Cookie Run: OvenBreak – The Ultimate Guide – 2023

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2023)

If you’ve been looking for a way to get your Cookie Run and endless runner fix at the same time, you NEED to try Cookie Run: OvenBreak. Having been developed by Devsisters, the minds behind the messaging app LINE, and the other Cookie Run game, Cookie Run: Kingdom, you already know to expect a terrific experience.

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak is unlike some of the other cookie games you might have played like Cookie Carver: Life Challenge and Cookies Inc. Why, you ask? Well, because this time it’s an endless runner set in the world of Cookie Run.

However, don’t assume OvenBreak will be like other endless runners either. The developers have added their own little twists to the game to ensure the experience is as unique and enjoyable as possible.

Getting Started

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Getting Started
Photo: Devsisters

As soon as you install and boot the game for the first time, you’ll see one of two things. Either there will be a pop up asking you to install another update (since the developers are very frequent with their updates) or you’ll have to download some additional resources.

With everything installed, you’ll then have to enter your age so the developers know you’re old enough to play the game. You can also choose whether or not you want to link a Google or Game Center account here. Naturally, we recommend you link an account so you don’t lose your progress in the future. Better safe than sorry, right?

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Control
Photo: Devsisters

With all of that out of the way, if you opt to go through the controls, you’ll instantly be thrust into the tutorial of the game after sitting through a short cutscene. Be sure to watch the cutscene till the end as it’ll pretty much set up the basic premise of the story.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Name
Photo: Devsisters

The first stage you’ll be running in will be the Witch’s Den stage. Your character will talk you through everything you need to know about the gameplay. With this stage done, you’ll finally be able to give yourself a nickname as well as take a look at the rest of the game modes.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Tutoiral
Photo: Devsisters

Now, the main gameplay of Cookie Run” OvenBreak is fairly straightforward. In this regard, it’s very similar to a game like Talking Tom: Candy Run. However, there are a couple of mechanics you’ll have to learn if you want to have a good experience. 

Of course, the most important thing to learn is how to control your character. Now, you don’t have to worry about holding down a button or anything while your cookie runs, as the running is automatic. You do, however, have to both jump and slide if you want to collect all the coins/jellies and avoid obstacles.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Jump
Photo: Devsisters

Jumping is done by tapping the left side of the screen. Tapping it once makes your character jump once while tapping it twice in quick succession will lead to a double jump. You’ll need to act quickly and decide which type of jump to use while running.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Sliding
Photo: Devsisters

The second action you’ll need to use yourself is having your character slide. Since tapping the left side of the screen causes your character to jump, you can imagine that the right side has your character slide. The longer you hold down your finger at the left side of the screen the longer your character will slide. Fortunately, there’s no limit to how long you can keep sliding.

Managing Your Energy

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Energy
Photo: Devsisters

You might be thinking about how a stage ends if it’s an endless runner, right? Well, you’ll notice an orange bar at the top of the screen. This is your energy bar and if it runs out your character will fall to the floor in exhaustion.

The longer you run, the more the bar will decrease. Additionally, getting hit by any obstacle will also result in your energy bar having a chunk taken out of it, so you’ll have to try and avoid as many as you can.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Energy Bar
Photo: Devsisters

Luckily, there’s a way to increase the energy bar to keep your character running for longer too. While running, you’ll often come across vials with a heart shape on them. If you’ve played other games before, chances are you already realized that these vials are actually potions.

By having your character touch these potions, you’ll instantly replenish some of your lost energy. So keep a look out for potions every time you’re running to ensure you’re able to run for as long as possible.

Collecting Jellies

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Jellies
Photo: Devsisters

While running, you’ll come across various different floating objects you can pick up. All of these objects are jellies, fitting the whole cookie theme of this game. However, since there are so many different types of jellies to pick up, we’ll be going through the three most common ones.

The first types are jellies that provide you with a jelly bonus when you pick them. By collecting more of these types of jellies, you’ll notice that your overall stage score will increase depending on what type of score jelly you pick up. Some of these jellies give you an INSANELY high score bonus, so be sure to pick up as many as you can.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Ingredient pouch
Photo: Devsisters

In addition to score jellies, there are also item jellies that, well, give you items. Yeah, they didn’t really think too much when naming these jellies, did they? You could find either cookie jars floating around or magic ingredient pouches. These pouches open up after the stage is cleared and you get a random ingredient out of it. Pretty handy if you ask us.

Finally, the last types of jellies we want to go through are power up jellies. By interacting with them, your character gets some rather useful powers that make surviving much easier. This power ups include:

  • Getting a magnet that attracts nearby jellies
  • Destroying all obstacles on the screen
  • Increasing your character’s size by a lot
  • Making your character run much faster
  • Turning all obstacles on the screen into silver coins
Cookie Run: OvenBreak Bonus Time
Photo: Devsisters

Of course, there are a variety of different jellies you can come across and all of them do different things. After all, Cookie Run: OvenBreak has been out for years now, and with a dedicated team like Devsisters it’s only natural that new content will continue to be added.

Run Through Different Game Modes

We know we’ve been calling this game an endless runner till now, but there are actually different types of game modes you can participate in to switch things up. There are three main types of game modes that we want to go through.


Cookie Run: OvenBreak Receive All
Photo: Devsisters

The first game mode we want to go through is called Breakout. In this, the player has to run with a string of cookies in each episode with the goal of obtaining the highest score possible. Naturally, the more you progress, the more difficult the stages get and the higher the chances of you not being able to get a high enough score.

There are two main appeals for this game mode. The first is the fact that, by participating in Breakout, it’s possible to obtain Light Spheres. These Spheres can then be traded in for a variety of goodies from the Brakout store like legendary cookies/pets, costumes, and more.

The second appeal is that if you’re good enough to reach diamond rank for each episode each week then you’ll be in for a major surprise. Reaching Diamond rank will allow you to obtain a Legendary cookie/pet from each episode, and that too every reward cycle.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Cookie Trial
Photo: Devsisters

Cookie Trials are what most players consider the main game mode. Right from the get go, you might notice that the cookie you use will be majorly buffed, and that won’t be a glitch.

You see, Cookie Trials is basically a showcase for different cookie characters. This is why every cookie has their own trial you have to complete. Getting a good enough score in these trials allows you to unlock new cookies.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak New Trial
Photo: Devsisters

Naturally, the aim in this game mode is also to get as high of a score as possible. The more you run and the more jellies you collect, the higher the chances of you reaching diamond rank to acquire the insane rewards.

Trophy Race

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Trophy Race
Photo: Devsisters

Oh, did you think this was a single player only game? Nope, Cookie Run: OvenBreak also has a PvP mode and it’s called Trophy Race. In this game mode, you run at the same time as another player, and you both compete to see who’s able to get the higher score. Naturally, the one with the higher score wins.

Players are allowed to take two cookies with them (one main cookie and one relay) as well as three treasures. Depending on whether you won or lose a race, you either gain trophies or lose trophies.

Now, trophies actually serve as the ranking system for this game mode. The more trophies you have, the more lands you have access to, and therefore the more cookies you’ll be able to unlock.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Race
Photo: Devsisters

To make the races fairer, you’ll only get matched against players that are of similar trophy rankings to you. However, this does NOT mean that the races will always be fair, as several factors go into play when selecting an opponent.

There are three other race types that are very similar to the Trophy Race game mode. Those races are:

  • Champions League, which you can only participate in if you have at least 10,000 trophies. Naturally, you’ll get matched up against players of similar trophies and skill levels.
  • Grand Champions League, which only the top 10% of Champions League winners can take part in. It’s a battle against the top Cookie Run players with there being 12 rounds in total.
  • Guild Runs, as the name suggests, is a guild exclusive mode. In this mode, your guild runs against 3 other guilds to get the highest cumulative score in up to 4 arenas. Only guild masters and officers can start Guild Runs, so don’t worry about someone joining your guild and starting chaos.
Cookie Run: OvenBreak Cookie Team
Photo: Devsisters

Naturally, the main goal of Cookie Run: OvenBreak, in addition to getting as high of a score as possible, is to unlock as many cool and colorful cookies as you can. Now, there are so many ways and currencies you can use to unlock new cookies.

You can unlock new cookies by either participating in events, purchasing them using gems, performing well in specific runs or stages to get them as rewards, and so much more. 

Cookie Run: OvenBreak dreamcatcher
Photo: Devsisters

Our personal favorite way is doing well in Cookie Trials to get Trial Star Candies. Trial Star Candies can then be used to unlock new cookies, and you can do the cookie trials of the new cookies you unlock to get even more Trial Star Candies. 

What’s cool is that by using this specific strategy, you can potentially get over 700 cookies and their pets. Speaking of pets, every cookie also has a pet which gives them specific abilities based on their nature. For example, the Lemon Cookie has an Electro Lemon pet that has the ability to create special types of jellies.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Level Up
Photo: Devsisters

Of course, in addition to leveling up your cookies, you can also level up the pets. By leveling both of them, you will increase all of their abilities at once, allowing you to get even higher scores in stages.

Collecting Treasure

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Treasure
Photo: Devsisters

Fortunately, your cookie and pet won’t have to go out running without some outside help. Using various means such as opening magic ingredient pouches and outright purchasing them from the store, you can acquire treasures.

There are so many different types of treasures and they all provide your cookie with different abilities. Since you’re able to take up to three different treasures with you, experiment with different combinations until you find the best one for yourself.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Treasure Details
Photo: Devsisters

What should you do when you’ve found the best treasure combination? Well, you level up all the treasures of course. By leveling up treasures, you’ll be able to upgrade their abilities and make them stronger.


This was everything you needed to know if you want to get started with Cookie Run: OvenBreak. 

Now, as we mentioned before, this game has been out for years now, and therefore, it’s expected that many players might feel a little overwhelmed at first with how much there is to do.

However, as long as you pay attention and go through our guide, we’re positive you’ll be able to enjoy this masterpiece of a game.

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