Cookie Run Kingdom – Ultimate Toppings Guide

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Cookie Run: Kingdom - Toppings

Created by long-standing game developers, Devsisters, Cookie Run Kingdom is a cross between a gacha-style character collector and a city management simulator. Here you’ll be tasked with building up your very own cookie kingdom as you manage your cookie-based characters through skill level upgrades, skill upgrades, and toppings!

Cookie Run: Kingdom - Toppings
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Both level and skill upgrades are pretty easy to wrap your head around. You just insert the required materials and presto! You’ve powered up your cookie character!

Toppings on the other hand are complicated, as there is a healthy variety for you to collect, upgrade and equip on each of your cookies! So in this article, we are going to teach you everything there is to know about Toppings in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

What Are Toppings?

Equipable Stat Bonuses

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Toppings in Cooke Run: Kingdom are equipable stat boosts that provide extra bonuses when equipped together in a set. If you’re familiar with games like Summoner’s War or Genshin Impact, think of toppings as the Cookie Run: Kingdom equivalent to Runes or Relics!

Each piece belongs to a set that focuses on improving a particular stat, such as raising attack, defense, cooldown, and others!

Even though each set focuses on only one stat, each piece is unique in that they come in various rarities with numerous ‘sub-stats’ that can be distributed in countless ways! Don’t worry, we know it can be a lot to handle at first but trust us to guide you through the process of equipping your cookies with the best toppings!

How to Equip Toppings

Initially, when starting out, the toppings menu will be locked out until you clear a specific portion of the story.

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Attempting to access the toppings screen before this point will show you the following prompt.

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Clearing episode 2-9 will trigger the toppings tutorial in which you will be taught how to navigate the toppings user interface.

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Toppings can be equipped by going to your Cookies menu on the lower right side of your screen. As you will soon see for yourself, the toppings window in the cookie menu will no longer be greyed out once you complete episode 2-9.

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Although there are five topping slots in total for each cookie, you will have to wait until you’ve leveled up your account before you can access each of these slots. Your first topping slot is unlocked immediately, with your following slots opening up at levels 15, 20, 25, and 30!

How to Get Toppings

Balloon Dock

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Toppings are randomly awarded for the successful completion of balloon expeditions at the Balloon Dock. These expeditions are progressed autonomously and are automatically completed once a certain amount of time has elapsed. Do note that expeditions come with an associated Stamina Jelly cost, so going on expeditions should be weighed against manually farming toppings from Story Episodes.

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If you’re only starting out, the Balloon Dock won’t immediately be available to you. You will first have to progress through the game and upgrade your Castle to Lv.2 before you get the quest to restore the Balloon Dock!

Story Episodes

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Toppings can also be farmed by completing levels within Episodes through World Exploration. Although farming toppings this way requires more attention from the player when compared to balloon expeditions, we still recommend this over balloon expeditions since you can target specific toppings this way by choosing which levels to farm.

Notable Topping Farming Levels

Below, we’ve curated a list of levels we think are the best places to farm when you’re looking for the meta topping sets! As these levels are found somewhat later in the game, we recommend spending your Stamina Jellies on progressing through prior episode levels in order to unlock the best topping farming levels below!

Story Episode LevelAcquirable Toppings
8-29Epic Raspberry and Epic Almonds
8-25Epic Chocolates
8-27Epic Apple Jelly

Topping Sets

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, there are a total of ten different topping sets to collect and choose from. Each set offers different stat bonuses to your cookies when equipped! These specific stat bonuses can even be amplified when your cookies are equipped with more than one topping from the same set!

Below we’ve created a table containing all the sets currently available in Cookie Run: Kingdom along with each of their set bonuses. Some sets have bonuses when equipping two or three toppings, while others require you to equip five toppings of the same set before granting you the set bonus.

Set NameBoosted StatSet Bonus 1Set Bonus 2
Searing RaspberryAttackEquip 3: +3% AttackEquip 5: +5% Attack
Hard WalnutDefenseEquip 3: +3% DefenseEquip 5: +5% Defense
Healthy PeanutHPEquip 2: +3% HPEquip 5: +5% HP
Bouncy CaramelAttack SpeedEquip 2: +1% Attack SpeedEquip 5: +2% Attack Speed
Juicy Apple JellyCritical ChanceEquip 5: +5% Critical Chance
Swift ChocolateCooldown ReductionEquip 5: +5% Cooldown
Solid AlmondDamage ResistanceEquip 5: +5% Damage Resistance
Hearty HazelnutCritical ResistanceEquip 2: +10% Critical ResistanceEquip 5: +20% Critical Resistance
Sweet CandyBuff AmplificationEquip 2:1% Buff AmplificationEquip 5: +2% Buff Amplification
Fresh KiwiDebuff ResistEquip 2: +3% Debuff ResistanceEquip 5: +5% Debuff Resistance

Notable Topping Sets

Searing Raspberry, Juicy Apple Jelly, Swift Chocolate, and Solid Almonds are the four topping sets prevalently used in both PvP and PvE. The other topping sets simply aren’t worth investing in and should instead be broken down into topping pieces. But more on that later!

Topping Rarities

Currently, Cookie Run: Kingdom has three different rarities when it comes to toppings! Namely; Common, Rare, and Epic!

Toppings belonging to the same set will offer the same main-stat bonus, regardless of their rarity. The only difference between rarities is the percentage of the stat boost they provide and the number of sub-stat slots they have!

For example, all Caramel toppings will grant a boost to your attack speed, but Common Caramel toppings will grant 1.1% attack speed, Rare Caramel toppings will grant 1.5% attack speed, and Epic Caramel toppings will grant 1.7% attack speed.

Common Toppings

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Common toppings come with one sub-stat slot which is unlocked when you successfully upgrade the topping to +6!

Rare Toppings

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Rare toppings come with two sub-stat slots! Which are unlocked once you successfully upgrade the topping to +6 and +9!

Epic Toppings

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Epic toppings come with three sub-stat slots! These are each unlocked after successfully upgrading the topping to +6, +9, and +12!

How to Upgrade Toppings

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The stat bonuses received from toppings can be increased by paying an associated amount of Topping Pieces and Gold! Both the topping pieces and gold costs rise depending on the rarity of the topping and the current upgrade level of the specific piece.

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For teaching purposes, we went ahead and upgraded a Searing Raspberry topping of Rare rarity. We highly suggest that you save your topping pieces and gold for upgrading only Epic rarity toppings from the Raspberry, Apple Jelly, Swift Chocolate, and Solid Almond topping sets.

Below we’ve included tables that display the upgrade costs of each topping rarity!

Common Rarity Upgrade Costs

Common UpgradeSuccess ChanceTopping Pieces CostGold Cost

Rare Rarity Upgrade Costs

Rare Upgrade CostSuccess ChanceTopping Pieces CostGold Cost

Epic Rarity Upgrade Costs

Epic Upgrade CostSuccess ChanceTopping Pieces CostGold Cost

Topping Sub-stats

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Rolling for the perfect topping sub-stats is the most RNG-reliant aspect of the entire toppings mechanic. The correct sub-stat rolls can make or break your topping pieces as badly rolled sub-stats collectively reduce your cookie’s overall power.

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By pressing on the small ‘i’ button, you’ll bring up a window of possible sub-stat rolls. This window is especially useful for when you want to check if a particular sub-stat you got was rolled high.

This window also indicates the maximum and minimum ranges of which your sub-stats can roll. For example, Attack % sub-stats can only roll 1% up to 3% at max, while DMG resist can go from 1% all the way to 6% at max.

When trying to create the perfect topping, level up your Epic piece to +6 and check if the sub-stat you rolled was on that you wanted. If it is the correct sub-stat, check against the table to see if you rolled it close to its maximum value.

From here you can decide if you want to continue upgrading that piece to eventually equip it to one of your cookies, or stop completely due to badly rolled sub-stats.

How to Farm Topping Pieces

Breakdown Toppings

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Topping Pieces are a required resource for upgrading your toppings! These can be acquired from many of the same places you can acquire toppings. But these can also be obtained by breaking down any extra toppings that you don’t need.

Feel free to break down toppings of Rare and Common rarity, as the stat bonuses provided by them are far outweighed by the toppings of Epic rarity. Also, as mentioned above, go ahead and break down any toppings that don’t belong to the Raspberry, Apple Jelly, Chocolate, and Almond sets.

Resonant Toppings

Within the game, there are special toppings known as Resonant toppings. We like to think of these as event toppings since they are available for a limited amount of time and can only be equipped by certain cookies (usually the cookies featured in the event).

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Resonant Toppings can be earned during the event in which they are featured, and their sub-stats have a larger minimum roll when compared to regular toppings. For example, a Resonant Attack% sub-stat has a minimum roll of 2% as opposed to a regular Attack% roll of 1%.

Currently, there are Draconic Toppings available from the new update, with Tripple Cone Trio and Moonkissed resonant toppings featuring in past events. We don’t know if there are any ways to get Tripple Cone Cup Trio and Moonkissed toppings in the current version of the game.

At the time of writing, these are all the current features and aspects of toppings in Cookie Run: Kingdom! We hope that the information provided by our Ultimate Toppings Guide was helpful to players who are trying to build the strongest cookies!

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