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In Cookie Run Kingdom, the Stardust Cookie, a Super Epic Cookie, was introduced in the game on March 9th, 2023, as part of the Across the Galaxy of Dreams update. Stardust Cookie is an exclusive event-limited cookie that players can acquire through the Starlight Gacha. The Starlight Gacha requires Comet Candies as its currency, with a cost of 100 Comet Candies for a single draw and 1000 Comet Candies for ten draws.

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This Cookie assumes the role of an Ambusher, characterized by low HP, high ATK, low DEF, and a unique skill that renders them untargetable by enemies and immune to direct damage. Stardust Cookie’s designated position is the Middle.

Is Stardust Moonlight Cookie’s brother? 

Stardust Cookie is Moonlight Cookie Moonlight Cookie’s brother. Due to his past, perceived as a failure by the Wizards, an unknown sorrow engulfed him throughout his interstellar journeys. He harbored no resentment towards Moonlight Cookie; rather, his sole aspiration was to comprehend his origins and purpose.

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Toppings are items that Cookies can equip for beneficial effects and are a highly important aspect of any effective Cookie team. Toppings can be upgraded using Topping Pieces and Coins to enhance their Cookie stat boons, and multiple Toppings of the same type can be equipped on a Cookie in order to activate a bonus set effect.

All Cookies start out with 1 Topping slot and gain one more at their 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th Levels for a total of 5 slots.

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Toppings normally come in three rarities: XS (Common), S (Rare), and M (Epic) Toppings. Toppings can also come in special, single-rarity variants known as Resonant Toppings that have better chances of good bonuses upon upgrading. However, Resonant Toppings come with the caveat that they can only be equipped with specific Cookies, those being Cookies that are released alongside them and/or match them thematically.

About Resonant Toppings

Resonant Toppings are a unique kind of Toppings that can only be attached to Cookies associated with the update in which they are released or are featured prominently. To make up for this, any Bonus Stats that they gain from upgrading have a higher minimum stat value than those gained on regular Toppings.

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Resonant Toppings also do not have variants of all ten standard types of Toppings, opting to offer only the most “meta” options of Searing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate, Solid Almond, Bouncy Caramel, and Juicy Apple Jelly. Due to being choosable toppings, it is considered as a Choice Chest by the game.

Bonus Effects

ATK2% ~ 3%
CRIT%2% ~ 3%
DMG Resist4.5% ~ 6%
ATK SPD2% ~ 3%
Cooldown1.5% ~ 2%
CRIT Resist3.5% ~ 4%

The most suitable type of toppings for Stardust Cookie is Moonkissed Toppings, as they provide a stat bonus. His best matches are:

  • Juicy Apple Jelly (Moonkissed): This juicy Jelly can increase the Cookie’s CRIT%.
  • Swift Chocolate (Moonkissed): This sweet candy can amplify buffs
  • Searing Raspberry (Moonkissed): This chocolate can decrease the Cookie’s Cooldown.

The best choice is getting the x5 BONUS of Juicy Apple Jelly (Moonkissed) and get +8% CRIT% + 2% ~ 3% Resonant Bonus.

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