Cookie Carver: Life Challenge Guide – Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Cookie Carver: Life Challenge (Google Play Link – Cookie Carver: Life Challenge – Apps on Google Play) is heavily based on Squid Game’s deadly challenges. There are 6 games beginning with “Red Light Green Light” and ending with you finding the boss. The game is developed/published by Casual Azure Games.

After completing the first six challenges, you will play repetitions of the same games. However, the next set of challenges will be a bit harder to finish. You will get in-game cash upon completion of a challenge. You can earn more cash per game if you watch a 30 second video in the app. Here are solutions, tips and cheats to complete all six games in Cookie Carver: Life Challenge:

#1 Red Light Green Light

“Green – Run. Red – Stop”

The first and the most talked about game in Squid Game is terrifying to say the least, especially the creepy giant doll saying “mugunghwa kkochi piotsseumnida” during the Red Light Green Light challenge. Here’s how to win this game in Cookie Carver: Life Challenge.

Cookie Carver Life Challenge - Red Light Green Light

Press and hold your character to run. Release your finger to stop. Keep an eye on the gauge titled “Green Light” on the top of the screen. Release your finger before the gauge turns red completely.

Release to stop anytime when the gauge moves, but since this is a time-based game, you would want to run as far as possible to get to the finish line before the timer hits. Your character keeps running as long as you press and hold the screen, but if the gauge turns red completely, you lose. The trick is to stop (release finger) when the gauge is at least 60 percent red. The gauge resets when losing contestants get eliminated. As you move closer to the finish line, the gauge will start turning red faster in each new round, so make sure, you stop just before the gauge turns 50 percent red once you are getting close to the finish line.

#2 Sugar Honeycomb Challenge

The most boring challenge in Squid Game. Also, death if you fail to do it. How frustrating! It’s all about luck – if a contestant gets a circle, he/she is the most fortunate person on Earth as it’s easy to carve out a shape of a circle from the paper sheet candy without breaking it. But what if it’s an umbrella?

In Cookie Carver Life Challenge, the second game is the cookie/candy carving challenge. Four circular candies will be laid facing down on the table. The shapes etched on these candies are – circle, star, umbrella and triangle. Choose any one of them to start the challenge.

Honeycomb challenge

When the carving challenge begins, press and hold the screen to use the virtual needle for carving out the given shape on the candy. The needle will automatically follow the dotted lines, all you have to do is press and hold the screen as long as the circular gauge above the needle is in yellow. Release when the gauge turns red. If you continue carving, despite the gauge turning red, you will lose. This is a time-based game so you will have to carve out the shape before the timer reaches 0.

Honeycomb/cookie carving challenge

Once you have successfully carved out the shape by following the dotted lines, it’s time to chip out the shape from the thin candy. You will see another gauge. Tap the screen when the purple pointer is in the yellow part of the gauge to carefully take the carved out shape off the thin cookie/candy. Don’t tap when the pointer is in the orange area. Pay attention to the timer on the top of the screen and take the shape out of the candy.

#3 Tug of War

Another time-based challenge. The good old Tug of War game, but the team that gets pulled to the center will fall to death.

Tug of War

Tap on the screen repeatedly to pull the rope. But to get that extra strength, tap the screen rapidly when the pink pointer is in the green area of the gauge. The gauge is positioned on the top of the screen. When you do this, your team pulls the rope with full strength, making the rival team move closer to the center much faster than before. Win this before the digital timer hits zero.

#4 Glass Panel Bridge Challenge

In this challenge, contestants will have to cross a bridge made of glass panels by jumping from one panel to the next. But you will have to jump only between the yellow, glowing panels to reach the finish line.

The glass panel bridge challenge is like a memory game. Press the “Tap to Start” button, and select one of the six contestants to start this game. Tap the right and left side of the screen to jump from one yellow panel to the next panel. If you tap the right side, the contestant will jump from one panel to the next on the right column. If you tap the left side of the screen, he will jump from one panel to the other only on the left column.

When “Where to Jump” is displayed on the screen, you will have to memorize the panels that are yellow in color and only jump on them to reach the finish line. Here’s a cheat if you don’t want to memorize them:

Take a piece of paper and write down the sequence of jumps on the right and left platforms on the screen.

So if the yellow panels are displayed as in the screenshot below:

Glass Panel Bridge challenge

I would write down the sequence in this manner as per the above screenshot:

Left – 1

Right – 1 (where 1 is the number of yellow panel(s) on the right where you will have to jump by tapping on the right side of the screen)

Left – 2 (where 2 is the number of yellow panel(s) on the left where you will have to jump by tapping on the left side of the screen)

Right – 1

Left – 3

Right – 1

You will have enough time to right down the sequence. You can try L and R instead of Left/Right to save time.

#5 Red Light Green Light (V2)

This is another version of the Red Light Green Light game but much more brutal than the previous one. This challenge takes place on a rainy day. If rival contestants are eliminated by the gunmen before you get them, you win. You can’t reach the finish line if other participants haven’t been eliminated. You will still win if you don’t reach the finish line and the rest of the contestants have been eliminated.

Red Light Green Light version 2

Along with pressing and holding the screen, you will also have to drag your finger on the screen to move your character to find and eliminate other contestants. The red arrow below your character shows the direction of the next contestant, follow the red arrow to move closer to the contestant and touch and eliminate him. Don’t forget to release your finger when the gauge is turning red.

#6 Find the Boss

The final challenge in Cookie Carver: Life Challenge, Find the Boss is more like a stealth game. You will have to sneak up behind armed guards to eliminate them and reach the boss before he escapes. Pay attention to the field of view of every guard. If your character is in his field of view (conical sensor), the guard will be alerted and he will shoot you down.

Find the Boss

Hide behind walls if the guard is facing you or quickly move between one wall to the other wall. Reach the end of the room to attack the boss but he will escape.

You will be back to the first game, but this time, the challenges will be a tad harder than the previous one. Please note that all 6 challenges will be the same, but the difficulty level will be slightly higher.

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