Cookies Inc: Ultimate Guide & Secret Codes


Cookies Inc is one of the most popular idle clicker games out there with a plethora of positive reviews. This game, which was developed by PixelCube Studios, came into the gaming scene on the 21st of December 2014.

Ever since its inception, the game has garnered millions of fans across the globe for its uniqueness and refreshing gameplay experience.

Photo: PixelCube Studios

Cookies Inc’s popularity over the years is owed to the interesting storyline of the game, the bunch of activities involved in the gameplay, and the overall immersive gameplay experience assured.

This game starts off with a simple cookie factory, which has the potential of transforming into an empire with a stash of equipment, a robust production line, and an extensive array of cookie recipes. 

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The game promises to be a gem that will have you hooked to your screen for hours. Are you ready to go on a new adventure? Follow us through this review as we discuss all you should know about navigating the game, including using secret codes.

Cookies Inc is not like every other idle clicker game you can find out there. Here are some of the best features of this game.

Over 300+ Hand-Drawn Cookies

Photo: PixelCube Studios

This is probably one of the standout features of Cookies Inc. The diversity of hand-drawn cookies that are attainable in this game shows how much work was put into creating it. Each of the cookies comes in a unique design, which adds aesthetics to the gameplay.

Stunning User Interface

Cookies Inc. reflects a very colorful and playful design that is bound to keep you interested in playing for a long time on the screen.

The simplicity with which the game is designed also favors easy navigation around the game. As a newbie, you are least likely to experience difficulty while playing this game as all icons are laid out clearly on the screen.

Photo: PixelCube Studios


If you are someone who likes the thrill of playing with other players, Cookies Inc gives you that option. However, this is not compulsory as you can choose to play as a single-player or multiplayer. You also have the liberty of turning off/on the notifications from multiplayer.

Photo: PixelCube Studios

Availability of Online and Offline Mode

Another exciting thing about Cookies Inc. is the fact that there is an option to play offline or online. So if you are looking to save data, you can opt for the offline mode without necessarily missing out on anything.

Photo: PixelCube Studios

Endless Gameplay Experience

For most online games out there, there is a possibility of reaching the end of Cookies Inc., hence limiting its potential. This is hardly the case with Cookies Inc. This game is like a never-ending web of fun. There are multiple challenges to take part in to keep you engaged, thus offering you a limitless gaming experience.

Photo: PixelCube Studios

No Pop-Up Ads

You will agree that seeing ads pop up while playing an idle clicker game can be very distracting and annoying. Thankfully, with Cookies Inc, you don’t have to bother about that.

Relaxing Gameplay Style

Although Cookies Inc. shares similarities with most idle clicker games you can find out there, it is different on some level. Unlike most idle clicker games where their mechanics involve clicking or merging, this game involves just swiping to collect cookies. With such gameplay mechanics, playing is easier than ever before.

You can also turn on the autoplay mode to allow the game to do the swiping for you without having to strain your fingers.

Understanding the Basics of Playing Cookies Inc

It is very important to understand the basic mechanics of Cookies Inc. before delving into it. In this section of this guide, we will be helping you understand how to progress from scratch.

When you start the game as a new user, you will discover the only icon available on the screen is the build icon. Once you click on the build icon, you will find some of the structures you need to get. These structures cost cookies, as such you have to play more to get them.

After hitting some cookies, you will find that you can get some structures, which is the beginning of your journey to building your cookie empire.

As you play and get more showcase items, some of the cookies will be unlocked. Eventually, you will be shown more icons like the upgrade, team, options and showcase.

At this stage, it is important to join a team. When you are on a team, you can enjoy some of the perks available to your team members.

To join a team, simply click on the team icon at the bottom of the screen, scroll through the team options available, and join your preferred team.

Photo: PixelCube Studios

On the team page, you can find your position on the rankings to help you compare how well you are doing with other team members.

Photo: PixelCube Studios

This would give you an edge as you would know what to anticipate.

Going forward, all you have to do is play actively, get more cookies, purchase more artifacts, and unlock newer levels. The higher you go, the closer you will be to building a successful cookie empire.

Live Events

The more you play Cookies Inc., the more you find live events to participate in. Depending on how frequently you play, you are likely to find up to as many as three live events in an hour.

With each live event comes boosts that can help you gain more range of cookies faster than with regular gameplay.

To know when a live event is active, you will see a speaker icon pop up in the middle of the screen as seen below.

Photo: PixelCube Studios

All you have to do at that point is click on it and you will find the live event that you can take part in as seen below.

Photo: PixelCube Studios

Live events are also very important as that’s where you can find some of secret codes that you can apply as you progress in Cookies Inc..

What are Premiums?

To enjoy the full potential of Cookies Inc, you have to get premiums. These premiums will make it easier for you to get more cookies, reach higher levels faster, and enjoy a better gaming experience. Typically, most of these premiums cost a large number of cookies or money. So the question of knowing the right ones to buy cannot be overemphasized.

There are three main categories of premiums available in this game:  Rainbow Cookies, Premium Upgrades, and Team Gifts.

Rainbow Cookies

Photo: PixelCube Studios

This category is very essential because of the utility it provides you while playing Cookies Inc.. The best way to see rainbow cookies is to see them as sort of a currency that you can use to buy other cookies. There are many ways you can get rainbow cookies. Some of them are via Daily Gifts, Loot Bags, Store and so much more. 

Premium Upgrades

Photo: PixelCube Studios

If you want to improve your gaming experience for this game, then it is very essential to buy premium upgrades. When you buy a premium upgrade, a crown symbol will be added to your bakery name. As you get more premium upgrades, the color of the symbol changes.

Now, it is important to note that there is a wide range of premium upgrades available in this game. However, not all should be bought as they vary in importance. Here are some of the best premium upgrades you should look out for:

Mega Magnet

This is probably the most important premium in this game. This premium makes it possible for you to attract all cookies to your finger, regardless of their location on the screen.

With a premium like this, you don’t have to strain your fingers. It would also come in very handy if you are intentional about grinding Leagues. This will save you time and help you achieve faster results.

Flash Forward

From the name, you should have an idea of the function of this premium. This premium helps you exhaust cookies on the screen faster than it is attainable with regular time. Getting this premium alongside the Mega Magnet will make you a force in this game.

If you are actively involved in live events where the amount of cookies being collected is essential, it is very important to get this premium.

Lucky Loot

In the process of playing this game, you will encounter loot bags. With lucky loot premium active, you get better value in loot bags than regular ones. With this premium, you will be expected to get 3 loot bags every time it pops up, which is different from the one loot bag you get in regular gameplay.

This premium will be particularly handy to you if you actively play this game.

Level Master

If you are looking to boost how fast you level your bakery, then this is one premium you do not want to pass up on. This premium helps you level up your bakery twice as fast compared to what is attainable with regular gameplay. Imagine having to cop rainbow boosts and level boosts at a faster speed. 

100% Oven Production

This is one premium that will really come in handy if you will be spending less time playing this game. Cookie production is important to reach your bakery goals. This explains why there is 10% of cookie production going on even while you are away. 

However, this is not enough. With this premium, you are assured of 100% cookie production while absent from the game. It is important to note that this premium is more pricey than the majority of the other premiums available.

Super Scavenger

While playing this game, you will encounter a daily puzzle called Hidden Word. The reward for solving this puzzle is Boost Tokens. In the event that you get the Super Scavenger premium, you assure yourself of getting double Boost Tokens when you solve the daily Hidden Word puzzle.

Team Gifts

Photo: PixelCube Studios

This is another premium category that is very essential to get. The main point of Team Gifts is to earn you Boost Tokens. These Boost Tokens make a difference by getting a larger boost in value for showcase items. 

The unique thing about Team Gifts is that every one you get, your team members are rewarded the same value. 

Cookies Inc Secret Codes

Building a large cookie empire from scratch can be difficult and promises to take a long time to achieve. Once you start playing the game, you will discover that earning the variety of cookies needed to scale your empire is no walk in the park.

In the process of playing the game, you are going to find hidden codes that you need to scratch to reveal the content. These codes are usually revealed at live events, which pop up at intervals.

Photo: PixelCube Studios

However, waiting to get all the essential secret codes can take time. This is why we are making it easier for you by collecting some of the highly functional secret codes that you can apply.

Here are some of the best secret codes:

  • i<3cookies
    • Redeem for a free 1,333 Light Cookies reward!
  • stacksonstacks
    • Redeem for a free 10,000 Light Cookies reward!
  • tellallyourfriends
    • Redeem for a free 7,777 Light Cookies reward!
  • gelatoisthebest
    • Redeem for a free 9,999 Light Cookies reward!
  • gotmilk?
    • Redeem for a free 15,000 Light Cookies reward!
  • bestclickergame
    • Redeem for a free 5,861 Light Cookies reward!
  • youwastedyourtime
    • Redeem for a free Light Cookie reward!
  • feeling lucky?
    • Redeem for a free 7,777 Light Cookies reward!
  • easybake
    • Redeem for a free 19,746 Light Cookies reward!
  • classic
    • Redeem for a free 10,000 Light Cookies reward!
  • canyouhearme
    • Redeem for a free 35,280 Light Cookies reward!
  • dedication
    • Redeem for a free 100,000 Light Cookies reward!
  • lockout
    • Redeem for a free 20,000 Light Cookies reward!
  • baking hats
    • Redeem for a free 40,000 Light Cookies reward!
  • magicallydelicious
    • Redeem for a free 77,777 Light Cookies reward!
  • desserts
    • Redeem for a free 60,000 Light Cookies reward!
  • cupcakesormuffins
    • Redeem for a free 123,456 Light Cookies reward!
  • giftfromabove
    • Redeem for a free 77,777 Light Cookies reward!
  • interior
    • Redeem for a free 40,000 Light Cookies reward!
  • beverages
    • Redeem for a free 80,000 Light Cookies reward!
  • ingredients
    • Redeem for a free 25,000 Light Cookies reward!
  • a1sinceday1
    • Redeem for a free 111,111 Light Cookies reward!
  • the6ix
    • Redeem for a free 41,600 Light Cookies reward!
  • imgifted
    • Redeem for a free 111,111 Light Cookies reward!
  • jackieftw
    • Redeem for a free 2,000,000 Light Cookies reward!
  • chocolatechunk
    • Redeem for a free 79,000 Light Cookies reward!
  • spookyseason
    • Redeem for a free 1,500,000 Light Cookies reward!
Photo: PixelCube Studios

As at the time of writing this review, all the codes above are functional. It is very important to note that these codes are case-sensitive, so you want to enter them appropriately as listed above to get the right results.

How to Redeem the Secret Codes

Now that you have gotten some of the secret codes that you can try out, follow the steps below to use them:

On the home screen of the game, click on the options icon by the top right of the page:

Photo: PixelCube Studios

On the next page that pops up, click on the secrets icon

Photo: PixelCube Studios

Type in your preferred secret code from the list above and select the green button.

Photo: PixelCube Studios

Your prize will be revealed

Cookies Inc.
Photo: PixelCube Studios

At this point, we want to believe you have a better grasp at navigating this game – Cookies Inc. Ready to take on a new challenge today? Follow the tips discussed in this guide and get on the way to build a cookie empire that you will be proud of.

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