Coromon: Ultimate Gameplay Guide With Tips

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Coromon starting screen
Image: Freedom Games LLC

Are you a fan of RPG games? Do you love the pixelated graphics of games? Well, Coromon has it all! The game was initially released for mobile devices recently and has since maintained a high degree of popularity among the community. It has also hit 1 million+ downloads on Android!

Although this JRPG monster-hunting and taming game is available for mobile devices, desktops, and gaming consoles, the dynamics for each vary to a certain extent.

The game provides a complete feeling of classical Role-playing games with pixelated graphics and effects. It features numerous modes of play, including single-player Story Mode, online Player vs Player battles, and cross-platform multiplayer gameplay.

The overall gist of the game includes finding and taming 120 Coromons in total, achieving this feat can be challenging and involves a significant amount of puzzle-solving and strategizing, which makes this game highly addictive and may keep you playing it for several hours continuously.

This ultimate guide to the wonderful universe of Coromon will serve as an ideal way to excel in this game, and become a hero from zero!

Coromon Graphics

Have you played Pokémon games and classic Nintendo or arcade games? Well, that is exactly how Coromon is designed! The graphics are pixelated and extremely classic, with an in-depth focus on movement and actions by the main character of the game.

Coromon graphics intensity prompt
Image: Freedom Games LLC

These graphics make the game not too heavy to run on low-end devices and enhance the smoother understanding of the gameplay. However, it should be noted that the game contains flashing visuals, which might be a hassle for photo-sensitive individuals.

Getting Started In Coromon

Being a beginner to this game, you might feel that it is hard to understand and might try following a walkthrough, which eventually takes out all the fun in RPG games. So, here’s a short overview of how the game begins:

Coromon demo battle
Image: Freedom Games LLC

At the very start, you will be presented with a demo battle scenario, as the game is concerned with monsters or battles between Coromon to get them all. This is extremely crucial, and you are advised never to skip this one tutorial!

Working as a battle researcher at Lux Solis
Image: Freedom Games LLC

After that, the real story begins from your home! Where your mom wakes you up to get ready and wear something nice to your first day at work at Lux Solis as a Battle Researcher.

Character Customization in Coromon

At the beginning of the storyline, as you wake up to get ready, a dialogue box pops up to let you decide what you want your character to look like.

There are tons of options available, and you can customize virtually anything about your character. This ranges from their skin tone to their clothing and any additional dressing such as caps or glasses.

Selecting Character's skin tone in Coromon
Image: Freedom Games LLC

You can keep changing the look of your character at any time in the future by coming back to the mirror located in your bedroom!

In-Game Currency in Coromon

The in-game gold is considered the currency of Velua – the universe in which the game is located. It can be collected from different places and rewarded after winning battles and by finding hidden loot!

In the beginning, you can find 500 gold coins on the bedside table in your room, and your mom provides you with 3000 gold coins while seeing you off at the train station!

Gold can be used at the shop to buy useful supplies.

Difficulty Modes in Coromon

Coromon provides you great flexibility when it comes to altering how complicated the game is for you! There are four different predesigned difficulty levels, ranging from Easy to Insane, and the option to make custom difficulty variants!

Selecting normal difficulty in Coromon
Image: Freedom Games LLC

The four difficulty presets are as follows:

  • Easy – Healing Coromon is a lot easier, and you get 50% off all items in stores.
  • Normal – standard mode.
  • Hard – When a Coromon feints, it is gone forever. Cannot run away from battles.
  • Insane – (hard mode) + limited capture ability and no fast travel.

For beginners, it is recommended to opt for Normal difficulty, as it does not make the game very hard or too simple like the Easy mode.

Coromon difficulty recommendation prompt
Image: Freedom Games LLC

You are also provided with a Difficulty Handbook that incorporates all the rules of the game related to difficulty. You can take a look at it any time you want in the inventory.

Coromons in Coromons

As the name of the game suggests, Coromons are basically the most fundamental element of the game, and the overall objective is to collect all of them! What are they? Well, they are little monster creatures, each with a unique skill set and traits.

Nibblegor coromon
Image: Freedom Games LLC

As of now, more than 120 Coromons have been discovered in the game and are listed in the database. Each of them comes in three different forms: Normal, Potent, and Perfect. For example, Toruga, Embaval, and Volcadon are three evolutions of the same Coromon.

Coromon evolution
Image: Freedom Games LLC

Coromons Classification and Effectiveness

Coromons are classified based on their Type and Skillset Type.

All Coromon types include:

  1. Normal
  2. Electric
  3. Ghost
  4. Sand
  5. Fire
  6. Ice
  7. Water
  8. Magic

All different Coromon skill types include:

  1. Magic
  2. Foul
  3. Heavy
  4. Air
  5. Poison
  6. Cut
Coromon skills levels
Image: Freedom Games LLC

It is crucial to have a formidable understanding of different types and skills due to type effectiveness! It is important to make the most of type effectiveness to win battles smoothly and pave an easier path to the top, as it directly impacts the damage you deal in a duel.

The following is the chart of type effectiveness in the game!

  • Strong Against: 2x more damage
  • Weak Against: take 2x more damage
  • Half Damage from: 0.5x damage less
  • Half Damage to: 0.5x damage less

Now, to take a look at which type is strong against which one and which is weaker, you will be provided with a type manual.

Coromon Traits

Each Coromon can have a specific trait assigned to it when it’s captured. You can use the Traitformater at the Donor Island Trainer Hub to reset the trait of a Coromon.

Coromon info
Image: Freedom Games LLC

The following are some of the commonly found traits in Coromons:

  • Accurate: Aim so good that its accuracy is enhanced by 50%
  • Atlantic: The Coromon hails a snowstorm upon entering into the battle
  • Brave: The Coromon is not affected by any Curse
  • Comeback: When its HP is dropped to 25%, its attack power is increased.
  • Copycat: Copies the trait of Opposition in a battle
  • Dry wind: Hails a sandstorm when enters the battleground.
  • Fast Learner: Gain 5 additional experience points in every battle
  • Molter: Sheds skin every battle, gaining a 30% chance to recover status.
  • Radiator: 25% chance that an attacker burns on attacking it.

These are just a few of the traits, and the list of all traits can be pretty extensive. Just make sure to choose Coromons with the most optimal traits to overpower an opponent.

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Battles in Coromon

The game follows a turn-based battle system. Depending on the speed stats of the Coromons, one with a higher speed makes the first move.

You have the choice to opt for four different moves that have been assigned to your Coromon. You’ll learn new skills as you level up, and they can be easily switched whenever you want.

Fighting a battle in Coromon
Image: Freedom Games LLC

Each Coromon has two stats that are extremely important and should be taken care of, especially during a battle. The first one is HP, which stands for Hit Points.

If your Coromon’s HP reaches 0, your Coromon is defeated, and the next Coromon in your squad will join the battle. If you run out of Coromons, you will return to a Trainer Hub to heal up.

Coromon squad
Image: Freedom Games LLC

The other stat is SP, which stands for Skill Points. SP is consumed by using a skill and is reduced in every battle. If your SP drops to zero, you’ll be given the option to use your turn to rest, restoring some SP so you can use attacks for the next round.

Winning a fight in Coromon
Image: Freedom Games LLC

Winning the battles yields valuable experience points!

Shop in Coromon

The shop is a one-stop solution to get all the essentials you will need in order to achieve triumph. You can buy the following items in exchange for gold:

  • HP Cakes: Used to heal your Coromon
  • SP Cakes: Used to restore SP Points
  • Spinners: They are used to catch Coromons.
Shop in Coromon
Image: Freedom Games LLC

Tips and Tricks to Excel in Coromon

As always, here are a few tips to get better at this game quickly!

1. Always do the Side Quests

Other than the main storyline and wandering through the wild capturing Coromons, there are quite a few side quests for a player to complete in Coromon. These quests are one of the best ways to get all sorts of new items, collect extra loot, and gain additional experience points.

Side quests, on top of giving a player more information about the world of Coromon, will be a good way for a player to stack up with healing items and other usable items in the early stages of the game. Moreover, even though they do take you away from the main plot, there are no disadvantages associated with them.

2. Make Use of the Potential Reader

How do you analyze how good a newly captured Coromon is? What makes it perfect? Well, that is exactly where you can use a device called Potential Reader.

This can be acquired pretty early in the game and is extremely useful for making an amazing Coromon squad and ace in battles.

Any captured Coromon with a rating between 17 and 21 is good enough, with 21 being the perfect potential rating.

3. Look out for Extra Information

There is a lot of information associated with each Coromon; this includes the basics such as their type, their skill, and their unique trait. All this information comes in pretty handy to excel in the game.

However, taking thorough care of each of them might be a little overwhelming for beginners.

Coromon details
Image: Freedom Games LLC

Moreover, you can get a lot of information about the opposition during the battle by clicking the opposition HP bar; this information includes their ratings and if they have already collected the Coromon.

Also, don’t forget to check their stats.

Coromon stats
Image: Freedom Games LLC

4. Wander the Overworld

The universe of this game is pretty vast and exciting, and luckily the gameplay dynamics never force a player to stick to a particular path and follow a predefined sequence of steps, and players can explore the Overworld freely!

This is really an exciting way to find an extra amount of Coromons around the map. A player can go just about anywhere they want in the Coromon world without needing to really progress in the main story.

Moreover, they can easily spend their time moving from one zone to another and continuously exploring different locations to collect more and more Coromons.

Coromon overworld
Image: Freedom Games LLC

The players always have the option to go back to the main story at any point.

5. Customize Your Gaming Experience

The game is highly appreciated due to its customizability! And to capitalize on that and make your experience hands-down worthwhile, be sure to try out different aspects of the game.

Alter the difficulties as per your preferences, add new rules, and modify the existing ones; this personalization will give you the true pleasure of collecting all the Coromons. Moreover, try out different predefined difficulty levels as well.

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6. Track your Milestones

Want to gain additional experience points as you progress in the game and complete numerous objectives? Well, then you need to keep a keen eye on your milestones!

Milestones may not look like much at first to someone who’s just starting in Coromon. However, milestones aren’t just a sign that the player has achieved something. Instead, there’s more to them.

Coromon milestones
Image: Freedom Games LLC

Completing milestones yields a hefty amount of XP and rewards that can be used later on; you can spend them on buying various goods.

7. Quests should be the Priority

One of the most prominent parts of the game is its quests. There are several NPCs placed in this game on different occasions and locations, and quests will be delivered to you by them.

Once you manage to complete these quests, you will receive a handful of rewards, including XP points and gold.

Quest screen in Coromon
Image: Freedom Games LLC

Each quest has different objectives, and if you want to complete and progress through the storyline, then you have to keep your focus on these quests.

To know what type of quests are currently available for you to play, you can check out the log book as well because it is updated to the most recent at all times.


So, this is all you need to know about this newly released game. Download the game now and experience this enticing RPG yourself. If you’ve already been playing the game, let us know your favorite Coromon in the comments below!

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