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Legend of Mushroom offers a satisfying character progression grind; it’s genuinely a surprise to get even more in-game features unlocked when you least expect it. 

If you think your Shroomie’s growth stops at the Mount or Relics, then you haven’t explored the end-game Souls system yet. If so, this Souls guide is definitely for you!

How To Get Souls In Legend Of Mushroom

The Soul Acquisition screen in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

The Souls section is accessed by clicking its icon on the right column of the gear screen. It’ll be locked for the first few days regardless of your level, meaning no headstarts for pay-to-win (P2W) players.

Getting to the Souls screen in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

The actual number of days required isn’t specifically mentioned, but we believe it to be around two weeks (14 days) of playing time. Once you do have it unlocked, there are two ways of acquiring Souls to power up your character, both found under its Acquisition tab.

Soul Trial

The Soul Trial in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

Similar to Dungeons, the Soul Trial challenges you to different floors of Boss battles, each becoming more difficult as you progress. Every stage cleared rewards you with normal Souls (green-colored) commonly salvaged for their Soul Essences (used for enhancing higher-tier Souls).

Upon defeating every 10th level, you’ll be given 10 Soul Crystals instead. These are used as the gacha currency for obtaining new Souls from the Soul Prayer (explained below).

Soul Prayer

The Soul Prayer in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

Soul Prayer is the Soul’s gacha equivalent to the Skill and Pal Coupon’s Drawing Machine. Here, every Soul pull consumes 1 Soul Crystal, but getting multiple blue (Well-grade) or green (Common) Souls combine to accumulate for a guaranteed purple-grade (Rare) Soul or higher after the 10th pull.

This resets every time you obtain a purple Soul or higher, so it’s more beneficial to save your Soul Crystals for a 10-pull instead, normally guaranteeing 1-2 Rare Souls or better.

How To Use Souls In Legend Of Mushroom

The Souls screen unlocked in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

To become stronger, managing Souls is crucial. They define the type of character you’ll become at Level 100, differentiating all top-tier players based on their best builds.

As a beginner, though, here are the things that you can do to the Souls you’ve acquired:

Equip/ Embed

Embedding/ equipping Souls in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

Under the Embed tab, you can slot your preferred Souls to strengthen your Shroomie further. There are 8 total slots to be opened, and each is unlocked based on the number of Soul Trial floors you’ve cleared.

As soon as you unlock a space and acquire your chosen Soul, immediately equip/ embed them here. The respective stat boost will then be applied.

Fuse/ Combine

The Soul Fusion screen in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

2 Legendary Souls (red) can be combined to create a more powerful Immortal-grade Soul (pink). Different fusions can be created, but this part is restricted to Legendary Souls only (other Soul rarities can’t be used here).

You can fuse Souls by visiting the Fusion tab accordingly. However, it’ll take a while before you can start combining Souls because getting the Legendary ones requires patience, luck, and a bit of grind.


Salvaging Souls in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

For unwanted or low-tier Souls, you can break them down into Soul Essences that are then used for upgrading your other Souls (particularly the ones you’re equipping).

That’s all there is to it; you can destroy Souls for their Soul Essences by opening the Salvage tab.


Upgrading a Soul in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

Each Soul you equip/ embed can be upgraded using Soul Essences, making them more potent. You do this by clicking on your equipped Soul and then choosing the Upgrade option (if you have sufficient Soul Essences).

Your equipped Souls to be upgraded can be found on the Embed tab respectively.

What Are Souls In Legend Of Mushroom?

A good Soul summon in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

In Legend of Mushroom, you have different avenues to empower your character, besides evolving. Souls are another aspect of the character growth system that increases your Shroomie’s stats based on the equipped Soul’s type (e.g. Basic Attack Damage, Combo Damage, etc.).

You can equip up to a maximum of 8 Souls, and each can be fused with another to be enhanced to their final forms, as long as they’re of the Legendary type.

Souls are an independent mechanic not tied to your character’s auto-battle instances (except for Power Level). Regardless, they provide a tremendous power spike to your character, making them an important component for competitive PvP builds.


Preview of Immortal Souls in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

Joy Nice Games’s Legend of Mushroom is more than just a casual idle mobile game. Its auto-battling experience is linked to various leveling designs, making it a legitimate online PvP game for the most dedicated end-game players.

While you’re here, make sure to check out our guides on the best in-game Mounts too. Surely, you won’t regret it!

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