Cookie Run Kingdom – Ultimate Beginners Guide

Hamza Rashid

If the term ‘all in one’ was a game, it would definitely be Cookie Run Kingdom. This delightful game is developed by the minds behind messaging apps like LINE. It combines base building, strategy, and character collecting with the colorful world you would expect from a game about cookies.

However, one thing we can say for certain is that Cookie Run Kingdom is NOT like other cookie themed games you might have played. Trust us, we’ve played games like Cookie Carver: Life Challenge and Cookies Inc, so we know a thing or two about this.

With so much to do in Cokie Run Kingdom, it’s only natural that some players would feel overwhelmed. If you want to focus on building your town, then go for it. Oh, you want to collect all the available cookies in a monster hunter format? You can do that too. The cookies world is yours to enjoy.

Getting Started

Cookie Run Kingdom
Photo: Devsisters

After you finish installing Cookie Run Kingdom on your mobile device and run it, you’ll instantly be asked to enter your age. While many games have abandoned this mandatory age check, Cookie Run hasn’t.

One thing to keep in mind is that this game is ALWAYS coming out with new updates. Therefore, if you see the ‘update’ screen, then you’ll have to install the new update before being able to jump into the game.

Cookie Run Kingdom server
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With all the updates installed, you’ll be asked to make your account and then select which server you want to play on. We suggest you just select the recommended server to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that you won’t be able to transfer your save data to a different server if you ever change your mind. Therefore, this is a more important decision than most might think.

Cookie Run Kingdom server selection
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After the starting cutscene, right from the get-go you’ll be thrust into a comprehensive and complete tutorial. By the end of it, you’ll know everything there is to know about the game.

To summarize, however, your main goals include constructing buildings, completing quests, and expanding your kingdom. Everything you do in this game will be to move toward the goal of making your kingdom larger.

Cookie Run Kingdom name
Photo: Devsisters

Whether it’s collecting new cookies to have them join your kingdom, or looking for resources to help construct and purchase new things.

Speaking of resources, there are three resources and they’re all extremely important.

  • Coins are used for construction and upgrades related to your kingdom. 
  • Magic Powder is used for enhancing Cookies.
  • Jelly Beans are used for various other activities.

Knowing how to manage and collect resources will be crucial in expanding your Cookie Kingdom.

Finally, it’s key that you familiarize yourself with the various areas you can visit in Cookie Run Kingdom.

There are multiple areas like the Cookie Forest, Crystal Palace, and Dark Enchantress. It’s up to you to get through all the different challenges every area has to collect all the rewards. 

Every area also has its own characteristics that you should understand to help you better work out your strategy for getting through them.

Building Your Ideal Nation

As we mentioned above, the main goal of this game is to expand your Cookie Kingdom. At the start of the game, you’ll be asked to give your nation a name. Because the name has to be completely unique, it can’t be taken by any other player in the game.

After naming your kingdom, you’ll instantly be asked to start building things. If you’ve played other building games, then you’ll know the first thing to build is almost always a house.

Cookie Run Kingdom ideal nation
Photo: Devsisters

Therefore, you’ll start by building a cookie house, after which you will be thrust into your first battle in the creepy forest just next to your kingdom.

After cleaning that section of the creepy forest, you’ll notice that the area of your kingdom will expand. Well, now you know what do to if you want to expand the land of your nation.

Cookie Run Kingdom cleaning
Photo: Devsisters

From here, you will continue to build essential buildings.

1. There are resource buildings like the Sugar Mill and Magic Laboratory. These buildings generate important resources over time which can then, in turn, be reinvested into your kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom building
Photo: Devsisters

2. There are also essential buildings such as the bakery. The bakery unlocks more cookie recipes which can then be used to create more cookies and treats to expand your cookie collection.

3. Finally, there are certain buildings that do the most important thing. Of course, we’re talking about making your kingdom look good. After all, your Cookie Kingdom has to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, right?

Cookie Run Kingdom shop
Photo: Devsisters

As it is with all the other similar building games, constructing buildings takes a set amount of resources. Additionally, you also have to wait for the construction to finish, which can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to days.

While you can speed things up by using crystals, because they’re the premium currency of the game we really don’t recommend it.

Cookie Run Kingdom house
Photo: Devsisters

Therefore, it’s up to you to determine which buildings you want to build and in what order to best utilize your time and resources.

The more things you build and the more quests you complete, the higher your overall Kingdom level will be. Continue leveling your kingdom up to unlock new rewards and buildings.

Complete Quests to Be Rewarded

While most wouldn’t expect it at first, Cookie Run Kingdom also has a wide array of quests and events that players can go through.

Cookie Run Kingdom quest
Photo: Devsisters

From the very start, the narrative aspect is shoved to the forefront. There’s a surprisingly complex and interesting story that revolves around five cookie heroes that were defeated in battle, but we want to leave this for you to unravel yourself.

What you do need to know is that there are multiple different types of quests you can do in this game.

Firstly, there are story driven quests that are exactly how they sound. You go through mission after mission in the main overworld, clearing out waves of enemies and taking down bosses.

Cookie Run Kingdom story
Photo: Devsisters

There are cutscenes included in the story missions as well, and they’re surprisingly very well made. If you’re someone who isn’t interested in cutscenes, however, you could simply skip all of them as well.

Additionally, there’s also an optional voice pack that you can download to make some of the cutscenes voiced. Who doesn’t want to hear how the cookies sound?

Cookie Run Kingdom voice pack
Photo: Devsisters

If story missions aren’t to your fancy, then you can also take part in one of the event missions that are always popping up. However, since most of these events are timed, we highly recommend you frequently check in the events tab.

Whether you complete a story mission or an event mission, the one thing for certain is that you will be rewarded. Not only are you going to get some experience, but you’re also very likely to get some sort of currency for your troubles.

Cookie Run Kingdom missions
Photo: Devsisters

The rewards can also include Gems and other exclusive items. Therefore, we recommend you prioritize quests that align with your current goals to maximize your progression and rewards.

If you want even more rewards, then there are also achievements in this game. Achievements are basically long term goals that you’re very likely to unlock eventually by playing the game.

However, we still recommend you go through the list of achievements to take note of those that you will need to go out of your way to unlock.

Cookie Run Kingdom kingdom info
Photo: Devsisters

These Achievements also give players some valuable gems and other items that can prove extremely helpful.

Collect and Enhance Cookies

One of the major parts of this game is collecting and enhancing various different types of cookies. Naturally, cookies come in all shapes and sizes, and there are some super creative designs for some of them.

You should work toward collecting as many of these cookies as possible so you can expand your Cookie Kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom unlock cookies
Photo: Devsisters

Now, if you want to unlock more cookies, you’ll have to participate in this game’s gacha system. If you’ve played other gacha games like Genshin Impact, Pocket Love, or Punishing: Gray Raven, then you’ll know exactly what you’re in for.

You’ll have to pull for a chance of getting a cookie using one of two methods. You can either use 300 gems/crystals per pull or you can use any cookie cutter that you might have gotten your hands on.

As a matter of fact, the first pull you do in the game will also have been done by using a cookie cutter. Therefore, chances are that most of you will have an idea of what they are.

Cookie Run Kingdom create cookies
Photo: Devsisters

Now, cookie cutters are honestly not as rare as one would expect. On the contrary, they’re very frequently put up as rewards for participating in event quests. Yet another reason to frequently check the events tab whenever you can.

One thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t confirmed that you’ll pull a cookie from the gacha. Instead, there are various different things you can potentially pull, even if most of them aren’t nearly as good as new cookies.

Cookie Run Kingdom draw
Photo: Devsisters

However, when events are ongoing, there are usually event-specific timed banners that you can pull from. These banners increase the chances of you getting event-specific cookies by a large margin. 

Once you get your hands on cookies that you like, you can also enhance them to make them more useful in battle. To strengthen your Cookies, focus on leveling them up, evolving them, and equipping them with treasures.

  • Cookies can be leveled up by feeding them other cookies and resources. Morbid, we know. A leveled-up cookie will be significantly stronger than a level-one cookie.
  • Once a cookie has leveled up enough, you can also evolve it. Evolution unlocks new abilities and boosts the stats of cookies.
  • Treasures can be equipped for cookies to grant them specific stat boosts and other benefits.

Do remember that enhancing a cookie isn’t free and requires resources from your end. Because of this, we highly recommend you only enhance cookies that you know you’ll stick with for the long run.

Master the Tides of Battle

Cookie Run Kingdom battle
Photo: Devsisters

The final thing we want to go over is how the battle system works in Cookie Run Kingdom. The battle system of this game is surprisingly unique.

Before combat, you have to select a team of cookies that you’ll use in the battle. Now, cookie combinations can greatly impact your battle outcomes.

The biggest reason for this is that every cookie has a different skill that you can use during the battle. This skill can either be a ranged damaging attack, a physically damaging attack, a shielding attack, or even an attack that heals the rest of the ally cookies.

Cookie Run Kingdom cookie battle
Photo: Devsisters

Therefore, we highly recommend that you put some major thought into which cookies you bring into battle. The cookies should all have different types of skills to ensure you’re able to cover all grounds.

Once the battle starts, you’ll notice that your cookies will run forward automatically. Before long, you’ll come up against a couple of enemies, at which point your cookies will start automatically attacking enemies with their base attack.

At any point in time, you can tap on the face of a cookie toward the bottom right of the screen to activate their ability. As soon as you activate an ability, you’ll notice that there will be a cooldown for a couple of seconds.

Cookie Run Kingdom enemies
Photo: Devsisters

Because of the cooldown system, you should be careful as to which skill you use and at what time you use it. If you use a strong skill before a strong enemy shows up, then you might get wiped out before the cooldown goes away.

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your Cookies and deploy their skills strategically to optimize your combat performance.

Cookie Run Kingdom powder
Photo: Devsisters

Alternatively, if you feel like battling random hordes of enemies is too easy, you can always participate against other players.

Engage in player-versus-player battles in the PvP Arena. There, you can challenge other players’ cookie teams to climb the ranks for rewards. As is to be expected, the more you progress and reach higher ranks, the better the rewards you can expect.


All in all, Cookie Run Kingdom is a fantastic game that we truly believe everyone should try at least once. While it might seem childish at first, it has surprising depth to it that not many mobile games have nowadays.

Not to mention, it covers so many different genres of mobile gaming all in one game. Add in the fact that the visuals are just amazing and you have yourself a must try game.

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