooka boss.
    Please how can i get the pro back

    • Use slo-mo perk. Choose character and guns that has Bullet Damage skill.

      Use slo-mo instantly when the flying objects forms group. Take down the drones within slomo period.

      You will need, 2 Slo Mo perks and 2 health perk.

      Use slo mo only to destroy boss. Use health perk one time during fight and the other one when you board the shuttle to Complete mission with 60% health.

  3. I’m om board 6-8 and the chopper that I am in won’t site on my target’s, plus I have to shoot the enemy several times which prevents me from finishing the board, any help

  4. After completing a full session of sniper ops. At the time of receiving last the msg is displayed “NO SKIRMISH”.
    what is this?

  5. Hello boss, I am on ‘awakening’ episode/stage now.
    I have a problem here for two weeks on Drone section.
    I can’t be accurate in my shooting using drone. I have been spending more than 15 perks and time on stopwatch, and still can’t hit any enemy. Please help me with the drone. Really drives me crazy. And I’m forty, being tantrum at 40 is not good for health.
    I need help on the drone. How can I gain accuracy in my shooting, please?

    • In missions where you will have to eliminate all enemies without being detected, you will first have to take out an enemy whose isolated from the rest. However, there are high chances that other enemies will be alerted to the sound of a sniper rifle’s shot. When a guard is alerted of a rifle shot, a bell icon with a red detection meter appears above him, suggesting that he will detect your presence anytime once the detection meter is full. You will have to eliminate him before the detection meter fills up.

    • Cover Fire follows a very different method of equipping weapons to a character. There are three major types of weapons – Assault, Sniper and Demolition. Each weapon type is tied to a particular mission, so an assault weapon type is automatically used in assault missions, a sniper rifle is used in sniper missions etc. Also, a weapon will be equipped only to a matching character. A sniper weapon type can be equipped only to a “Sniper” character such as Liu Wong or a Rose Kitty. An assault weapon can be equipped to “Assault” characters such as Jack Miller or the Ninja. Like weapons, characters can also be divided into Assault, Sniper and Demolition types. You can check a character and weapon’s type under “Team”.

      Here’s how you can equip weapon to a character with the help of the following example:

      When you unlock more than one assault weapon, you can easily equip any one of them to your main assault character – Jack Miller (the bearded one). Make sure Jack Miller is selected. Now tap “Team” and then tap on the Weapons tab. Tap on a assault weapon portrait on the bottom of the screen and then tap “Select” to equip that weapon to Miller. Now tap Miller’s portrait on the character screen and you will see him wielding the selected weapon.

  6. What is the point of skill cards in the crates that I received? They don’t seem to make a difference in gameplay and have any effect on my characters skills? Seems just a waste of extra credits I could get especially perks! Can anyone explain?

    • You will have to collect a certain number of skill cards of that particular skill to level it up and only then you can see a difference. For example: To upgrade or level up “Cover” skill to level 6, you will need 30 Cover Skill cards. An upgraded Cover can resist more damage during combat. When you upgrade this skill to level 6, you will get a +10% damage resistance to your covers when fighting enemies.

      On your Home screen , tap the “Skills” section to access a list of skills. Tap a skill’s portrait and then tap “info”. You will see the potential effect of that skill after upgrading (shown in percentages). The game also shows a before and after video snippet under each skill suggesting how an upgrade will affect it after you have leveled it up.

    • When the mission begins, kill the masked enemy behind cover first. Two more enemies will appear on the screen. Now shoot the jeep. It will explode killing 3 enemies. You will complete the “kill 3 enemies with one shot” objective.

  7. Hi guys, I have completed episode 11. I feel like I am on the edge of my life as there are no more episodes. Does anyone know about episode 12 release date? No updates available on google play store. Thanks.

  8. I just started playing this game. Its been great so far but how do I get to the daily tasks? Where do I go for them? I have yet to receive this option and I am about at the end of the 1st level. Can someone please help?

    • Well you can check daily rewards on the 4th icon in the left corner bar, but unfortunately there are no special daily tasks missions. You’ll have to replay missions if you want to earn gold, perks or skills (great way to exercise accuracy and gather money for skill-upgrading).

  9. Hi i have question. What is magazine? What does it means by “use only 6 magazine” “use all magazine”. I cant figure it what is the magazine.

    • Magazine is a storage device in your gun that is filled with ammunition. When you are out of bullets, your character discards his weapon’s empty magazine and replaces it with a new one, this basically means he is reloading the weapon. When the objective states use only 6 magazines, it means you will have to complete the mission by reloading only 6 times. You can increase your magazine capacity so that your character does not reload quickly by upgrading the “Clip Size” skill.

  10. In cold fortress, air support, 7/9, any clue to clear this stage? Hv been struggling since a month. Too much instability as the drone is moving, I tried with different sensitivity level but does not work, max I’ve been able to kill is 10 out of 21 enemies. Any tips, tricks? Which card should b upgraded ?

    • When you are leaving the first room on your left and is about to go across the main corridor use the time perk to slow everything down. Kill as much enemies as you can that will reduce hits taken and help you accomplish the head shot task.

  11. Completed all levels to three stars except for “7-3 At the right time”. Always get detected at the third phase of the level by the soldier on the right because he is too far right to target before his alert status triggers. Tried pauses at various times leading up to that point but haven’t found the solution. Any tips? Thanks.

    • While I can’t say if there’s a certain way to increase weapon accuracy, you can upgrade these skill cards to increase damage and impact:

      1. Bullet Strike: Bullets travel further after impact and hit more number of enemies. With an upgraded card you can go for double/triple kills if enemies are aligned in a straight line.

      2. Bullet Damage: Increases the damage of each bullet.

      3. Critical Hit: Higher chance of critical damage to enemies.

    • There are 6 snipers (check the sniper count on the upper-left corner of the screen). The sixth sniper, who wears a helmet, appears after sometime. He can be seen standing on a tall structure just above another sniper on the right side.

      You will have to kill all enemies to win this chapter. When you shoot, a timer is triggered (denoted by a red circle). Try to eliminate all enemies on the screen before the red circle fills up.

    • A magazine is a device on an assault rifle that stores ammo. When a mission objective suggests that you kill enemies with “6 magazines”, it suggests that you will have to complete the mission by reloading only 6 times.

  12. Can someone suggest me what kind of crates I should “buy”?
    I’ve been collecting gold bars from events, so I would appreciate if someone could help me…
    So Big crates or Epic ones?

    • On your home screen, tap Black Market and then tap the tiny question mark icon beside “Loot Rate”, which can be found under “Crates”. The loot rate chart will help you decide which crate to buy. Chart shows drop chances of cash, gold, perks, weapons and characters:

      Loot Rate of Crates in Cover Fire

  13. I am in episode 8, combat Level 759. I can’t finish this level. Where will I get Perk? Please help me to finish this game.

  14. Hey I’ve finished till the end of episode 8 boss sentinel. But the game is not going forward saying more episodes coming soon. Any idea when is this going to be?

  15. What is the meaning of ” kill 5 enemies while in frontal assault mode “? I keep killing all the enemies but not like the game wants from me. How to finish it?

    • In frontal assault mode you have to kill the enemies while you are still walking. If you wait for them all to appear and then use slow motion it’s fairly easy.

  16. Hey! Can anyone explain me how to complete Boss mission of Chapter 3? Which enemies should I kill first? I’ve been playing it since my CL was 592 and now it’s 634 (purchased some stuff). Still I couldn’t complete it.

    • You have to keep changing cover when it gives you the option. Take the enemies out one at a time then concentrate on the boss when he isn’t firing at you. When his main gun is destroyed take out his legs.

  17. My combat level reached around 700 but then somehow my skill levels got blocked and now I have to start attaining skills from the level one and even my combat level dropped to 510.

    • I think those are orange nuts? Yes I have noticed them and they appear on the top of the screen when I tap “Market” on the home screen. I think they are used to purchase special cards, tickets or boosts.

  18. I have played level 6 #8 over and over again. I have destroyed everything and everyone I can see. Always says I have not killed 29 men. I can’t find another man to kill. Anyone know where the hidden man is? So frustrating! Thanks.

    • You can see bro just don’t stay cover. Then the enemy will fire at you. When you are dead you can see in slow motion where the enemy is.

    • I’m having the same problem. I’ve managed to find 28 though. I think you might be missing the one at the top of the bridge right when the mission starts. No idea where the 29th one is though.

  19. Hey I have a question, I am playing Cover Fire, finished 6 chapters, 100 percent missions, 100 percent stars, but it shows 93 percent completion. What am I missing? Help!


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